The leaves come falling down, soon the trees will be bare, winter will set in and we will say goodbye to the great weather we’ve enjoyed the last couple of weeks. The summer has been so dry I’m surprised we were able to save any plants. The drought did help the mosquito population stay down plus the county has done a great job spraying. All in all, this little part of the earth is a great place to live, with the world’s finest people. People who don’t take themselves seriously. If they do I don’t want to hang with them. I know just a few like that but for the most part Orange County is filled with great, friendly folks. Preston Fuller shows up before sunrise. He has already called Chuck Peterson and woke him from a deep sleep. When Preston is awake, he thinks no one else should be asleep. Chuck will never know how that dream ended. People who sleep until 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. would be surprised to know how many are awake at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. Early risers are like ex-smokers who preach against smoking, they think you’ll get bed sores if you sleep over five or six hours. Well, again this week and probably for a couple more weeks, I will be flying solo. Roy’s recovering and I won’t have his input. I’m sure the staff will continue to come through with an item or two. We also always appreciate your help. Let us know if you have a news item or a funny story or whatever. There is no better way to reach the public than in “The Record.” It’s also the best way to get an advertising message out. I suggest that hour-by-hour you check us out on our website at It’s constantly updated. Well I have a long way to go so I’d best get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


We were sorry to hear of the death of “Art” Olschefski, 93, who died Sept. 24. A memorial service will be held Thursday, Oct. 14 at 7 p.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. To his wife of 70 years, Mary, daughter Jane Louviere, wife of Mike our friend and writer and their family, we extend our deepest sympathies.

A Dozen Years Ago-1998

It just doesn’t seem to have been 12 years ago since some of the following events happened. The city of Bridge City hired a new public works director. Donald Fields reported to work Oct. 19. He and his wife Lucy have three children. Fields came to Bridge City from the city of Port Arthur where he served as administrative coordinator, street superintendent and maintenance director. Jeff Ellington, at the time, was Bridge City city manager. (Editor’s note: Fields went on to serve as city manager. He has since left and was replaced by Jerry Jones. Side note: Fields’ wife Lucy now serves on the city council.)*****The Orange County Navigation and Port District hired a new port director. Eugene J. Bouillion  Jr. reported to work Oct. 19. Board president Lester Winfree announced a reception would be held Dec. 17 for the new director in conjunction with the Port Christmas party. Bouillion  replaced Roger Richard who left in January for a position at the Port of Baton Rouge. This will be Bouillion’s first director position. He is a native of Crowley, La. but has spent much of his life in the Golden Triangle. He’s a Notre Dame High School grad and has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southwestern. He had been with Louis Dreyfus in New Madrid, Mo. He had wanted to return down south, in the land where God put down the crawfish and Cajun cooking. He and his wife have a 21-year-old son who attends LSU and a daughter, a senior at Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School. (Editor’s note: Of those serving on the board when Gene was hired, “Buckshot” passed away this year and Michael Gilbeau and Ted Selman are no longer serving. Gene has done a great job since that Oct. day in 1998. Many improvements have come to the Port. Jerry Hughes is now board president.*****Kristi Wood is Bridge City High School Homecoming Queen. Erin Sullivan is the 1998 Band Sweetheart.*****Orange County’s Wes McClelland, singer, songwriter signed a recording contract. Born in 1972, he went through the West Orange school system and was a 1990 grad. He recorded three contemporary Christian songs in Nashville. With the help of his brother-in-law, attorney Alan Sanders, he negotiated a contract. One of the songs he wrote was “Cow Creek Party.” (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of that talented guy.)*****Maw-Maw Judice celebrated her 90th birthday on Sunday, Oct. 17. (Editor’s note: This week LaFamille Judice would be 102. What a special lady she was.)*****James Allen Jackson and Sheri Minett tied the knot in Dallas. *****Clay Dugas won a $4 million lawsuit in Montgomery County. *****Constable Keith Merritt’s new canine drug dog was caught stealing from the blind attendant at the courthouse concession stand. *****Orange native, A&M coach R.C. Slocum had the biggest win of his career. The Aggies beat Nebraska 28-21.*****Bridge City’s Matt Bryant scored the winning points in Baylor’s 31-24 win over Kansas. Matt kicked a field goal and four extra points, the margin of victory. (Editor’s note: Matt is still winning games with his right foot but now as a pro in the NFL.)*****Ken Rainwater passed away. He left behind a million Rainwater stories. Eddie Sutton was his caregiver. (Editor’s note: What a twosome.)*****Johnny Dubose hit a $3,000 jackpot at the Grand Casino Coushatta while celebrating his birthday. He’s the son of Bridge City mayor John Dubose.*****Bridge City football star Shane Dronett had a big day for Atlanta Falcons, causing a fumble and also recovering one. (Editor’s note: Shane had a great pro career before taking his own life a couple of years ago.)*****West Orange-Stark star Kevin Smith had a good day in the 27-14 Cowboy win over the Panthers.*****Orange native Wade Phillips’ Buffalo Bills beat the Colts 31-24. (Editor’s note: Kevin is long retired from the Cowboys, Wade is now Dallas’ head coach.)*****Diana Smith Guidry, 36, lost her life in a motorcycle accident. She left behind four children, daughters Rachel and Claire and sons Charlie and Jordan. Diana was the daughter of Huebert “Snuffy” Smith and wife Rachel. She was also survived by brothers John, Kenneth and Grady. (Editor’s note: Rachel’s parents have since passed. She had a child that had been in a wheelchair most of his life with a crippling illness. I wonder what became of him?)*****Mike and Elicia Dillon announced the birth of their son, Jared Royce Dillon, born at 2:59 a.m., Oct. 6, in Port Arthur. He weighed seven pounds, 11 ounces and was 20 inches long. His grandparents are Jimmy and Patsy Dillon and Bonnie Turnbull. (Editor’s note: If I’m correct the baby has an uncle named Jared who is now a pitcher for McNeese.


The Gulf Coast Cajun chapter of the Cajun French Music Association will hold its second annual fall festival from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sat., Oct. 16 at the VFW in Orange. The group promotes Cajun heritage and music. Cajun bands will perform at Saturday’s event including Orange’s own Jackie Cailler and his Cajun Cousins and the Dallas Street Ramblers. Louisiana stars will feature Donnie Broussard and many other groups. The festival offers Cajun cuisine, always at it best, pork stew, gumbo, boudain, rice balls and other surprises. Many, many prizes will be offered. If you have never attended a Cajun festival you haven’t lived. Bring your favorite partner for a day loaded with fun like only a bunch of Cajuns can provide. We’ll see you there. I might even bring Creaux.*****Calling all retired and active Boilermakers. A big fish fry, hosted by Local 587, will be held Oct. 30, starting at 11:30 a.m. at the Beaumont Yacht Club. It will be a special day to visit with the old-timers, hear great stories and enjoy the food and refreshments. Boilermakers are a proud bunch of hard workers whose union members, for a long time, have contributed their skills and work ethic toward the building of our industrial complexes. *****Our beautiful friend Brandy Slaughter will be a new woman. Her plans are a healthy diet, dedicated exercise and other major changes. She should be all set to meet a new day in her life. She will continue however to be a proud promoter of David Self Ford.*****Gov. Rick Perry’s phony commercial saying, “I confronted Barrack Obama,” is not true. He waited at the airport for nearly an hour for the president’s plane to arrive and like a little boy waiting on the snow cone stand to open, he waited with paper in hand. When the president arrived he was forced to give his little paper to a presidential aid. He never confronted the president like he says. The president shook his hand and moved on, no words or confronting. It’s disrespectful to the office of the president also not to acknowledge that he’s the president of the United States, not simply Barrack Obama. It’s a bad lesson to our youth. He never would have said I confronted George, Reagan, Clinton etc, without calling them president. He won’t debate on how a poor boy got to be a multi-millionaire while in public office. If he ever runs for national office he will have to answer that question.*****Our friend Daniel Jacobs, who is battling Lukemia, had a turn for the worse and was transferred from Beaumont back to M.D Anderson where he is taking extra strength treatments. He’s a tough guy and if anyone can beat the odds Daniel can. He, his wife and family need our prayers. It’s been a long fight for all of them and the fight goes on. *****West Orange-Stark celebrates homecoming Friday in a game against Orangefield. The Mustangs are coming off a big offensive-producing win, 63-0, over Hamshire-Fannett. It looks like the Mustangs have found their mojo. A homecoming celebration is a great way to get the school and community on the same page in recognizing young athletes who give much of themselves, getting together with present and past students and recalling good times and school life.*****Bridge City, off of big 42-0 win over Hardin-Jefferson, takes on Silsbee. A win over the Tigers would be a great step in the Cardinal’s quest for a district championship.*****Orangefield gave Silsbee all they could handle in a 38 to 35 loss. The Bobcats, under coach Huckabay, are mentally tough and won’t lay down. They will battle to the end and they have a big battle facing them against West Orange Stark at their place.*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville fell victim to Central 37 to 28. Big plays by the Jaguars put the Bears in the hole. Take away a play or two and LC-M was in the game all the way. It was the Bears first loss. They are now 2 and 1 in district play and are still in good shape to move on to the playoffs. LC-M will host Vidor, who is coming off a 46-35 win over Ozen, also beaten by LC-M.*****Russell Dillow, new owner of the Orange Sears store, is holding a big grand opening this Saturday, Oct. 16. Bargains throughout the store with an additional 10 percent off of great Sears items from lawn equipment to appliances and small ticket items. Russell invites everyone to come visit and check out the store improvements and bargains.*****We received a pleasant surprise last week when our sweetheart Dot Esbach came by for a visit. We don’t see her much, not as often as we did when we were located at the Creaux’s Nest in Bridge City. We got caught up on all the happenings. Dot also brought us a copy of the 1955 “Bi-City Banter” published in Bridge City at the time. Interesting reading. Dot still gets around but she misses her world traveling buddy Marie, who died a couple of years ago.*****Speaking of traveling, Patsy Peck hosted a trip to Boston, Mass. through her company Traverus. The folks returned Sunday and all raved about the trip, the historical sites seen, the visit to the bar Cheers, the good weather and how well Patsy had organized the tour. Those attending were Vera Milne, Jo Ann Riggs, Mary Lobb, Jenny Stark, Chandra Best, Carol Cash, Rebecca Flickinger, Louis and Carolyn Jeanis, Phyllis Stephenson, Linda McFadden, Sharon Davis, Ellen Ray, Janice Odell, Glenda Mello, Pat Richard, Johnnie “Jeff” Hattman, who is in her mid 80’s but didn’t let that stop her. She just turned up the volume on her pacemaker. Also attending were Betty Harmon, who while away, got a call from Corky wanting to know where the can opener was. He also ruined the microwave, Gisela Houseman, who first flew to Chicago and New York and met up with the gals in Boston and Karen Jo and Robert Vance who celebrated their wedding anniversary in Boston. I believe it was their 36th.*****Speaking of anniversaries, Jan Brumley and his bride celebrated their 43rd in New Orleans over the weekend. Congrats and best wishes for many more happy, healthy years.*****Some special folks celebrating birthdays this week. Our buddy Harry Stephens, who married child bride Margie, will notch another year Oct. 14.***Judge Carl Thibodeaux, who just returned from a Catholic retreat, celebrates on Oct. 15. It won’t be as big a party as last year when he was roasted at a Bridge City Chamber event.***Johnny Dubose and his sister Joy Dubose Simonton, both celebrate their special day this week.***Also Sue Collins. What a gal.*****Another year older is Dr. Wesley Palmer, Bob Puntes and Jason Yeamen, also our good buddies Darrell Segura and Curney Lormand.***Jerry Hughes celebrated Monday, Columbus Day. No he didn’t come with Columbus, he arrived shortly afterwards. Happy birthday and happy sailing to all.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Tuffy’s on all the seafood you can eat plus those great Tuffy’s pies. Next week the Bunch will gather at Robert’s. Everyone is always welcome. Ladies too. Last week some beautiful women attending were Judge Janice Menard, Donna Scales, Christy Khoury, Shirley Zimmerman and Marlene Merritt.*****The Veteran’s Memorial Park near the Neches River is being turned over to Jefferson County. That’s a good thing. The park was put together by our late friend W.T. Oliver and a host of World War II vets, who put a lot of hard work into building it, now they are up in age or gone. The county will keep it up.


On Oct. 14, Usher will be 31; Harry Anderson, 58; Ralph Lauren, 70 and Roger Moore, 83.***Oct. 15, Sarah Ferguson, 51; Emeril Lagasse, 51; Richard Carpenter, 64 and Jim Palmer, 64.***Oct. 16, John Mayer, 33; Kellie Martin, 35; Tim Robbins, 52 and Suzanne Somers, 64.***Oct. 17, Eminem, 38; Wyclef Jean, 38; Alan Jackson, 52, and Margot Kidder, 62. Had they lived Evel Knievel would be 72; Montgomery Clift, 90; Rita Hayworth, 92 and Arthur Miller, 95.***Oct. 18, Jean-Claude Van Damme, 50; Martina Navratilova, 54, Mike Ditka, 71 and Chuck Berry, 84.***Oct. 19, Evander Holyfield, 48; John Lithgow, 65, Chris Kattan, 40 and Omar Gooding, 34.***Oct. 20, Snoop Dogg, 38; Viggo Mortensen, 52 and Tom Petty, 60.


Martha Kile, Ronny Arnold, Stacy Rhodes, Trey Miller, Dillon Crabtree, Eunice Barrett, Jerry Evans, Olivia Hubbard, Shirley Hudson, Sonny Childs, Sue Freeman, Kory Freeman, Suzanne Miller, Allison LeBlanc, Derek Borel, Eleanor Dahl, Morgan Lamb, Nancy Newton, Wayne Mulhollan, Barbara Harmon, Brad Brown, Christopher Brown, Edneshia Johnson, Channing Larkin, Gene McKinley, Linda Heard, Glinda Gomez, Pam Bowman, David Sargent, Harry Stephens, James Brown, Jeff Braus, Johnny Dubose, Linda Nicks, Rachel Tisdale, Sue Collins, Wesley Palmer, Bebe Ricks, Bob Puntes, Cheryl Royal, Evelyn Nobles, Lynn Bates, Mary Everett, Mary Kendrick, Penny Becker, Tom Taliaferro, Bill Andes, Dina Defrates, Emily Hughes, Frank Fraccastoro, Griffin Lemley, Julie Prosperie, Kristin Bertles, Madeline Kirby, Blake Hunt, Joy Simonton, Kyle Johnston, Leona Simmons, Mozelle Francois, Beth Baas, Rodney Cartwright, Ashley Sanchez, Jason Yeaman, Jeanne Mullins and Kim Ezel.


Neighbor Cox’s nephew, Ernie Cox, in Lafayette, has a neighbor named Dudley Thibodeaux, a bachelor, ladies man about town, sharp dresser, spit shine shoes and form fitting clothes. Dudley’s only problem is that he suffered from migraine headaches so he went to see Dr. Bigneaux. Da doctor him, tell Dudley dat da only ting dat will cure dem migraines is castration. Poor Dudley, he say no to dat, him but his headaches continued to persist. Finally Dudley just couldn’t stand da pain no more so he went back to see Dr. Bigneaux.
“Doc,” he say, “Me, I hate to lose my manhood but if dats da only way to get rid of these migraines, I jus got to do it I guess.”
Dr. Bigneaux say, “Well, castration is da only way I know me.”
A few weeks after da procedure, Dudley put on some clothes and go shopping at Abadalla’s Men’s Department Store.
Da clerk told him he needed a size 36-inch waist pants.
“Oh no, said Dudley, dats too loose, me I like my pants tight, tight.”
Da clerk him he say, “Sir, don’t you know if you wear you pants too tight it will cause you to have migraine headaches.”
Dudley passed out him.


The annual Lions Club Carnival cranks up again Wednesday and will run through the weekend. Larry David tells us the large crowds have been buying his famous hamburgers in record numbers.*****A whole bunch of good ole’ Catholic boys attended a retreat in Beaumont. Judge Pat got to meet and share time with Larry Judice and his uncle, Jivin’ Gene Bourgeois. I’m surprised he hadn’t met them before. I believe Judge Thibodeaux was on the panel also. All great folks.*****The media folks just won’t lay off of Brett Farve. It seems to me they are making a mountain out of that mole hill. If things don’t go good for him on the field, the “Talking Heads” will really pour it on. Kick ‘um while they’re down seems to be the norm this day and time.*****Well, I’ve used up all my time. Thanks so much for yours. Please read us from cover to cover and shop with our family of advertisers. On a personal note, thanks Nancy for your kindness. Take care and God bless.