Anthony Lewis, who works for Wal-Mart, has been named as the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce’s October Employee of the Month.

According to his nominator, “Anthony knows every department in that store and is the most helpful person. When I go in and am having to use crutches or my wheelchair, he will get me anything I need if I am alone. He has helped me with having keys made when nobody else could get one to work and has also gone all the way around that store to find the dog food I needed when there was none on the shelf. He always asks about my family and makes sure to say hello to all them through me if I am not with them. He is always very cheerful and pleasant and keeps a smile on his face. He takes pride in his work and is over-all a super person and very, very friendly.

“He is also very proud of his military past and his children. He is a single parent who beams when he talks about his kids and how he chooses to spend time with them above anything else.”

According to the store manager, Robert Sullivan, “He runs our evening crew that unloads the trucks. Stocks all the key areas like foods, paper and pet foods, He has had to learn many new processes and is proficient in all of them. He has a personality about him that makes associates and customers comfortable and feel they can depend on him.”

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