The scoreboard may have shown that the Kirbyville Wildcats beat the Mustangs,

28-14, Saturday night, but there were many victories for WO-S that

night beginning with the 34 varsity players that ran through the tunnel

onto the field around 6:50 pm and ending after 10 pm, when they

finished their first game after losing their great leader 15 days before.


took less than a minute for another victory to take place as the

Mustangs made their way to the opposite end zone, as tradition has it,

for their pep talk and prayer. Senior Mark Roberts stepped in as the new leader for the Mustangs before the team said the Lord’s Prayer as one.

Roberts, who planned to move to the next level with Garrett, knew that he was to be the one to take the leadership role.

“I know that it’s my place to make sure that we play 112% and to remind them of it all the time,” Roberts said.

Right before kick-off, announcer Benny Smith called for a moment of silence

and Mustang fans all over the stadium repeated the Lord’s Prayer

together, showing their unity and coming together after a rough two


The first offensive play of the game was dedicated to Garrett, as quarterback Jimmy Salter stood beside Offensive Coordinator

Toby Foreman on the sidelines and they all pointed to heaven with the

field of ten holding up the number “12.” Kirbyville declined the

penalty and Salter stepped onto the field in his first varsity start

ever and did a great job leading the team.


had a great game,” Head Coach Dan Hooks said. “He just kept trying and

never gave up. We have confidence in him and know he will just get

better every week.”


teams played tough defense the first quarter and a half before

Kirbyville struck first. The Mustangs stopped the two point conversion

and were able to take the lead after Roberts made an unbelievable

catch, thrown from receiver DaCarlos Renfro that got the Mustangs down

inside the red zone. Bulldozing his way into the end zone from about

six yards out, running back Britton Lindsey put the first six on the

board. Another victory for the Mustangs came when kicker Bryce Crew

booted the PAT and WO-S led going into the half, 7-6.


the week off of missing Garrett, the memorial service and the funeral

took a toll on the Mustangs and they were never able to recover after

the Wildcats scored twice in the third quarter. The Mustangs scored

again in the fourth as Salter showed his scrambling skills, carrying

the ball 18 yards, before hitting sophomore JaMarcus Rhodes on a pass

that brought the ball to the 1 yard line. Salter did the honors on a quarterback sneak and Crew hit his second PAT of the night.


are just glad to get this one behind us and go from here,” Hooks said.

“We knew going in this would be an emotional game, and I’m really proud

of how the kids responded. It’s over now and we’ll head to

Hamshire-Fannett this week and go from there.”


Hamshire-Fannett Longhorns (1-4) had the week off after suffering a

24-41 loss to Beaumont Kelly. The Longhorns are averaging 18 points a

game on offense while giving up 38. The Mustangs will travel to

Hamshire to start district play at 7:30 pm Friday night.


JV team will play at home this Thursday after beating Kirbyville’s JV,

22-8 last week. Quarterback Tremaine Anderson scored on a 22-yard run

and running back Ar’Tevin McDonald ran the two-point conversion in. McDonald also had a 30-yard and a 53-yard run for scores. Running back

Abear Simien ran the third two-point conversion in. Offensive standouts

were Larry Sonnier, Austin Rutledge, Aaron Ray, and Rashon McDonald.


standouts were Dylan Brackens, Jhallien Monette, Julius Knolley,

Sheldon Lee and Quinton Tezeno, who both had interceptions.


huge thank you goes to all school districts far and near who sent paper

chain links to surround the Dan R. Hooks Stadium for the first game

since Garrett’s passing. The response was overwhelming. It took 3 hours

to hang only 1/3 of the chains but there are plenty left to surround

the field for the other two home games.


words can not express the thanks and gratitude that we feel at West

Orange-Stark High School. The community, far and near, have banded

together to give us love and support during this time.