Camper James Andrew Williams, son of Mr. Ted Jay Williams of Beaumont, Texas and Ms. marie Lousie Roux of Orange, Texas, has completed all requirements of introductory training as “plebe” at the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas. Camper Williams was presented his certification by MMA Commandant Sgt. Mjr. Ford Kinsley, USMC (Retired) and his drill instructor during the end-of-training ceremony held, Saturday, July 31, 2010. Should Camper Williams enter the Academy for the academic year, he will be exempt from the four week introductory training session and will enter as a full-fledge member of the Academy’s Corps of Cadets.

MMA is one-of-a-kind college preparatory boarding and U.S. Marine Corp military-styled academy for young men 13 to 17 years of age, with one year optional postgraduate study. The school was found in 1963 by William A Gary, a rancher and retired U.S. Marine Corp (USMC) reserve captain, who believed USMC concepts of leadership and discipline are adaptable to prep school education. In 1965, he and a group of retired Marines opened the school in Harlingen, Texas on a 142-acre site of a former Air Force navigation school.

MMA is unique among all military secondary institutions, its very foundation framed from the desire to emulate those tried and true Marine traditions and values that have earned the respect and gratitude our great nation. In a world where many prefer to take shortcuts and offer less than their personal best effort, the Marine Military Academy challenges each cadet to strive for excellence and his highest potential. The goals for personal excellence extend through academics, athletics/physical activities, moral and other personal endeavors.

This past academic year, approximately 300 cadets enrolled in grade 8 through 12, with one year available for postgraduate study. Cadets in the 2009-2010 academic year originated from 31 different states, China, Japan, Mexico and Taiwan. The 355 summer campers attending the Academy’s 2010 four-week session originated from34 different states and seven foreign countries. Learn more at