The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce named Wayside Florist the November Business of the Month per an anonymous nominations.The anonymous person said, “Wayside is in its 56th year of serving Bridge City. Mrs. Harrington opened the business in 1954 then turning the helm over to Linda Shinkle and she has now had the shop for 38 of those 56 years. Wayside has seen the birth of new children by making their door bows, making their first prom corsages and boutonnieres. Then the owner and staff some years later make the wedding flowers for that same young lady and gentleman. And by the grace of God we get to experience the new arrival of a new young Bridge City football player or a new young Strutter. And yes Wayside will be here to help with all of their floral, prom, homecoming, and wedding needs. But also on a sadder note in all of those years Wayside has also had to help those families with the final arrangements for their loved ones. So it is ironic that certain businesses in Bridge City like Wayside Florist and others see a life come full circle.”

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