A special thanks is extended to Bridge City High School Principal Richard Briggs and Activities Director Cheryl Royal for an outstanding Homecoming 2010. The activities brought a record number of BCHS alumni to Bridge City ISD facilities and allowed a means for our Alumni Association to obtain contact information from them.
Congratulations to our 2010 Distinguished Alumni.  Irene Navarro (class of 1957) and Norma Barnett (class of 1958) were honored for their many years of loyalty to Bridge City High School and for their continued service to our community.  These BCHS graduates are wonderful examples of dedication to family, to friends, and to our community.  They proudly lit the BC at “The Burning of Letters” community pep rally and were recognized during homecoming pre-game activities.
It was extremely heart-warming to see the number of alumni at the middle school gym for the reception prior to our homecoming game. Group pictures were taken of the various decades of graduates attending and of special guests–spirit groups from throughout the years.  Former cheerleaders, mascots, flag runners, tunnel crew members, etc. excitedly greeted long-time friends they had not seen in several years. 

The efforts of Mrs. Michelle Huff and Mrs. Sharon Woolley in adding their special talents to the cheer reunion are appreciated.  Those attending the homecoming game were certainly rewarded with a sight never seen in BC before.  Cheerleaders from 1957 – 2010 assisted our present cheerleaders on the football field in leading fans in BIG RED! Once a cardinal…always a cardinal!
Additionally, Mrs. Debbie Gregg must be acknowledged for the outstanding work on the Homecoming 2010 program.  It was a professional masterpiece. Pictures of homecoming queens of past decades were included with information of BCHS students and faculty along with pictures of fall sports and extra-curricular activities.  This was a wonderful souvenir of what BCHS has become in 50+ years. 
Finally, Mrs. Raylene Terrell must be acknowledged for her work on the reunion held for all 50-year graduates of Bridge City High School.  The class of 1960 was the newest group to enter the prestigious alumni, and they entertained the group with a skit to rekindle thoughts of experiences they encountered 50 years ago while attending BCHS.  How wonderful to have the opportunity to enjoy the company of former classmates!
I hope this gave you insight in the pride exhibited in being a graduate of Bridge City High School.  We hope you will follow alumni events and attend some of the activities planned to help make you realize that you are still a part of BCHS.  You are an integral part of the Cardinal tradition, and all alumni are important components in keeping cardinal pride alive!
If you have questions or suggestions contact Ella Stuebing bchs_alumni@yahoo.com.  Please forward this article to friends and former BC classmates so we can ignite interest in our school.  Once a Cardinal…Always a Cardinal!