We met a new friend last Sunday by the name of Jennings. I hope that is the way they spell it. She said that they were going fishing on Labor Day and I am sure that they must have caught some, because my mother always said that you could catch fish when it rained.

We lived on a farm and every time it rained we would go fishing. You couldn’t work on the farm however, you could go fishing. I think that she made that up just because she wanted to go fishing.

We did a lot of fishing as a family, including the married sisters and their families. We’d spend the night either sleeping under the stars or in the back of the pick-up.

There was never a lot of money spent on vacations because we could just enjoy family and nature.

We’d take a skillet, cooking oil, eggs, bacon, coffee for breakfast and some potatoes to go with the fish. So you can see if we didn’t catch fish we didn’t have anything but breakfast food.

There were times that we fished well into the night.

After I grew up I discovered there were more things to go with fish than fries and breakfast.
I didn’t know that you could use something besides cornmeal to season the fish with. I use thin pancake mix to turn the fillets in. Mostly I learned that not all fish had to be fried. They are delicious baked, either in the oven or a microwave.

Season the fish with your favorite seasoning even if you haven’t ever used it on fish before or not. You never know how it will be until you have tried it.

I can remember when the boys were small that we’d have liver however, they never knew if they were eating liver or steak because of the way it was seasoned.

So experiment with all kinds of seasoning. Try it you might like it and discover that it is Gooder’n Syrup. Von