Billons of dollars have been spent nationwide on this year’s midterm elections. Television stations made off like bank robbers. I’m sure it brought in much needed money. For a year we have been bombarded with the elections. With the elections over it’s like letting the air out of the balloon. I don’t have the advantage of knowing for sure any outcomes. Since I’m turning this copy in Tuesday noon on election day. I assume Republicans have won the Congress by a good margin and the Democrats have held the Senate. I have always preached that split government best serves the people. Hopefully the GOP will just quit saying “NO’ and instead put their shoulder to a positive wheel and help solve the problems that were created before a Democratic president was elected. I believe if McCain, Hillary, Kerry or anyone else had been president, today they would be facing the same unpopularity. To avoid a deep depression they would have had to bail out the auto industry and the mess the economy had fallen into. Eight million jobs were lost in President Bush’s last six months and Obama’s first two. Another good thing about a split government is that they can’t rubber stamp everything like what is happening in Texas. Gov. Perry will be re-elected but I still believe his goal is national office. White would have been a good administrator but I’m afraid he would have found himself in the same shape Obama did. Regardless of what you heard about the great shape of Texas we’re in deep trouble. According to the Dallas Morning News, the state is facing up to a $25 billion short fall, which will mean cutting services and college fees and etc. will skyrocket. It’s not a pretty picture. Believe me, I still believe the most important thing facing us is re-districting. If they run another game and shove an unfair plan down our throats rural Texas will again be left out of local representation for another ten years. I’m afraid it will just be rubber stamped if our officials just sit back and let it happen without raising their voices. A good thing was the early turnout regardless of which party or candidate you voted for. Hopefully the rain didn’t play a part in suppressing the Tuesday vote. A bad thing is that way too much money was spent. Big money wins elections and the amount of funds spent keeps escalating each election. Regardless of all the talk about campaign reform there doesn’t seem to be a ceiling on spending. Where does it stop? Well, that’s my say. I’ve gotta move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


When Orangefield and Bridge City merged into the same 3-A District, Roy and Mark Dunn were decussing how the game between the two schools should be an annual special game. Not only because of their proximity, two miles down Cow Bayou, from each other, but also other shared relatives. Many of the players were friends and often the two teams shared activities. It was decided The Penny Record, hometown paper of both teams, would sponsor the Bayou Bowl. It’s still a point of contention between son and dad as to which one came up with the name. It was also decided that the trophy would be named after Buzzie Gunn, a pioneer sports photographer who had won many awards for his high school, college and pro sports photos. His wife Dayle and family furnished the trophy and Dayle presented it to the winning team at the annual game. After four years, the Record Newspapers turned the event over to the Bridge City Rotary. Each year the game is played in friendship and friendly rivalry. This year however, the district standings and playoffs are on the line and the teams are playing for the right to advance. The Buzzie Gunn trophy will be the icing on the cake. The fans of each team wishes their team could advance. It’s always a fun week for students and fans alike. This year a scholarship banquet featured Dr. Jamie Harrison, superintendent of BCISD, Phillip Welch of Orangefield ISD, Johnny Dishon, Bryan Dubose and Gary Stelly as speakers. Other activities included an auction of an autographed football signed by all players participating in the Bayou Bowl. Students have been busy decorating with their school colors for the big event. Good luck to both teams and a great bunch of youngsters. A side note: Orangefield coach Brian Huckabay is a Bridge City grad and former Cardinal star and is well respected in the B.C. area. On the other hand, Bridge City coach Cris Stump has brought the Cards a long way. The two well-coached teams are closely matched and it will be one heck of a game. Hopefully attendance will be an overflow crowd from both communities.


We were sorry to hear about the death of our friend Lloyd Sittig, age 89, who passed away Monday, Nov. 1. Lloyd was a good, quite man. For many years he was a member of the Kroger Koffee Klub. Over the years he had seen many of his friends go to their eternal resting place. Last week we had heard he was doing well. He was at the Meadows recuperating. He’ll be missed by everyone who knew him. Visitation will be at Claybar Funeral Home, Wed. from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Services will be Thursday, at 10 a.m. To wife Gene, the family and Lloyd’s friends we send our sincere condolences.

12 Years Ago-1998

Bridge City native Marci Linn Anderson, a teacher at Buna Junior High School, is named to “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.” Her former students, now in the top five percent of high school and college students in the nation, credited Anderson as an instructor who made a difference, inspiring and challenging them to academic and personal excellence. (Editor’s note: I wonder where teacher Anderson is today, a dozen years later?)*****Bridge City’s Matt Bryant kicked a field goal for Baylor’s only score in 27-3 loss to Baylor. *****Majorettes at Orangefield High are Beverly Peveto, Adell Cox, Wilma Montagne and Carlene and Darlene Cormier. (Editor’s note: I’m just pulling your leg. That was 52 years ago, in 1958 but I know for sure the twins are still in Orangefield.)*****Mike and Margie Hebert celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on Nov. 7, 1998. They are taking a trip to Galveston to celebrate.*****Coach Randy Theriot’s Orangefield Bobcats are in the 23-3A playoffs after defeating the Woodville Eagles 35-20.*****Coach Troy Woodall, the “Dean” of Orange County coaches became a high school coach 35 years ago in 1964, the year Lyndon Johnson was president. That year the country was in the midst of wars both hot and cold. Coach recalls the great years at Bridge City, in the mid 60’s, when head coaches Gene Stalling, A&M, Darryl Royal, Texas and Bum Phillips, University of Houston, were in the stands on Friday nights scouting the B.C. team. Steve Worster was an All-American high school player and later became a two time All American at Texas. One of the many highlights in Coach Woodall’s career came in 1968 when he was selected to coach in the Texas All-Star game for the South team. Coach Chief Wilson was the head coach. In 1960 to 1966, Bridge City had 1200 students. Today, in 1998, they are down to 850. *****The Bridge City Cardinals beat Lincoln in every category but the final score, thanks to four fumbles. The Cards rolled up 350 yards, 75 plays to the Bumblebees 45. Daniel Kibodeaux gained 156 yards on 23 totes. The sparkplug for the Cards was Jason “The Blur” Menard, a 126 pound, all heart player. Time and again he lifted his team and fans. Menard would take a hit and keep on trucking. Once with seven Bees on his back he dragged them for a 22-yard gain. Pound for pound, he’s the toughest guy in these parts. (Editor’s note: Today, Jason is a career U.S. soldier who is on his third tour of duty in Iraq.)*****Celebrating birthdays this week are Steve Carlton, Christy Gonzales, Clint Morris, Pat Bendy, John Dubose and Sharon Dunn.


Congrats to coach Cody Knight and his Bridge City boys and girls cross country teams on winning the district 21-3-A title last week at Claiborne West Park. Cardinal senior, Mary Nguyen, after coming so close on other occasions, won the title she so greatly deserves. Time and again on Monday morning we spotted her running the streets of Bridge City. *****Our longtime friend Stan Mathews is celebrating the 26 anniversary of his Mathews Jewelry store. They are located on Strickland Drive. I recall when Stan opened his store in MacArthur Shopping Center. It just doesn’t seem like 26 years ago. Stan has always sold quality products with reasonable prices. Sale prices at Mathews are great. *****Over 55 years ago, Cliff Hopper founded Hopper Lumber Co. in Bridge City. Several years ago, Lee Angelle purchased the lumber company from Hopper. The Angelle’s, a local family, always worked hard to improve their native community. Over the years however, the company fought the introduction of chain outlets and were hit hard by Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike. After all these years there won’t be a Hopper’s Lumber Company in Bridge City. Orange County Building Supply is taking over. The help will remain the same but many improvements and additions will be made to the store to bring it back to pre-hurricane days. Hopper’s has always served Bridge City well.*****The Boiler Makers Local 587 held their retiree and new comers reunion last Saturday. Many stories were told about the days when unions were in their heyday. They’re a proud bunch who stand on the quality of their work. Today contractors hire people off the streets who don’t have proper skills or training, but call themselves Boilermakers.*****A few special folks having birthdays this week. ***The charming Denise Stanton celebrates on Nov. 3. If she’s not there yet, she’s fast approaching 40. Many folks will remember her from her Wal-Mart days.
Her parents, Don and Mary Stanton, celebrate their 44th anniversary Nov. 5.*** One of my favorite people and a lovely lady, Sharon Dunn will celebrate Nov. 5.***John Montagne, Jr. celebrates Nov. 6. His granddad, Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout, will reach age 89 on Nov. 7. He and his lovely wife often attend the Lunch Bunch get together each Wednesday. We wish both continued good health.***Commissioner John Dubose gets a year older as does Kim Moore, Pam Guyote, Linda Faulk and Steve Carlton.***Shirley and Butch Choate celebrate their anniversary on Nov. 8.***Last week we wrongly stated Miss Pearl’s birthday. We said Oct. 29 and she was born on Oct. 27. She didn’t mind, she heard from many friends and strangers. *****Don and Danna Johnson and their friends Pam and Phil Manuel just returned from a trip to Las Vegas. While there Patti Hanks gave them the desert tour. Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the new bridge bypassing Hoover Dam. It’s a sight to see and is making news.*****Peggy’s on the Bayou is now featuring lunches. Ms. Peggy says they will also be serving New Orleans Red Beans and Rice.*****Through the last few years Warren and Gayle and the gang at Orange Carpet have been the go to place for carpet, tile and bedding. We hear many compliments about their quality, service and price. There is no reason to go out of town. Orange Carpet beats them all right here at home.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Tuffy’s this week and will be back at Robert’s Restaurant the following Wednesday. This is a great bunch of guys and gals to break bread with and enjoy fellowship. Everyone is welcome. No invitation needed.*****Neighbor Cox has been batching while Ms. Ginny spends a few days in Oklahoma with daughter Karen and her husband Keith. Cox and his grandson Cody are holding the fort down. Cody is having to eat granddad’s cooking which includes a lot of mustard greens. *****Former congressman Tom DeLay went on trial in Austin this week for money laundering and conspiracy charges. The money, $190,000 corporate money, was given to seven candidates after being laundered through the RNC. Thirty-five thousand of that money found it’s way into Orange County. It was part of a plan to first gain a Texas House majority then push through a mid-decade redistricting to elect more Texas Republicans to congress. The Tom DeLay, Rick Perry and speaker Tom Caddick redistricting plan gave control to Republican congressmen, dominated by majorities going to large city areas, cutting off rural areas. That’s when we lost Blue Dog Democrat congressman Jim Turner.*****I’m at a loss for words as to what has happened to the Dallas Cowboys. They have just played funky. You can’t blame coaching or any individual player but the whole bunch has gone sour. No one seems to know why.*****WE find much of the same situation with the Texas Longhorns. The talent is there but the mix has turned to clabber. Why? It’s Brown and the same coaches who won the national championship with Vince Young, then dominated with Colt McCoy. You can’t blame the poor showing on quarterback Gilbert. Again it’s the whole bunch. I said after the first game of the season that Texas A&M, despite being inconsistent, is a better team. We’ll find out around Turkey Day. Texas still has Kansas State on the road, Oklahoma State Nov. 13 and a mostly practice game against Florida Atlantic on Nov. 20 before meeting A&M at home Thanksgiving night.*****The San Francisco Giants, after a 56 year drought, win the World Series in five games over the Texas Rangers. I’ve always been for the National League team but because Texas was involved I wanted the Rangers to win. Before the series, I said I thought the Giant’s great pitching staff would dominate and they did. I watched a lot of amazing plays, some seemingly impossible. I never would have believed the Ranger’s Cliff Lee would lose two games. I found bowtie-wearing pitcher Tim Lincecum flawless in beating Lee and the Rangers twice.


On Nov. 3, Elizabeth Smart will be 22; Dennis Miller, 57; Roseanne Barr Arnold, 58 and Michael Dukakis, 77.***Sean “Diddy” Combs, 41; Matthew McConaughey, 41; Kathy Griffin, 50; Laura Bush, 64 and Ralph Macchio, 49.***Nov. 5, Tatum O’Neal, 47; Tilda Swinton, 50; Bryan Adams, 51; Sam Shepard, 67 and Art Garfunkel, 69.***Nov. 6, Maria Shriver, 55; Rebecca Romijn, 38; Sally Field, 64 and Mike Nichols, 79.***Nov. 7, Jason and Jeremy London, 38; Keith Lockhart, 51; Joni Mitchell, 67 and Bill Graham, 92.***Nov. 8, Jack Osbourne, 25; Mary Hart, 59; Bonnie Raitt, 61 and Patti Page, 83.***Nov. 9, Vanessa Minnillo, 30; Nick Lachey, 37; Chris Jericho, 40 and Lou Ferrigno, 58.


Ruby Hickey, Skeet Boehme, Tommy Green, Vicki Lowe, Courtney Courville, Dale Carlton, David Hebert, Donna Bell, Denise Stanton, Jim Simon, Loretta Meadows, Marilyn Prewitt, Pam Guyote, Gail Hass, Kathy Arceneaux, Kim Moore, Louise Fuselier, Myrtice Moore, Ruth Walker, Chris Rogers, Gina Beaulieu, John Dubose, Kember Ess, Margaret Thibodeaux, Viola Thibodeaux, Carrie Larson, Derek Grooms, Faye Harrington, Kay Wingate, Robin Schaffer, Claris Collins, James Bergeron, Barbara Lopez, Bob Johnston, Chuckie Ganze, Debra Burch, Dixie Brint, Jim Reid, Linda Faulk, Pauline Chatelain, Susan Veillon, Cecil Welborn, Charlotte Wooten, Donna Bradley, L.C. Boudreaux.


Otis Boudreaux was riding down da country road out of Perry towards Intercoastal City wen he came across Picou LaBoulf’s little boy Tee-Neg. He was dragging a bird wit a wing spread about six feets. Otis, like most Cajuns, was curious him. He stop his truck and say to Tee-Neg, “Wat you got dere, hanh?”
“Me, I got myself a hawk,” Tee-Neg answer, “A chicken hawk dats wat I got me.”
Otis axe.
Wat da hell you gonna do wit dat dere hawk?”
Tee-Neg answer, “We gonna make a big pot of gumbo dat’s wat.”
Otis say, “Mais, does hawk meat make pretty good gumbo?”
Tee-Neg answer, “Well, about like owl.”


Over the weekend 50 people were killed in Juarez, Mexico, across from El Paso. Four Americans from one family were killed Monday while crossing back into the United States. Twenty-five hundred were killed last month. Meanwhile Al Qaeda made a dry run to see how they can get explosives into our country. There are threats all around us, far worse problems than some of the small things we make so much over. If the radicals disagree they feel like they must make verbal attacks to lash back. The hate is so uncivil. We can all disagree, we have that right but it’s ignorant of anyone to be abusive if disagreed with. We live in a great country, the very best. WE need to quit knocking it with so much hate or some day it will spill over and the country will find itself like third world countries. Things in this country will get better, it always does. Sometimes it’s in such a hole it takes longer but it won’t help to preach hate.*****I’m done. Thanks for your time and thanks to our family of advertisers. Till next time, take care and God bless.