The Orange Municipal Police Association (OMPA), recently acknowledged two residents of the City of Orange for their support during a water rescue on Sunday, Aug. 1 after a man jumped from the Sabine River Bridge.

The two residents, Charles Green and Bobby Vice, were boating on the river at the time of the incident, in which the police were called to rescue a “suicidal person” who had jumped from the bridge. Unexpectedly, the man survived the fall and began to swim upstream.

Unfortunately, the Orange Police Department does not own watercrafts for which to respond to calls like these. Luckily, Green and Vice were more than willing to assist the officers so they could reach the suspect and pull him from the waters.

“It is a pleasure to work side by side with citizens of the community to accomplish the goals of the police department. Without assistance from citizens, the job that we do as police officers becomes more difficult,” commented Eric Ellison, President of the Orange Municipal Police Association.

“It is the joint effort of both the police department and its citizens working together that makes protecting and serving the community an accomplishable goal. Mr. Green and Mr. Vice definitely stepped in on the morning of Aug. 1 to establish a team between the Orange Police Department and citizens to effectively accomplish and resolve the situation that was presented. On behalf of the Orange Municipal Police Association, I wish to thank not only Mr. Vice and Mr. Green, but each and every citizen that comes to the aid of the police officers when needed,” Eric commented.

Green and Vice were both awarded plaques of recognition from the OMPA for their participation and support during this dramatic water rescue call.

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