Letter to the Community,

West Orange – Cove CISD would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the members of this community for the tremendous support you recently provided to the students and staff of West Orange – Stark High School.

Dealing with the death of a very much loved friend and student is one of the hardest tasks that can be asked of anyone. This community’s clergy and school districts were quick to reach out and let us know they were available for support. More than 50 school and ministerial counseling professionals met with our WO-S High School staff on Sunday, Sept. 19 to develop an action plan to help our students and staff with their grief. The outcome of that meeting is that WO-S High School and Middle School were prepared to help and support all those with immediate counseling needs when they arrived at school, and during the week thereafter. Thank you for your initiative, being there, and for your words of comfort and guidance.

We also want to say thank you to our local businesses, churches, parents, organizations, community members and volunteers. You supported us by providing many different types of services at short notice, rescheduling events, and providing emotional support for the Mustang Family.

This school year will not be easy. We know that our students and staff will continue to grieve for Reggie Garrett. We find comfort knowing that no matter the mascot —Mustang, Bobcat, Cardinal, Bear, Lion, Pirate, or other –this community provided West Orange – Cove CISD with great and true friendship. Thank you from ALL of the Mustangs.


Bill Conway?Interim Superintendent
West Orange – Cove CISD
?505 N. 15th St.,
Orange, Tx. 77630