Two months after the tragic death of Reggie Garrett, the results from the in depth study on his heart and the toxicology reports are available.

Garrett, the senior quarterback from West Orange – Stark that died after throwing a touchdown pass on Friday, Sept 17, died from a rare heart condition. The study from Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston showed that Garrett died of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy ARVC). The toxicology report came back clean.

ARVC is when the right side of the heart begins beating abnormally, which leads to heart failure and sudden death.

According to the the American Heart Association, the survival of ARVC is similar to a population that is experiencing an increase in mortality due to the colliding epidemics of HIV/AIDS and non-communicable diseases.

While the cause of death was unforeseen and is virtually untreatable, the community can now find closure and peace of mind.

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