The Orange City Council met this morning and conferred Lynwood L. (Lane) Martin to be appointed as Orange’s next Chief of Police on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

“[I’m] very excited,” Martin said. “We have some great people with the department. I look forward to working with them in the future…serving citizens of Orange.”

According to Sam Kittrell, the current chief, Martin started at Orange police department Jan. 30, 1989 and was promoted to Captain Jan. 1998. Later he made Major in Dec. 2009.

“[I am] Absolutely delighted that the Orange Police Department is able to attract and obtain the quality of people as major Martin,” Mayor Brown Claybar said.

Martin, 43, says he doesn’t remember being anywhere else but Orange County. 

From June 1, 1987 Kittrell has been the Orange police chief, yet now this chapter of his life is coming to a close to welcome a new generation.

“When I made the decision to retire my decision was made much easier because I knew that within the department there was a pool of talent that was capable of filling my position upon my retirement,” Kittrell said.

Martin graduated from LCMHS in 1985 and in 1994 he came out of Lamar University Beaumont with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. In 1989 he finished the Lamar Regional Police Academy to go onto the FBI National Academy, Quantico, VA 2005. The soon-to-be-chief holds a Master Peace Officers certificate with Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

“I am very pleased that the City Manager has recognized the leadership characteristics that Major Martin possesses,” Kittrell said, “I have a love for this community and for this department. My love for this department will not stop on November the 30th. I will have a much greater peace in my retirement knowing that Lane Martin is serving as Chief of Police.”

Martin and his wife, Samantha, have three children together, two sons Zachary, 15, and Ethan, six, and a 17 year old daughter, Lauren. His parents are Lynwood and Sue Martin.

“At forty-three years of age Major Martin has the maturity, training, knowledge, and wisdom to be a leader but he is also young enough to understand and communicate across all generational lines.” Kittrell said, “I know that the department and the community are going to be better places to serve and live because of him.

The Martins are members of Little Cypress Baptist Church.

“Our goal [at the police department] is to try…to make Orange the best place possible,” Martin said.