Boys and girls of Orange County Youth Rodeo Club started a new year in September with a get acquainted rodeo.

Region V rodeo members range from sixth to 12th grade. Orange County has several students that participate in the junior high and high school divisions.

Junior high members are all from Orangefield Junior High. They include: Jesse Winfree, 8th-grade; Tanner Jenkins, 8th; and Scarlett Neely, 7th.

High school members include: Orangefield–Dusti Lummus, 12th; Kacie Lummus, 9th; Wesley Acherman, 11th; Bailee Ackerman, 9th; and Keeley Gray, 9th. Deweyville–Caleb Cogbill, 9th; and Stuart Welch, 9th. Vidor–Rigby Baker, 9th. Buna–Jacie Young, 9th. North Star Academy Home School– Linzi Bonnin, 12th.

High school results:

Liberty, Sept. 11: Jaycie Young, 7th–barrels; Linzi Bannin, 12th–barrels; and Rigby Baker, 15th–barrels.

Lufkin, Saturday, Oct 9: Keeley Gray, 14th–barrels, 13th–goat tying; Rigby Baker, 5th–girls breakaway; Kacie Lummus, 8th–goat tying, 8th–poles; Jaycie Young, 14th–goat tying; Dusti Lummus, 14th–pole bending; and Stuart Welch, 12th–tiedown.

Lufkin, Sunday Oct. 10: Rigby Baker, 10th–barrels; Caleb Cogbill, 9th–tiedown; Jaycie Young, 4th–goat tying; Keeley Gray, 13th-goat tying; Kacie Lummus, 8th–pole bending; and Dusti Lummus, 14th pole bending.

Junior High October results:

Saturday, Oct. 16th: Jesse Winfree, 8th–boys goat tying, 4th–ribbon roping; Tanner Jenkins, 1st–chute dogging, 10th–ribbon roping; and Scarlett Neely, 6th–poles, 15th–girls goat tying, 10th–ribbon roping.

Sunday, Oct. 17: Jesse Winfree, 13th–boys goat tying, 2nd–calf roping, 6th–chute dogging, and 1st–team roping; Tanner Jenkins, 4th–chute dogging; and Scarlett Neely, 14th–girls goat tying, and 8th–poles.

Club members also participated in Cowboys for a Cure Rodeo in Buna Oct. 16th: Rigby Baker, 1st–open barrels; Caleb Cogbill, 2nd–open breakaway; Keeley Gray, 1st–jr. barrels; Kacie Lummus, 4th–open barrels; and Dusti Lummus, 5th–open barrels.

Jesse Winfree is also a member of the Youth Rodeo Association (YRA) of Texas. He has been participating in rodeos since September. Results from his YRA October rodeos are:
Caldwell Oct. 15: 3rd–chute dogging, 12th–breakaway, and 3rd–tiedown calf roping; Gonzales Oct. 22: 10th–chute dogging, 7th–tiedown calf roping.

Tanner Jenkins, a member of Pineywoods Youth Rodeo Association, has also been participating since September.

Oct. 23: 3rd–breakaway, 2nd–tiedown calf roping, 5th–chute dogging; Oct. 24: 6th–tiedown calf roping, 3rd–chute dogging.

The season will continue until the rodeo finals in June.