On Monday, Sept. 27 the Orange police department Chief of Police, Sam Kittrell announced the promotion of Captain Sparky Robinson to the rank of major to fill the vacancy created with the retirement of Major M. W. Broussard.

Sgt. Wade Robinson, brother of Sparky Robinson was promoted to the rank of captain to fill the vacancy.

Major Sparky Robinson will oversee the Operations Division of the department and Captain Wade Robinson will oversee the operations of the Investigative Divisions that include investigations, narcotics enforcement and interdiction, and vice operations.

Major Sparky Robinson, 41, joined the department on Dec. 7, 1998. He has worked in both the Patrol and Investigative divisions. Upon his promotion to the rank of Captain he was a supervisor in the Patrol Division before transferring to overseeing Investigative Operations.

Captain Wade Robinson, 37, began his law enforcement career with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in 1992. He joined the Orange police department in the fall of 1995. He left in 2001 to work in the private sector but in less than a year returned to his calling by joining the Orange County District Attorney’s office as a criminal investigator. He worked there until returning to the Orange police department in June of 2004.

At no time in the history of the department have we had brothers holding such high ranking positions at the same time and there has never been a time when both received promotions on the same day.