For the LCM community, the phrase “The Growl is Back” was not just a slogan to get fans excited about the 2010 football season. It was much more.
The Battlin’ Bears put on quite a show this year, finishing with the best record they have had since 1997, which is the last time LCM made an appearance in the playoffs. The Bears finished the season with a 7-3 record and a 4-3 district record.
“We are very proud of our player’s efforts this season,” assistant coach T.J. Reed said. “Although we may not have made the playoffs, we had a great year and hopefully this season is a launching point for a playoff birth next year.”

Reed said the team’s main expectation was to simply build on what it did last year. Two years ago, LCM finished with a 0—9 record and last year improved to 4-6 under the direction of Head Coach Randy Crouch.

“This year, we just wanted to win a few more games and try and make the playoffs for the first time since 1997,” Reed said. “We managed to improve, but just fell short of making the post season by losing a tie-breaker to Nederland and Livingston.”

The JV team also finished with a 7-3 record and the freshmen teams had winning records, as well.

Hunter Gonzales, the senior quarterback for the Bears, finished with the best quarterback stats in the district, completing 167 of 273 passes for a total of 21 touchdown passes. He also rushed 597 yards for 11 touchdowns.

LCM’s Tevin Jones rushed 515 yards for nine touchdowns, Alex Sezar rushed 297 yards for three touchdowns and Brilon Douglas rushed 241 yards for four touchdowns.
Senior wide receiver Zack Sonnier was first in wide receiver stats in the district, with 68 catches for 1014 yards and eight touchdowns.

Junior wide receiver Jordan Harmon also had a big year for the Bears, finishing with 29 catches for 519 yards and eight touchdowns.

The Bears finished with the Top Offense in the district, with a total of 1834 rushing yards and 2483 passing yards.

“It has been a while since LCM has seen this kind of success in football,” Reed said. “It’s definitely something we can build on going forward.”