Well, it’s coming on a full moon crazy season. This year it will be crazier than others as we come into the closing days of the political season. You will have to sort the rice from the chaff yourself because a lot of trash is hitting the airwaves. On the national scene the Republicans are poised to take over the House. I believe the Democrats will hold the Senate by one or two members. A split government is not that bad. Clinton had his best years under those conditions. Get ready for one lie after another. Here in Texas, the Big Taco is the governor’s race. Longest serving governor Rick Perry is facing his biggest challenge by former Houston mayor Bill White. Perry has refused to debate and put his record on the line. He will spend most of his $10 million tying White to Washington and President Obama. A lot of people will buy into it despite most Texas newspapers have endorsed White, branding him a fiscal conservative. Proof  White is not a liberal is that he was elected twice with 88.5 percent of Houston voters half Democrats, half Republicans. That’s the way Perry beat Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who would have been a good governor. He tied her to Washington. Perry avoids his record by running negative advertising because it works. The state newspapers claim Texas needs new, fresh leadership that White provides. They also endorse all Republican candidates down the ballot. One paper claims Texas has become stagnated, going nowhere under Perry. White will criticize Perry’s extensive travel overseas, 26 vacation type trips costing Texas millions, plus Perry is living in a $10,000 a month mansion that will cost a million dollars if re-elected. Even though the race is close, White must have good turnout to win. Perry’s big war chest will pay for a lot of negatives and canned messages but the country is in a mood for change and voters might feel that change for Texas is a good thing. *****This week we are running a sample ballot compliments of County Clerk Karen Jo Vance and County Treasurer-elect Cristy Khoury. Read it over, make your choice and be sure to vote. *****Well, Roy is back, sorta. They claim he will be a new man after having three stints to open excessive blockage. I haven’t noticed that it’s changed his grumpiness much yet. Well, I’ve got to move on. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Voting began Monday and will run through Oct. 29. The general election is Nov. 2. Even though there are no contested local races, it is still very important to vote in state and national races. Most important however, and should be of major interest to everyone in Orange County, is the upcoming redistricting lines for state, senate, congress and our own state representative. Every citizen and especially our local officials should be interested and take an active role in seeing that Orange County returns to being a one state representative district. Presently Orange County is split in two. There is not one voice speaking for us. Most people don’t know who their state senator is, but even worse, they are not sure who represents them in the state house. Half of Bridge City is represented by State Rep. Mike Hamilton, the other half, by Rep. Joe Deshotel of Beaumont. West Orange is also split in half and the most part of Orange is represented by Deshotel.
 Little cypress-Mauriceville area and Vidor have Hamilton. In most cases the two representatives vote against each other. The entirety of Orange County doesn’t have one voice looking out for the best interest of all of us as citizens of the county. It’s truly unfair to all of us equally. On another note, our area’s congressman and state senator live a hundred miles away. We need to return to local representation through the creation of local districts. Example, Jefferson County has two state senators, if you can cut the county in two then why not go back to combining Jefferson and Orange in one senatorial district. Also have two congressmen represent our area. Those southeast Texas areas should be combined into one district. Better yet, put Jefferson County in one district and Orange and East Texas in another like it was under Charlie Wilson, Jim Turner and all the others. I think our elected officials would be negligent in not pursuing fairer representation by having one of our own represent us. That is far more important then if the representative is Republican or Democrat. One of our own, with a local interest, not a Houston interest. I’ll explain how this injustice came about next week.


We were sorry to hear about the death of Rachel Burton Wheeler, age 60. She passed away in her sleep at her home in Harper, Texas on Oct. 16. The lifelong Bridge City resident was a second generation owner of Burton Shipbuilding. Visitation will be held Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Levingston Funeral Home in Groves. Services will be held Thursday, Oct. 21, 10 .m. To husband Jesse Wheeler, children and the Burton family we extend our sincere condolences. Rachel was a gracious lady with a lot of class. She will be truly missed.

12 Years Ago-1998

A dozen years ago this week was an active political season. County Judge Carl Thibodeaux was running for his second term. Republican Wayne Reeh was challenging him in the general election. *****Cimron Campbell, Orange Municipal Court Prosecutor and a member of the Mehaffy and Weber Law Firm, was challenging Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace, Marlin Shelton. *****Con. Jim Turner was being challenged by Brian Babin. *****Democrat Gary Mauro was running against Gov. George W. Bush. *****David Bernsen was running for state senator against incumbent Republican senator from the Woodlands, Michael Galloway. *****Judge Don Burgess was running for re-election to the Court of Appeals. *****Mike Hamilton was running for County Commissioner of Pct. 2 against Democrat Sue Bearden. *****Pct. 4 Democratic Commissioner Bill Holland faced Republican Kyle Bryant. *****John Sharp was running against Republican Rick Perry for Lt. Governor. *****The Orangefield Bobcats over powered the Kirbyville Wildcats 35-14. Beau Daville rolled up 205 yards rushing on 25 totes. Eric Eshbach returned a punt for a 65-yard touchdown. It was Eshbach’s second T.D. return in two weeks. Bo Shafer also scored twice, Daniel Savoie scored from 30-yards out and Gary Naquin connected all five extra points. *****The Bridge City Cards dominated the Nederland Bulldogs but lost the game 27 to 7. A bad call wiped out a Bridge City touchdown. The film showed the Cards didn’t have an illegal receiver down field. Penalties for 80 yards wiped out several drives. Bridge City had 15 first downs, 53 plays to the Bulldogs 9 first downs, and 38 plays. Some of the B.C. players were Brad Miller, quarterback, Josh Sanders, Eric Ridley, receivers, Steven Curl, wingback and fullback, Daniel Kibodeaux. On defense Scott Curtis, Charlie Higginbotham, in on 10 tackles, Trey Latiolais, one interception, Jared Williams, 15 tackles, Johnny Montagne, 12 tackles, Shane Peveto assisted on five tackles, linebacker Kevin Norwood, 12 tackles, grading a high 93, Jason Broussard graded a 90. Offensive linemen grading high were Curt Lucian, Eric Bramblett, Jeremy Stolfa and Dathan Juneau. Kicker Raun Bryant was in the end zone on kickoffs and had an 54-yard punt average. Les Johnson was Bridge City coach. *****According to Judge Carl Thibodeaux, CEO of the Workforce Board, 16,850 jobs are now available in Southeast Texas. The Survey was designed for Orange, Jefferson and Hardin counties. (Editor’s note: That was the last two years of President Bill Clinton’s administration. We know what happened after that. *****The district champion Bridge City Cardinal volleyball team members are Ashley Theriot, Danielle Bourque, Misty Jenkinson, Sally Hill, Jessica Johnson, Kelly Nicks, Krista Shatto, Natalie Sarver, Erin Dillow and April Belk. Coaches are Rosetta Wilson and Mike Faulk. Manager is Cadence Trahan. *****Ken Wyatt, an eyewitness, said the dog stealing from the blind was not constable Keith Meritt’s drug dog. The pup was a Lab said to belong to a deputy. *****Having birthdays this week are Debbie Fusilier, Jimmy Scales and Reba Gerik. *****Brent Buford, age 28, lost his life in an auto accident commuting from Bridge City to Houston. He was the son of Kent, Linda and Jackie Buford. His grandparents were Clarence and Mary Buford and great-grandmother Enola Buford. He had one sister Dana Chesson.


This week’s quote comes from former congressman Nick Lampson on redistricting. “When elected officials pick their voters rather than voters picking their elected officials, something is corrupt.”


Elton John and Leon Russell released a duet album this week called “The Union.” Elton calls Leon his idol. The album will be big. The two will also tour together. *****Speaking of two cool dudes, I ran into one cool lady having lunch at Danny’s last week. Major Donna Peterson, wearing jeans and a Drew Brees shirt, looked like a college student. If she weren’t so pretty, I would call her cute. By the way, when is that house warming? *****Brees and the Saints looked great against Tampa Bay Sunday in a 31-6 win. *****Special folks celebrating their special day this week. Two unlikely guys who are both marking birthdays on Oct. 23, both born on the same day, 76 years ago, under the same sign, are Judge Claude Wimberly and VFW guru John Wayne Clark. I believe they reinforced in me why I don’t believe in horoscopes. They are Scorpios. Maybe one was born on morning of the 23rd and the other evening. One is quite, the other won’t shut up. ***On Oct. 24, Mary Stanton and Debbie Fusilier celebrate their birth a few years apart. ***A girl we’ve known since she was a well-stacked teenager, Sandi Mobley Huckabay, is a year older on the 25th. ***Another notable birthday is our longtime friend, always beautiful, Vickie Drake Brown, Orange native and longtime resident of Lawrence, Kansas. ***Our buddy Judge Jimmy Scales, drainage board member, is a year older.***John Cecil Beeson, Eric Brinson and Skipper’s little girl, Laura Free Wheeler, who turns 48 Friday, also mark birthdays. The best to all.*****Always on the go. Al Granger goes for his walk every morning. I can’t believe he needs to because he runs the rest of the day. I bet if a mileage meter was on Al, it would show he does at least 25 miles daily, six days a week and dances another five miles.*****Former Orange County Chief Deputy Sheriff David Reeves is running as a Republican for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 7, in Jefferson County. He is challenging Judge Brad Burnett.*****Judge Carl Thibodeaux celebrated his birthday Oct. 15. He did have a party, hosted at the Boat Club. Everyone behaved; there wasn’t one fight.*****Our editor Nicole says she had a great time Saturday at the “Old Cowboy Reunion” held at Wayne Peveto’s place. She enjoyed the old boys and said they cook up good vittles and the best rolls she ever ate. I can tell her a secret, the chuck wagon cooked up Wayne’s famous beer biscuits, so big they look like rolls.*****The Dallas Cowboys are now 1-4 after losing to Brett Farve and the Vikings, 24-21. They are a way better team, talent wise, than their record shows. Those millionaires are making stupid mistakes. You can’t coach stupidity. I still believe in coach Wade but the Dallas-Fort Worth media is starting to call for his head.*****The high school game of the week has to be Bridge City-West Orange-Stark game Saturday at Larry Ward Stadium at 6 p.m. The Cards would be in the drivers seat to win district with a win Saturday after defeating Silsbee last week. West Orange-Stark would still have to play Silsbee. It will be a war; you can count on that. The breaks will determine the winner. Neither team can make stupid Dallas Cowboy mistakes or will suffer the same fate. Most people are predicting a high scoring game. I’m not, maybe 26-24.*****I was hoping before the series that the Rangers would win but I thought the Yankees would win in six. Now it looks like it might go seven. Boy, didn’t Roy Oswalt look good for the Phillies Sunday night. I don’t believe the Giants or Phillies can win the World Series.*****A big game will be Little Cypress-Mauriceville at Port Neches-Groves. Indian territory is always a bad place to play but the Bears can do it. Go get  ‘um.*****The state’s largest “Scarecrow Festival” will be held at Shangri La next Tuesday. Over 100 crows will participate. Don’t miss it.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s next week. Everyone is welcome.


On Oct. 21, Jeremy Miller will be 34; Carrie Fisher, 54; Judge Judy Sheindlin, 68; and Benjamin Netanyahu, 61. ***Oct. 22, Jonathan Lipnicki, 20; Zac Hanson, 25; Brian Boitano, 47; Catherine Deneuve, 67 and Annette Funicello, 68. ***Oct. 23, Nancy Grace, 51; “Weird” Al Yankovic, 51; Martin Luther King III, 53; Dwight Yoakam, 54 and Al Leiter, 45. ***Oct. 24, Tila Tequila, 29; Monica, 30; Kevin Kline, 62 and F. Murray Abraham. Had he lived, J.P. “Big Bopper” Richardson would be 80 years old. ***Oct. 25, Ciara, 25; Katy Perry, 26; Tracy Nelson, 47; Helen Reddy, 69 and Bobby Knight, 70. ***Oct. 26, Hillary Rodham Clinton, 63; Jaclyn Smith, 63; Bob Hoskins, 68 and Jon Heder, 33. ***Oct. 27, Kelly Osbourne, 26; Jayne Kennedy, 59; John Cleese, 71 and Scott Weiland, 43.


Earnest Barnes, Mary Tallant, George Fleming, Tammy Ballard, Marilyn Ponthieu, Vicki Brown, Treva Hodge, Anita Green, Brad Childs, Cory Moreau, John-Cecil Beeson, Marguerite Mahfouz, Becky Carter, Bob Frank, Bill Butler, Brian Prevost, Bryan Chauvin, Eldon Pendergast, Eric Brinson, Jewel Merchant, Jimmy Byrd, Laqueta McLellan, Lisa Stewart, Pat New, Sara Etheredge, Sara Ethredge, Sarah Halliburton, Shery Martz, Thomas Fleming, Brandy Cardner, Danny Jennings, Debbie Fusilier, Lainey Zenos, Beth Wilson, John Clark, Larry Myers, Ron Batchelor, Tammy Scales, Victoria Brown, Dale Morris, Darren Wilson, Marilyn Fonthieu, Ramona Scott, Ramona Valentine, Connie Curphey, Mary Chamblee, Roy Lee Helm, Ken Soileau, Rachel Sanders, Tanner George, Connor Ziller, Deedra Wilson, Toni Dyer, Don Cummings, Geneva Buker, Hunter Smith, Brent Burch, David Dupuis, John Lumpkin, Nathan Coffey, Pierce Butler, Pearl Stanfield, Betty Trantham and Becky Cooper.


Joe Comeaux had been working for weeks witout a day off.  He knew wit da seasonal workload, his boss Sostan, would not allow him to take time off.
Finally he figure if he act crazy him, Sostan would give him a few days off.
Joe him, he hang upside down on da ceiling and made funny noises.
Marie Boudreaux, a co-worker, not too bright her, but she’s Sostan’s sister-in-law and his wife made him give her a job.
Marie axe Joe, “Wat he was doing hanging dere?”
He said, “I’m pretending to be a light bulb me.”
Sostan walked in and axe, “Joe, wat you doing hanh?”
“Me, I’m a light bulb,” Joe answer.
Sostan say, “Joe, you stressed out, go home and rest up for a couple days.”
Joe jumped down and walked out of da office and Marie, her, followed Joe out.
Sostan yell at her, “Where you tink you going you?”
Marie answer, “I’m going home me, how you expect me to work in the dark, hanh?”


It’s a good thing that the NFL is cracking down on head to head blows. A violation will bring suspensions. Players are getting too fast, too big and too strong. Sooner than later, someone will be killed. Life altering injuries have already occurred. *****Another good business falls victim to the economy. The latest, we hear, is Hopper Lumber, a 60-year-old business in Bridge City, currently owned by the Lee Angelle family. We understand the lumber company has been sold to the Lightfoot family, owners of Orange County Building Materials in Vidor. We don’t know when the takeover will happen.*****I have found that the working person’s problem is not illegal immigrants, who do minimal work, it’s good jobs being outsourced to foreign countries. Now we learn that as much as $399 million unreported funds are finding it’s way into our political process. Some coming from secret foreign countries, the ones getting our jobs. Remember Karl Rove, the architect of the failed policies that got us in this terrible mess? He is running an undisclosed fund, making himself a lot of money and also choosing which candidates the funds go to.  Oh well, does anyone really care. Most Americans wear blinders.*****In closing, I saw one of the greatest pitching duels Monday night by Texas Ranger Cliff Lee, with 13 strikouts, one hit, one walk in the 8-0 shutout of the Yankees. It was a pitching clinic with Andy Pettit allowing only two hits and one walk in seven innings. I believe right now Lee is the greatest pitcher in baseball.*****Thanks to our advertising family for their support. Please support those who bring you this paper. Till next time, take care and God bless.