“We’ve had a little bit of rain of the last week and we are expecting a little bit more this week,” Jeff Kelley, Emergency Management Coordinator said. “There’s a little uncertainty built into this week’s [rainfall]. We’ve got about a two week period where we can effectively lift the burn ban and then readdress it in another couple of weeks. “

The Orange County Commissioners lifted the burn ban which means the residents of the County may burn only outside debris. Burning household trash or any other material that may emit a black colored smoke is strictly prohibited in the State of Texas.

Each year the Orange County Wrecker Policy is revisited each year with all the representative of participating wrecker companies of the Orange County Voluntary Tow Service Rotation List and was revised this year. “It’s pretty much the same policy, there’s just a couple of areas where we changed the language,” said Keith Merritt, Orange County Sheriff. “They are allowed to charge a maximum fee for pickup on non-consent tows.” This excludes tows needed after an automobile accident and the max fee is $175. The Texas Department of Licensing and Registration regulates the fees wrecker services can charge for accidents.

The Highway Patrol has agreed to utilize the Orange County Wrecker Policy.

“[The wrecker services] are a very intricate part of what we need,” Merritt said.

Orange County has an agreement with ITT for the installation of the ITT ADS-B tower at the Orange County at the airport. This provides air traffic controllers with the ability to track aircraft through global positioning technology and it will display traditional radar as well. The FAA said the location chosen by county officials for the tower was not ideal. The Commissioners agreed if the new location of the tower, near Mosquito Control, was approved of by the FAA, then it was okay by the County.

The County agreed to sell 30 Motorola MTS2000 Portable Radios to Jasper County because, while Orange County considers them obsolete, Jasper County claims they can still use them. Texas law prohibits giving the equipment way but allows the counties to sell the equipment to another county. The Commissioners agreed to sell all 30 radios to Jasper County for $1.

The Commissioners agreed to pay the bills totaling $288,321.16.

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