More than 30 marijuana plants found Monday in a heavily-wooded area off of Old Highway 90 in Rose City are in a Texas crime lab awaiting positive identification.  Identification makes the case easier to stand up at trial.

Some of the plants, which were up to 10 feet tall, were mature and have a street value of around $50,000, according to law enforcement.

The farm, which was difficult to access was about 200 yards from and invisible from the road way.

While there were signs that someone had been accessing the area, there were no traps found to deter anybody from getting to the farm.

The stalks were harvested, bundled and lifted from the farm by a helicopter.  The plants were dropped into a nearby field and  loaded onto a truck, where they were taken to a crime lab for testing.

Authorities believe the plants had been growing for at least one year.

The amount of marijuana recovered equals a felony charge, punishable by up to two years in prison.

The removal of the plants was a collaberative event involving the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety.