According to District Attorney, John D. Kimbrough, the Orange County Grand Jury met on Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010 and returned several true bills of indictment. As released today, the allegations are as follows.

Bobby Jack Johnson, born Jan. 25, 1964 and living at 19699 S. Hwy 62 in Orange, is facing a May 19, 2010 charge of felony possession of a controlled substance. Other felony possession of a controlled substance allegations were levied against Tonya Denese Carnley on July 21, 2009 – she was born July 24, 1977 and is noted with a last known residence of 5448 Old Beaumont Hwy, Beaumont; Janelle Felicia Buchanan was charged on May 6, 2010 – she was born Dec. 19, 1977 and is listed with an address of 402 Park in Bridge City; a May 24, 2010 indictment was placed on Joshua Nathan Berres, date of birth Feb. 13, 1977, who is a resident at 215 Front in Orange; Eric Lee Ihle, 6248 Inez in Orange who was born Jan 22, 1978, received an indictment on a June 15, 2010 charge; Eliziah Paul Collins, living at 108 Schley in Orange and born May 7, 1992, was given an indictment for a charge on June 14, 2010; Roderick Demond Simmons, born Aug. 22, 1992 and a resident at 2226 Cross in Orange, was charged on June 28, 2010; Michael Jiron Edwards of 1409 Main in Orange – born Dec. 24, 1983 – was indicted on a Dec. 8, 2010 controlled substance felony charge; rounding out this category is Kyle James Folk, born Oct. 21, 1985 and living at 2562 Oilla in Orangefield, was charged on Feb. 16, 2010.

Felony possession of marijuana charges from April 14, 2010 were set against Robert Ross Ridley, date of birth Nov. 25, 1959, who resides at 5371 Patillo in Orange.

A Sept. 10, 2009 indictment for felony driving while intoxicated has been set against James Berry Graham of 280 Hardin in Vidor who was born June 6, 1958. Other charges in this category include: Joseph Wayne Stephens, Jr., date of birth Jan. 30, 1967 and listed as a resident at 43889 State Hwy. 87 South in Orange, was charged on Dec. 20, 2009; Daniel Lee Baxter, date of birth Feb. 2, 1968 and living at 230 Willette in Vidor, was charged on April 9, 2010; Michael Chad Shannon, date of birth June 2, 1977 and a resident at 8437 Cedar in Lumberton, was charged on April 21, 2010; finally, Eugene Francis Robare, II, date of birth June 5, 1961 and a resident of 1609 Georgia in Orange, was charged on Nov. 8, 2009.

Gerald Todd West, a Vidor resident living at 1106 Sandra Lynn and with a date of birth listed as March 28, 1968, is indicted for a Jan. 1, 2010 burglary of a habitation. Other burglary allegations are: Tre’ Robert Lee Clark, date of birth June 7, 1993 living at 714 Center in Orange, was charged on July 31, 2010; Jimmy Lee Taylor was charged with burglary of a building on Sept. 1, 2010 – he is a resident of 90 W. John in Orange and has a date of birth of Oct. 26, 1964; two cases of felony burglary of a vehicle from Sept. 28, 2010 were set against Jonathan Derick Hickey, born July 31, 1981 and residing at 816 Polk in Orange.

Felony theft allegations and indictments were returned against Eugene Francis Robare, II from a July 29, 2010 case. Other felony theft charges are as follows: Brandi Michelle Blanchard, date of birth Nov. 30, 1975 and a resident at 500 E. Freeway, #21 in Vidor, was charged on June 30, 2010; George J. Hartfield, date of birth July 30, 1945 and living at 3710 Bowling in Orange, was charged on May 9, 2010; Broshonda Lenell Logan; date of birthday May 18, 1981 and living at 1925 Wildwood in Orange, was charged on July 24, 2010; Jeremy Keith Shomo, date of birth April 8, 1983 and a resident at 412 Donnell in Orange, was charged Aug. 12, 2010; Gamber Linus Friberg, date of birth Sept. 8, 1970 residing at 311 Massachusetts in Orange, was charged July 27, 2010. Two cases of felony theft were set on Sept. 2, 2010 against Dustin Eugene Hickey, date of birth June 21, 1983 and living at 901 Dupont in Orange and against Randy Lee Terry who resides at the same address and has a date of birth listed as Jan 25, 1981.

Felony theft indictments were set against Susan Janelle Sehon, date of birth June 15, 1960 residing at 1029 Vincent in Orange and Tracy Lynn Miguez, date of birth Aug. 12, 1968 and with a residence of 194 Louise in Bridge City – this charge was from Feb. 15, 2010. Another charge for theft of a firearm from June 2, 2010 was put against Cody Neil Wiley, born Oct. 7, 1992 and living at 2598 Patillo in Bridge City.

Jeffery Paul Jones, date of birth Oct. 15, 1976 and a resident at 4595 Revere in Vidor, received and indictment for felony forgery from a June 30, 2009 charge. Other felony forgery charges currently include: Mary Ellen McDaniel, date of birth Jan. 31, 1970 of 815 Ricksha in Vidor, was charged on Jan. 13, 2010; Tessa Brianne Thomas, date of birth Jan. 2, 1985 living at 3195 Lakeview Cutoff in Vidor, was charged on June 13, 2010; Dedric Jamall Eglin, date of birth Oct. 15, 1975 and a resident at 2900 Baker, #2107 in Baytown, was charged on Aug. 17, 2009. Also, Dan Robert Henley, a person of unknown address but with a listed birthdate of Oct. 31, 1977, was charged with a May 9, 2010 case of tampering with a governmental record.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office also listed a felony evading arrest or detention charge from April 17, 2010 against Ronald Geral Fuselier, date of birth June 9, 1984. He is a resident at 2516 Asay in Vidor.

A felony assault charge from Oct. 4, 2008 was set against Richard Dewey Carpenter, Jr. who is listed as living at 727 Gunstream, #7 in Orange and as having a birth date of Feb. 24, 1965.

Finally, two Jan. 8, 2010 indictments were issued against Mark Timothy Roberts, date of birth Feb. 18, 1991 and a resident of 655 Archie, #2 in Vidor. One indictment sited debit card abuse, and the other allegation was for impersonating a public servant.