Fall temperatures have made entrance in South East, Texas. The thermometer has dropped 50 degrees from just a few days ago. It was a very hot, dry summer that took a toll on plants and trees. The good thing is that we got by without a hurricane in our lives. We need at least two or three more years with no major storms and the area will boom again. There are still people trying to recover from Ike, some still don’t have homes and are making do in temporary lodging. Many have not settled with their insurance companies and can’t afford to rebuild. Some companies have really dragged their feet and are fighting paying for any damage above the water line. There was plenty of other damage. Citizens have had to file suits hoping to get a fair settlement for structural damage as well. *****These nice fall days remind me of the days Neighbor Cox and I spent under the Hackberry tree at the Creaux’s Nest in Cox’s neighborhood. This weekend Cox and Ms. Ginny celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary. Cox, one of the great guys from the “Greatest Generation” married Virginia after returning from World War II. Those two Shelby County birds have lived happily ever since. A great couple, good friends. We wish for them many more healthy years together. *****I’d best get going. Hop on board and come along; it won’t do you no harm.


The Bridge City Chamber is hosting a Casino style Jackpot Night, Saturday, Oct. 9. The action starts at 6 p.m. at the Community Center. The event is loaded with games. Bingo, Roulette, Slot Machines, Black Jack and Poker tables will be available to spend your “Jackpot” bucks. It will be a fun night, a community get together with lots of prizes. Y’all come. For more information call the Chamber at 735-5671.


For near 40 years, we had known Vera Dolley, 71. She passed away Oct. 1. Services were held at Dorman Funeral Home, Tuesday, Oct. 5. Back in the 1970’s, when Hamm Radio was in it’s hayday, Vera and husband Gerald went by the handle of Blondie and Dagwood. They were a fun loving couple who raised several children, daughters Kathy and Violet and sons, Jerry, Kenny and Darrell. To them and their families and husband Gerald we send our deepest sympathies. We will always remember this nice lady. Please see obit.*****We were also sadden to learn about the death of Louise Childs, 78, on Oct. 2. Ms. Childs was owner of Child’s Building Supply in Orange. To son Brad and the family, we send our condolences. *****Melvin Croaker, 63, passed away Oct. 2. Services will be held at Claybar Funeral Home at 11 a.m. Oct. 7. Our condolences to his wife Pam and her family.*****Rickey Granger, Jr., age 48, died Sunday, Oct. 3. Services were held Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 10 a.m. at Dorman Funeral Home. To his parents Charles and Gloria Granger and his children and their families we send our deepest sympathies. Please see obit.*****One of the saddest stories occurred over the weekend when 9-year-old twin girls drowned during a family outing at Texas City Dike beach when they were swept away by the undercurrent. Their 33-year-old father clings to life after attempting to rescue his little daughters.*****Tony Curtis, 85, was buried this week. He was born Bernard Schwartz in 1925. He served on a submarine during WWII. He starred in many hit movies, was once married to Janet Leigh, the mother of actress Jamie Lee Curtis, one of his five children.


Madeline Bailey, the daughter of Sue and Rob Bailey, was raised on Bailey’s Point on Lake Sabine and learned survival from her parents. During Hurricane Ike she survived by getting in the attic of her Bride City home where she fought off water moccasins and other varmints. Last Monday, she wasn’t so lucky when she was attacked, stabbed numerous times and beaten and left to die in a vacant Port Arthur building. We have known Madeline most of her live and if anyone was tough enough to survive, we knew it would be her. She’s a fighter like her pioneer family who survived all elements that came to the Bailey’s on Lake Sabine since 1923. We’re glad Madeline survived but not surprised.

35 Years Ago-1975

Meat prices this week at Wingate’s Meat Market. Round Steak, 93 cents lb. Select cut T-bone, 99 cents lb., Decker Bacon, 99 cents lb. Whole calves, fores, 52 cents lb., halves, 62 cents pound. All cut free. Seafood prices, Gasper Goo, 67 cents lb., Buffalo, 63 cents lb., Flounder, 98 cents lb., Red Snapper, $1.20 lb., Shrimp, 30 ct., $2.80 lb., Oysters, $18 gallon.*****Superior Tire, 105 W. Green, offers four-ply, Silvertown tires, all sizes, $28 to $34 each. Muffler, $19.95 installed.*****The Country Music Awards had a touch of Orange County and state of Texas with Vidor’s George Jones and Willie Nelson performing. Freddy Fender, managed by Huey Meaux, won the “Single of the Year,” with “Before the Next Teardrop Falls.” John Denver, the pride of Fort Worth, was honored as “Entertainer of the Year.” Waylon Jennings was also a winner. Charlie Pride and Glenn Campbell were masters of ceremonies. Unfortunately at that award show Charlie Rich was very drunk while performing.*****Sen. D. Roy Harrington has announced that he will not seek re-election. He has been a friend to citizens of Dist. 4. He is the father of Doug Harrington of Bridge City. The Senator is building a camp in Colorado and plans to retire there.*****Orange County’s Wayne Peveto is State Representative.*****Bridge City Cardinals, everyone’s pre-season choice to win it all, was defeated 12-0 by Jasper.*****McNeese assistant coach Hubert Boales, was on hand at the Stark-South Park thriller to watch the Tiger twosome, Reggie Kelly and Craig Couvillion. Boales said, “Kelly could kick for us right now.” He also commented on local McNeese Cowboy, Jon Lee., “He’s the best freshman lineman McNeese has ever had.”*****Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine, is picked to win the World Series in six games.*****Oct. 18 has been set as “Archier Fullingim Day” in Kountze. Many statewide office holders are expected. Fullingim was publisher of the Kountze News before Buddy Moore, of West Orange, took over the newspaper.

60 Years Ago-1950

Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Lutcher Stark announced that they were making a gift of a 60 foot by 360 foot tract of land at the corner of Cypress and 15th St. to the Orange School District.*****”Tiger Scratches,” Stark High newspaper, announced the election of Sandy Sanford, student body president. R.C. Henderson, vice president, Dorothy Pettigrew, secretary, Betsy Bell, treasurer and Jimmy Schofield, reporter. Those elected were nominees of the Black Party. Candidates from the Orange Party were Tommy Adams, Billy Oliver, Margaret Peace, Pat Purdy and LaRue Armstrong.*****New West Orange School Carl Godwin Auditorium is dedicated. Mildred Crawford is principal, J.F. Hammers, superintendent, Joe Gallien, supervisor. School board members are Fred Carter, Carl Hudson, Cleo Bridges, Grady Gallier, E.K. Ratcliff, T.O. Landrum and L.A. Bingham.


Our longtime friends Cecile and Ray Berard celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Oct. 7. Cecile marked her 80th birthday on Oct. 2. She is the sister of Lois Judice, “Jivin” Gene, Kenneth and Richard Bourgeois. She and Ray have three children, daughter Laura Blacksher, sons, Donnie and Gary Berard. Ray retired from Texaco. We wish this fine Bridge City couple good health and a long life.*****A lot of area fishermen have fished Falcon Lake. Officials warn it is no longer safe after the lake attack by Mexican drug cartels killing a young United States citizen. Others have been shot at and even kidnapped. Armed bandits use the Lake to exchange drugs with U.S. pushers. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s this week and will take in Tuffy’s and all the seafood you can eat next Wednesday. Everyone welcome.*****We understand Joel Beckum is still working in Russia. For many years he worked in Alaska. That boy is home anywhere he lays his head.*****NFL star, Bridge City’s Matt Bryant does it again. Two weeks in a row, Matt’s golden foot has won the game for his Atlanta Falcons. In overtime, he beat the New Orleans Saints with a 46-yard field goal. With just two seconds left in the game, Matt also kicked the field goal to beat the San Francisco 49ers 16-14.***Meanwhile, Orange native rookie, Earl Thomas, had another pick for the Seahawks who lost to the Rams 20-3. That gives Earl three interceptions in the last two games.*****High school District 21-3A football starts for real this week. Teams will now be playing for all the marbles. Bridge City is at Hardin Jefferson; Orangefield will host Silsbee and West Orange-Stark will travel to Hamshire-Fannett. Little Cypress-Mauriceville, in Dist. 4-A, already has two district wins and will host Central this week. Two more wins will put the Bears in the playoffs. It’s the first time in a long time. I don’t recall when LC-M ever was 5-0 to start a season. Go gettum Bears.*****I believe today that Texas A&M is a better football team than Texas. The Longhorns have a lot of offensive repairs to make. If the Aggies can stop throwing interceptions they’ll be hard to beat.***** Monday, Oct. 4, marked 40 years since Janis Joplin died of an accidental heroin overdose in 1970.*****Monday the government started posting information for 4400 individual and family health plans offered by more than 225 insurance carriers. Among the details insurance shoppers can get on each plan are: *Monthly premium estimates; *Maximum out-of-pocket cost; *Deductible; *Major types of covered services; *Percent of plan applicants denied in past three month. *For Medicaid and more information log on to www.healthcare.gov. *****The Dallas Morning News has found that Gov. Rick Perry has been rewarding donors. Perry controls the emerging technology fund. At least eight major Perry contributors have been awarded contracts from $2.75 million to as small as $152 thousand. The Morning News claims Perry has awarded more that $16 million in tech funds to supporters.*****I pick up on the street that the fifth floor, Harbor Hospital, at Baptist Hospital in Orange will be closing and moving to Beaumont. In turn Baptist Orange will become a teaching hospital for interns. That’s a good thing.*****Orangefield ISD has a swim team. Those country kids should be good. Most learned to swim in Cow Bayou and can swim all the way to Bridge City.*****Last week, 14 people were arrested on a bus headed to Mexico from Texas. They were money mules without knowing it. One lady was given $700 if she took a suitcase full of clothes to Mexico. The suitcase had money in it. One man and his daughter were among the 14 arrested for bringing a suitcase with $3 million in it. Some riders were recruited in the Atlanta area, traveled through Texas and got busted in Hidalgo, at the border. Last year a total of $39.2 million was seized headed south. Makes you wonder how much gets through. If they can afford to lose nearly $40 million in one year as the cost of doing business. It’s got to be one hell of a business. Remember that was 14 strangers on just one bus.*****The Italian tailored tan suit O.J. Simpson wore when he was acquitted of the murder of his wife Nicole and Ron Goldman went on display Sunday at the Washington Museum under the headline, “Sex/Crime/Scandal.” O.J. is in prison on an unrelated conviction.*****Last Friday Rick  Sanchez was fired from CNN after calling Jon Stewart a “bigot” on a radio program and Rick mocked a suggestion that Jews are a minority. Stewart is Jewish and had been making fun of Sanchez, a native of Havana, on his show


On October 7, Taylor Hicks will be 34; Toni Braxton, 42; Simon Cowell, 51; John Cougar Mellencamp, 59 and Bishop Desmond Tutu, 79.***Oct. 8, Matt Damon, 40; Chevy Chase, 67; Jesse Jackson, 69, and Paul Hogan, 71.***Oct. 9, Jackson Browne, 62; Steve Burns, 37; Eddie Guerrero, 43 and Sharon Osbourne, 58.***Oct. 10, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., 36; Brett Favre, 41; Tanya Tucker, 52; David Lee Roth, 55 and Ben Vereen, 64.***Oct. 11, Luck Perry, 44, Joan Cusack, 48 and Steve Young, 48.***Oct. 12, Kirk Cameron, 40; Hugh Jackman, 42; Susan Anton, 60 and Chris Wallace, 63.***Oct. 13, Paul Simon, 69; Nancy Kerrigan, 41; Kelly Preston, 48; Jerry Rice, 48 and Marie Osmond, 51.


Mary Moore, Joby Brown, Nancy Amsden, Ronnie Halliburton, Shelly Rose, Blaine Huff, Connie Bland, May Campbell, Darrell Fisher, Larry Welch, Lisa Havens, Robert Love, Susan Ayre, Will Stout, Kirsten Perricone, Linda Myers, Logan Conner, Mark Prevost, Megan Benoit, Steve Kidwell, Imogene Bailey, Taylor Jagoe, Barbara Fournier, Bob Bullard, Janell Matthews, Jenny Betz, Jessica Franklin, Preston Pittman, Sadie Sellers, Shannon Maloney, Alan Johansson, Barabara Nixon, John Cochran, Katherine Jackson, Leslie Anderson, Miltion Briggs III, Sharon Bilbo, Suzanne Barlow, Wade Higgs, Timothy Tremont, Brad Lapeyrolerie, Janet Taliaferro, Logan Burns, Sheri Wright, Alexia Willingham, Anita Triggs, Ashley Theriot, Edna Collins and Jason Sellers.


Elton Comeaux’s wife, Agnes, wasn’t feeling good her, so Elton took her to Dr. Desormeaux’s office.
Da nurse Stella axe Agnes some questions to fill out da papers. She axe Ms. Agnes, “How tall are you?”
Agnes answer, “Me, I’m 5 foot, 8 inches.”
Nurse Stella measure her and said, “No Ms. Agnes, you 5 foot, 4 inches.”
Den she axe, “How much you weight?”
Agnes say, “Me, I weight 130 pounds.”
Da nurse put her on da scale and say, “No, Ms. Agnes, you weight 168 pounds.
Den nurse Stella took her blood pressure and says, “Oh my, Ms. Agnes, you blood pressure is high, high yea.”
Agnes screamed, “It’s no wonder it’s high. Wen I came in here me, I was tall and tin and you made me short and fat.


Here we are, the first week of October already gone. The tenth month didn’t take long getting here and will pass like a flash. Before we can turn around it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just got used to writing 2010 and it will already be 2011. I don’t know if it is that we live faster or just stay busier, but the months seem to fly by for me. Well I’ve gotten to the end of another column. I always feel like I could have done better but the response continues to be very good. We thank you for your great comments. It’s always good to hear from you, even the crack-pots, at least it gives us a laugh. Please read us from cover to cover, shop the good folks who bring you this paper. I’ve got to go now. Thanks for your time and until next time take care and may God bless you and yours.