Community Christian School students, preschool through twelfth grade, were presented with a challenge recently: to bring in change to raise money for the children of the Didasko Orphanage in Honduras.

Each class was given a picture of the child they were sponsoring and have recently sent out letters, drawings, and pictures. The older children sent out letters that were written in both English and Spanish.

The students had a pleasant surprise when they were able to see and speak with the orphans and Rhonda Wilkinson, missionary and assistant director, through Skype.

The children from the home in Honduras sang to the students in Spanish. The children of CCCS were touched and immediately began bringing in their change to aid in their new mission.

After five weeks of gathering all of their change to offer to the Didasko Orphanage the final total is $5,087.10; That’s $1,017.42 each week that the students raised money.