The news about the death of Reggie Garrett, a 17 years old football star spread like wildfire Friday night. The story line, “Quarterback throws final touchdown and collapses on sideline,” is a sad, tragic story capturing the emotions of everyone. It happens that Reggie wasn’t only a talented athlete; he also was an outstanding young man in both his school and personal life. Within hours, the news of his death spread throughout the country. CNN, ESPN and other major news outlets commented on the tragedy.
Former West Orange-Stark athletes, who are now performing at other levels such as NFL player Earl Thomas, all commented about the death. Earl said, “It made him sick at the stomach. He just wanted to be home in Orange to be with his family.” He played for his Seahawks team Sunday and had an outstanding game but his words about his homeboy spread through the nation. The Houston Chronicle carried the story of Reggie’s death on the front page. The story was written by Kyle Peveto. The news has been everywhere. Never, in my lifetime, have I seen the news of a local death or event take off so fast. We posted the story on our website shortly after he was pronounced dead. In just a few hours, thousands had logged on. It continues today as people search for any updates. No doubt the story line had a lot to do with it but it’s the tragedy of a young man gone, within the bat of an eye that seems so unbelievable.
Reggie’s death really brings to the surface how fragile life is. I can’t help but wonder why God would call someone home who had so much to offer to mankind. That’s not for me to question. My first thought about Reggie’s death was his parents, his mom and dad. It’s just not suppose to happen. His dad Reggie Sr. was a former state champion football player. Every day he took pride in his young son. I thought of his family, friends, coaches and teachers and what a loss his death means to them. Next I thought, Like I always do when a young person dies, I ask, “What would he have become? What would he have accomplished in life? What joy would he have brought to everyone who cared so much about him? It really does give one a sick feeling. He had so much to live for.
To coach Dan Hooks, coaches, teammates and student body, you can live in memory that an exceptional young man had crossed your path. Always remember how fortunate you are to have shared this short time with him. He won’t soon be forgotten. His story is one movies have been made of. It still doesn’t seem believable. Rest in peace #12. Services will be held Saturday, Sept. 25, at Community Christian Church.
Please be sure to read Meri Elen Jacobs’ article in this week’s paper as she thanks the community for their support.

35 Years Ago-1975

Ralph’s Market, on Park St., has the highest priced billboard in town. He bought a $6,000 new auto from Harmon Chevrolet and he painted his weekly specials all over it and parks it at different locations. Old Ralph is trying to outdo Jimmy Conn.*****Lovely Jean Addison is in Galveston hospital for test. (Editor’s note: Jean died many years ago. Husband Tom lives at Hotel Beaumont and spends much of his time playing dominoes. Son Keith lives in Orange, Tracy, I believe, is around Beaumont. I don’t know where the rest of the kids are.)*****What a party the Bicentennial dance at VFW was. Tim Hughes started the belly dance; Beth Dugas took over and showed him how. Ann McCollum danced right through the songs including intermissions. Lynn Hall, a Yankee and Louis Dugas, a Cajun did a dance called the “Coonass-Yankee Hop.”*****Lee and Dorothy Brown’s beautiful daughter Karleen appears in Gunn’s Studio ad this week.*****Melissa Mullins and Phyllis Shaw who have been living in Arlington are planning to return to Orange County.*****Gateway Lincoln-Mercury is sold and is now J.C. Bickum.*****First Savings and Loan moves into their new building on 28th. St.*****Sherri Herman, Johnny’s wife is pregnant.*****The new, cute gal at the OVN is Sandie Mobley, a D.E. student from Bridge City.*****Ray Pousson had a surprise visit from Mark Dunn, of Bridge City, when he walked into his dorm room in Boulder, Colorado. Ray played football at West Orange while Mark was playing at B.C. The once rivals got to visit while Mark was in the area.*****Mr. and Mrs. Lee Willey, of Mauriceville, celebrate their Golden Anniversary on Sept. 28. They were wed in 1925.*****Joe Kazmar predicts Bridge City will win the East Zone District title.*****Stark High quarterback Graig Couvillion is out of the hospital after suffering a hip pointer last week. Coach Dexter Bassinger is hoping to get 100 percent effort from his young Tigers. They will meet number two state-ranked Silsbee.


“Showdown on the Sabine” is the year’s best bargain. It happens Saturday and Sunday. The thrilling Tunnel Boat Races are absolutely free. The annual event is the brain-child of Darlene Zavada, with the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Orange. Free admission and championship races. Y’all come.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of David York, 50, who died Sept. 18. Graveside services and interment will be at 2 p.m. Friday, Sept. 24 at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens in Orange. Officiating will be Rev. Danny Brack, Jr. Our condolences to his mom Inelda and her family.*****It’s homecoming week in Bridge City. The Cardinals will take on the Stafford Spartans.***Little Cypress-Mauriceville will host Lumberton in their first district game.***West Orange-Stark has canceled their game with Giddings.***Orangefield is off. For good high school football attend the B.C. or LC-M game Friday night.*****Doug and Regina Harrington have moved but not all of their stuff has left yet. Sleepy said they looked like Sanford and Son Tuesday morning with an 18-wheeler full of stuff still to move. *****I hear about a big, white wing dove hunt that took place at Ethiopia. Hunters say the doves were so thick that even Sharon Bearden got his limit three out of four times. “Was he hunting with a cannon?”*****Neighbor Cox has a Cajun fig tree that is confused. It’s loaded with its second big crop of figs. The leaves and fruit from regular fig trees have long been gone. Most crops has been eaten, cooked or frozen. Not Cox’s LSU purple. It’s reloaded. Mayo Leblanc, longtime fig grower, would be amazed at two complete crops per year on the same tree.*****Speaking of crops, the area has been invaded by a tiny, white fly. Trillions, the size of hair lice. They have invaded okra, hibiscus and such broadleaf plants and no one I know of has figured out how to get rid of them. Nothing seems to work, not Sevin dust, herbal remedies, etc. They have hurt production of most plants.*****I really enjoyed reading Joe Kazmar’s column on Dr. Jack Couvillion last week. Very personal, very interesting.*****We met a most interesting guy last week. Dr. Pradip Morbia is a heart doctor who has been in practice in Port Arthur 21 years. He also is co-host of a weekly second opinion medical radio show every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. on KLVI 560 AM. He’s the most down to earth guy, plain talking, caring. He even gives his patients his cell phone number. “Call me day or night”, he says. “If you need me, I’m here.” Now how unusual if that, plus he’ll crack you up.*****I understand our longtime friend, attorney Larry Hunter, is going to join uncle Walter at Provost-Umphrey Law Firm. Larry has been in private practice in Vidor many years. He’s one of the good ones, very ethical and professional. If this story comes to pass we wish him the best. *****Food for thought: In 1964 the United States Senate, by voice vote sent, President Johnson the $947.5 million anti- poverty bill designed to give work to idle youth and to help low-income families get off relief. That was a big stimulus 66 years ago, 600,000 people were reached and seven million families helped through community action projects. Our history is marked with stimulus money propping up our country*****Roy writes a Down Life’s Highway column this week in which he makes reference to the spaceship Columbia that flew over at 10 p.m., July 27, 1999. Kevin Judice, A.J. and Lois’ youngest son, a resident of Marble Falls, watched the spaceship fly over on the clear full moon evening. He immediately called Bridge City to tell his folks it was coming their way. Oh, Oh, too late, it had already sped by the Triangle. I understand Ms. Lois is still living in Bridge City. She lost the home she and A.J., now deceased, shared on Cow Bayou for many years.*****Speaking of Cow Bayou, two old boys who know how to take advantage of bayou living are Johnny Montagne and Al Judice. These neighbors are subject to try anything eatable but they are never short of fish. *****By the way, last Friday, Sept. 17, was Darlene’s birthday. The family gathered for a shrimp boil. Darlene is attending the wedding of her niece in Colorado in a few days. Her dad, Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout, will bite the bullet and fly to his granddaughters wedding. He’s an old sailor, he prefers sailing to flying. *****Other special birthdays this week: Danny Brack and Bobby Cormier celebrated on Sept. 21.***Our own Penny Leleux celebrates Sept. 23. It won’t be much of a celebration though, on Sept. 22, they buried her brother-in-law Walter LeLeux, age 62. Gerald’s brother died Sept. 17. Our condolences to the family.***Our buddy Tommy Simar turns a year older on Thursday, Sept. 23. That’s an old boy who will do to ride the range with. He and Sue are just good folks. Best wishes.***Councilperson, educator, Marcel Adam’s lovely daughter and Frank’s better half, Teresa Beauchamp, celebrates her special day this week. Also, our young friends Trey Rhodes, Mark Kelly and The Record’s former editor Darryl Brinson. Happy birthday to all.***On Sept. 23, Mickey Rooney turns 90 years of age. As long as I can remember, going back to the 1940’s, Mickey’s been around. A child actor who has married and slept with some beautiful women. He might stand five-feet tall.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Tuffy’s this week and be back at Robert’s next week. I overheard Don Shockly and DPS Sgt. Richard Howard talking about Bridge City major Brad Frey. It sounded like the sergeant was taking up for his old partner. Frey might need to attend the Lunch Bunch more often for self-protection. *****Doyle Morse attended the Craft estate sale and bought us a box full of Opportunity Valley Newspapers and other historical papers that Mrs. Craft had saved over the years. We’ll go through them. Thanks.*****Christine O’Donnell is the latest bimbo to want to take over the Republican Party. The Tea Party of Newt Gingrich, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palain make President Reagan and George W. look like Liberals. The GOP leaders might have brought those radicals out of the woodworks by doing nothing to help clean up the mess they created. If you listened to some of those Tea Party folks, they actually say nothing but cliché’s; no solutions. Now they are mad at their former leader Karl Rove. He won two elections selling the belief that God is a Republican. Now the Tea Party is claiming God is theirs. The country falls apart while those gullible followers play silly games, accomplishing nothing but tearing up and taking over the Party.

On Sept. 23, Mickey Rooney will be 90; Jason Alexander, 51; Bruce Springsteen, 61 and Julio Iglesias will be 67.***Sept. 24, Sheila MacRae will be 86.***Sept. 25, Catherine Zeta-Jones will be 41; Will Smith, 42; Cheryl Tiegs, 63; Michael Douglas, 66 and Barbara Walters, 79.***Sept. 26, Serena Williams, 29; Linda Hamilton, 54; Olivia Newton-John, 62 and Jack LaLanne, 96.***Sept. 27, Lil Wayne, 28; Gwyneth Paltrow, 38; Meat Loaf, 63; Avril Lavigne, 26, Jeneane Garofalo, 46 and Brigitte Bardot, 76.***Andrew “Dice” Clay, 53; Bryant Gumbel, 62; Lech Walesa, 67, Jerry Lee Lewis, 75, Anita Ekberg, 79 and Lizabeth Scott, 88.


Beverly Mixon, Brooks Tally, Connie Arnold, Donna Broomes, Matthew Broussard, Michael Broussard, Miranda Fisette, Noah Burns, Penny LeLeux, James Broom, Julie Saltzman, Mark Kelly, Megan Fontenot, Sammy Pratt, William Dotson, Jayna Campbell, George Mullins, Jeremy Cooper, Katie Baker, Laura Roberts, Lindsey Kimbrow, Jeannie Barnes, Mark Norwood, Teresa Beauchamp, Trey Rhodes, Zelma McCullough, Beckie Kimbell, Blake Seibert, Brittany Bean, Bill Nugent, Jimmy Thurman, Donna Ford, Bill Nugent, Ola Kindle, Joellen Grooms, Phyllis Tarter, Scott Stout, Bessie Rach, Cameron Pitts, James Scott, Jeffery Armand, Kailey Childress, Lynn Gremillion, Kara Day, Mary Gremillion, Sandra Rose, Theresa Blanchard, Vicki Jeter, Byron Buchanan, Bob Blacksher, C.G. Birdwell, Dan Barclay, Deven Young, Gaynell Murrell, Hayley Dardeau, Jack Short, Michael Coffey, Morgan Applebach, Starla Lee, Todd Shuford, Jeff Batchelor, Kevin Hall, Mike Hughes, Ray Dahl, Scott Harris, Jakey Morgan, Lizzie Elms, Sherry Mulhollan, Zack Sarver, Darryl Brinson, Mat Taylor, Peggy Derouen, Brigitte Howard and Terry Brown.


Eugene LaBeauf and his cussin Raywood Fontonot won dem some money at da casino so dey hire demself a pilot to fly dem to Canada to hunt moose. Dose Cajun mens bag four of dem moose. Wen dey started loading da plane to return to Lafayette, da pilot tells dem da plane can take only two of dem moose. Dose Cajuns objected strongly dem. Eugene say, “Mais, las year we shot four of dem moose and da pilot him let us put dem on board. He had da same size plane as yours.”
Reluctantly da pilot gave in and all four of dem moose were loaded. Unfortunately, even at full power da little plane couldn’t handle da load and a few minutes after take off it crashed.
Climbing out of the wreck, Raywood axe, “Eugene, you got any idea where we are hanh?”
Eugene him, look around and he say, “Mais, I tink we’re pretty close to where we crash las year.”


What I found amazing about Reggie’s death is how the youngsters in area schools reacted. They all seem to be profoundly affected. I spoke with students, other than WO-S, and their hearts were heavy. Reggie’s death might serve to show youngsters how precious life is. A seizer didn’t cause his death, nothing was wrong with his heart, it wasn’t enlarged, I suspect it just shorted out. It’s a good time for all youngsters to review how they are living and the changes they may need to make. For too long many of our youth throw their lives away. Reggie would surely trade places with them. Hopefully there’s a lesson here. The spirit of Reggie Garrett will loom over the Mustang program for many years. *****In Texas, the governor’s race tightens up. Perry holds a narrow five-point lead. He still refuses to debate the issues. Major state newspapers start to endorse conservative democrat, former Houston mayor Bill White. Meanwhile, Perry takes heat for
living in a $10,000 a month, taxpayer paid mansion and also for taking lavish trips with security paid by taxpayers. This race will go down to the wire.*****Our friend, police chief Sam Kittrell has decided to move up the date of his retirement from the Orange Police Department. He plans to now retire October, 31. He sure has had a good run. It’s hard to imagine the OPD without Chief Kittrell. Major Broussard is also moving on. The best to both.*****Well, it’s come on a full moon and that’s when the spooks come out so always be careful of your surroundings. Read us cover to cover. Stay updated on our website Please shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.