On Monday, Nov. 8 at approximately 9:45 a.m., Noah Bernard attacked Mike McNair, director of arts and science at Lamar State College – Orange.

“He has been a nuisance at the college for a while and has been asked to leave repeatedly,” McNair said. Bernard was approached by McNair and security the week before for harassing students for money for cigarettes and food. The Orange Police Department was summoned and he was escorted off campus but not before being told that he would be arrested if he returned again.

On Monday, he saw Bernard moving quickly down the hallway in the academic center. “I stepped out of the Dean’s office and asked the man to come with me and leave the building,” McNair said. “He attacked me, hitting me repeatedly and bloodied my nose.”

McNair quickly subdued the man until security and the OPD arrived at the scene. McNair gave a statement to the police officer of the events that took place and stated that he felt this was an act of retaliation. Charges are being filed pertaining to aggravated assaults of a state official on state property and criminal trespassing.

“The sole focus of my effort was to provide a secure and safe environment for the students and faculty of LSC-O,” McNair said. “I am thankful that the physical attack was on myself and not on my students or my faculty. As a current member of the Texas State Guard, I am very thankful for my military training and I was able to defend myself, the students and the employees of LSC-O”

McNair said that the OPD was quick to arrive on the scene. “I am proud and pleased with the Orange Police Department and the quick response by a senior police officer.”

“I’ve been overwhelmed with the support from senior administration, staff, faculty and students for showing concern of my well being and appreciation in doing my part to provide a secure educational and work environment,” McNair said.

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