For a choice of exercise or sport they don’t get much easier and cheaper than jogging & running. A total cardio workout is available just by putting some shoes on, heading out the door and finding a park or route to run in.

Many people are discovering the feeling that a good run provides. The confidence and determination during a run and the sense of achievement and euphoria that’s awarded afterwards. Goals are easily set and achieved and the limitations are what you make them.

Remember, when you say “I cant do this”, that’s exactly the results you will get. This, or any other exercise can be done. You just have to decide to do it. Many people have lost vast amounts of weight simply from running and you don’t have to pay a long-term membership to do it. If you want a trainer, many will come out with you.??Running is one of the best exercises for improving health and fitness. It involves nearly every major muscle group and greatly improves the cardiovascular (heart) system. For weight loss you’ll burn around 130 calories every 10 minutes depending how fast you go. A 13 calorie per minute calorie burn is great!

Running increases stamina, promotes weight loss, helps with many diseases, can help reduce and stabilize blood pressure and create an increased sense of well-being.

Be careful in the area you choose to run in. If you have chosen and area other then a track watch out for obstacles such as holes and indentations in the covered terrain.

For those who’ve been inactive for a long period of time, a slow build up is essential, as injuries can easily occur if too much is done too soon. (A fast walk could be a great starting point) A beginner would do better training by time spent split running rather than distance covered. An example could be run the curve around the track, walk that distance, run again etc. As the weeks go by and fitness improves, you will gradually increase that time as well as distance covered.


One thing you do not want to forget is the importance of stretching. Stretching will prevent serious leg injuries. The 1 thing you do not want to do is to pull a hamstring or calf muscle from not stretching before you begin your run.

Please remember like anything else do not expect instant results. Its all a gradual thing as you improve. Just stick with it and you will get better.??While running is suitable for most people, there are some who may not get much out of it. For people who are very overweight, running may not be a good first choice activity. There won’t be much satisfaction from running for 10 or 20 seconds before having to stop. Cycling or swimming could be a better alternative so some strength gaining and weight loss can be established. Regardless, do one of them as all of them can improve your health.

As you’re running progresses you may want to keep a record of your achievements. This is where a running log comes in. Some websites have available online versions. You simply enter the details of your run and the website stores the information for you and can be viewed as a graph. You may also just write down on a piece of paper or use a notebook for time or distance ran and use for comparative increases. ??Other resources include running schedules. These are routines you can follow that help you optimize the running that you do. An advanced runner will cover around 40-70 miles a week.

The ultimate goal for many after they have begun is a marathon. Almost every major city has at least one (book early as they’re often quite full). Most experts recommend at least a year of running experience before it’s attempted. A run of 3 to 4 hours does need some preparation.??To get the most out of running, be sure to vary your routes, find some running partners and enter some small local races. Soon you will start feeling the runners high and know what its all about.

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