Let us go forth to…
Count our blessings, instead of our crosses.
Count our gains, instead of our loses.
Count our joys, instead of our woes.
Count our friends, instead of our foes.
Count our smiles, instead of our tears.
Count our courage, instead of our fears.
Count our full years, instead of our lean.
Count our kind deeds, instead of our mean.
Count our health, instead of our wealth.
Count on God, instead of ourselves.
With that I embark on another column. Please hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


First, anyone who would criticize a district attorney for the work of a grand jury doesn’t know how the grand jury system works. To start with members of the jury come from throughout the county, each precinct is represented. Chances are that most of the jurors don’t know each other before they are impaneled. The District Attorney doesn’t have anything to do with their selection. District judges name a private citizen as a commissioner from each precinct. That person nominated responsible people to the panel. The grand jury is an independent body; free to investigate anything they want to investigate. The District Attorney presents all the evidence he has available from law enforcement. He is then available to answer all questions. He absolutely has nothing to do with the deliberations of the grand jury or their decisions to indict or no bill. Over the years I’ve spoken with many who have served on grand juries and to the person they say that our District Attorney John Kimbrough is very thorough and efficient. He and his staff serve us well, are not over zealous, they present the best evidence they have available to the grand jury and abide by their decisions. They will prosecute any case that’s handed down. To blame this District Attorney for the action of the grand jury is just plain wrong. I’ve seen it both ways, in many years of watching trial juries. I’ve seen people turned lose that I felt were guilty and some I thought innocent were found guilty. It’s a lot better to turn one person lose who is guilty than to convict an innocent person. As far as grand juries go, they have way more information available to them than we do.


There never was any doubt in my mind that Orange Police Chief Sam Kittrell would do the right thing when it came to the Robert Arnold case. Due for retirement, the Chief put it off. There was no way he would walk away and leave the decision on what to do about Arnold on the plate of the new chief, Lane Martin. I’ve always had a lot of respect for the Chief because he has time and again done the right thing. Handling this case the way he did is just another example of stepping up to the plate and taking care of business. We’ll miss him and wish him the best in retirement. We haven’t heard the last of the Capt. Robert Arnold case. He has appealed his indefinite suspension. The family of James Whitehead has hired attorney Clay Dugas to represent them in a civil suit. This case will drag on for a while.


Congrats to the West Orange-Stark Mustangs on a good season. When they lost their leader Reggie, most people thought their season was over. They showed what they are made of and fought to the last minute.*****After the first game we told you this would be “Next Year” for the Aggies. We said they were a better team than Texas and so far, that’s true. But for over 50 years I’ve watched the Turkey Day game. This year the Aggies play in Austin, after coming off a tough win over Nebraska. Texas just had a good scrimmage. I’ve seen coaches fired for losing that annual rivalry. Often it’s a successful season if you just win that one game. Aggies should win but I wouldn’t bet a dime on that game.*****Dallas played a great game to beat Detroit 35-19. They meet the Saints on Turkey Day.*****Speaking of New Orleans, the Saints beat Earl Thomas and the Seahawks Sunday at the Superdome. Sean and Collin Gros were in the stands. Earl didn’t disappoint Collin, he got an interception.*****Bridge City’s Matt Bryant kicked four field goals, 42-yards, 29-yards, 32-yards and 21-yards, plus two extra points. The Falcons beat St. Louis 31-17. Matt is still the teams leading scorer.*****Michael Vick and the Eagles beat Eli and the Giants, 27-17. It wasn’t pretty but it put the Eagles in first place.*****I hate most that high school football has ended.


We were sorry to learn of the death of Marvin Myers, who died Nov. 18, in Houston. He would have turned 92 on Jan. 2. Marvin, a World War II veteran, was a native of Brunner Addition, in Orange. He was a football star on the 1936 Stark High football team. Marvin was also a well-known boxer and an avid sportsman. Two of his grand parents had served as Orange County judges. Among his survivors is local resident Pearl Burgess, his sister. Services were held Sunday in Nacogdoches. He was a good man. May he rest in peace. Please see obit.

12 Years Ago-1998

County Judge Carl Thibodeaux administered the oath of office to new Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1, Joe Parkhurst. The Judge, elected in May, replaces J.P. Pauline Farris, who resigned Nov. 13. Stepping into the new position earlier than expected Parkhurst said he had mixed feelings about leaving his longtime career as an educator. “It’s tough saying goodbye to 35 years. It’s something I’m going to enjoy however, I’m ready to get going,” he concluded.” (Editor’s note: Judge Parkhurst didn’t run for re-election this year. He leaves office Dec. 31 and will be replaced by Judge David Peck on Jan. 1.)*****A Bridge City attorney, Phillip Smith, will leave private practice to join the staff of District Attorney John Kimbrough, on Dec. 1. Smith is the son of Sabine Pilot Capitan and Mrs. Smith.*****C Delle Bates, the “Beachcomber,” gave Becky Aleman a big rock for her finger. Becky will have Delle’s house ready by Jan. 1. In the meantime, he’s been living on the beach.*****The open house and ribbon cutting at the new county office building will be held Dec. 1. The dedication will honor the late Tax Assessor Rosemary Slaton. (Editor’s note: Has that really be 12 years ago? Time does fly.)*****Sharon Clark Bell is spotted at 5 a.m. every morning jogging. (Editor’s note: A dozen years later Sharon is still running, just not as fast.)*****The Bridge City Lady Cardinals volleyball team made it to the big show, the final four state 4-A semi finals. South Lake Carroll showed up with some big girls, two players 6 feet-1inch and two others 6 feet. Bridge City countered with one girl 5 feet-11inches. The Lady Cards beat Carroll 15-12 in the first game and lost the next two, 15-3 and 15-7. It was the Cards greatest season ever. Coach Wilson and seniors Natalie Sarver and April Belk won’t soon be forgotten.*****Dave Campbell’s football magazine has picked coach Randy Theriot’s Orangefield Bobcats to finish in fifth place in a district of six teams. The Bobcats however, clawed their way to the district championship and went into the second round of the playoffs They lost to Crockett 41-31, ending the dream season. Senior Beaux Daville had another great game with three touchdowns and rushing for 206 yards. He became the first Bobcat ever to rush for over 2,000 yards*****Jim Sharon Bearden, son of Carol and Sharon Bearden, is class president of Texas Tech Law School. He has his own office and travels to other universities promoting his law school. (Editor’s note: Jim Sharon now is in practice with his dad on Border Street in Orange.)


We were sorry to hear that everyone’s friend, Rosalie Clark, is under the weather. While being tested for a gall bladder procedure, it was discovered she had an abscess in her leg that had to be lanced; the cause–staff infection. The gall bladder surgery is on hold for now. Our prayers and best wishes are with her. *****As of this writing we haven’t heard how Virginia Cox is doing. She was hospitalized in Oklahoma after suffering a heart attack. Neighbor Cox is with her. We have no way of contacting him. Us old folks don’t carry cell phones. *****Catholic Deacon Larry David prepared the gumbo for St. Mary’s gumbo dinner last week. Some folks spotted were Percy Bordleon, 90-year-old Harold Forse, Anabel Anderson, a sweetheart, Elton and Mrs. Guillot, Anna Bell Rost, Judge Pat Clark, Debbie Hughes, Sherel Hunell and Betty Harmon, who was handling the raffle tickets. By the way, the tickets were sold out.*****The Bridge City Christmas Light Parade will be held Dec. 4, at 7 p.m. The parade will start at First Baptist Church and travel down Roundbunch. Deadline for signup is Saturday at Bridge City Chamber of Commerce. The fee for entries is $15 or a toy. On Saturday kids can have their pictures taken with Santa from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. For more information call 409-313-7665. *****Stump Weatherford stopped by for a visit. For years he has been active member and district officer of the Lion’s Club. In the past couple of years he and Dayle have done extensive traveling for the club. Stump says this will be his last year. He looks forward to being just a regular member. He’s walking on air this week as Athens advanced in the football playoffs. *****Also stopping by was Athalene Manchac. We haven’t heard from her in several years. She’s a remarkable lady. *****A few special folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Howard Morse, longtime Bridge City Bank board member is celebrating Nov. 25. ***”Ace” Amodeo, who is now in a nursing home, is a year older on Nov. 26. ***On Nov. 27, Roy’s little sister, Shirley Kogas, will really reach senior citizen status. ***Other good folks celebrating are Kirk Ellender, BCISD president, John Kimbrough, district attorney, Jerry Childress, Veteran’s Officer, David Fusilier, Debbie’s other half and Cormier Well Service honcho, Vance Chauvin, Big Red Air Conditioning, married to a pretty Scales girl, Cindy, pretty Kim Hubbard, Sharon Gregory, Betty Vail, Erin Andrus, COS Office Supply and Fred Kressman.***Judy Ann Krueger turns 60 this week and she’s proud of it. This is according to her younguns Dana, Elliot and Bruce and all the grandkids.*** Happy birthday to all.***Congrats to Tyler and Ashley Roy Bearden on the arrival of Brady Beckett Bearden born Nov. 19. He weighed in at 8.1 pounds and was all of 20.5 inches high. I know the Roy’s and all the Bearden’s are a proud bunch. If I’m correct, I believe that’s five grandkids in six years for Sharon.*****Stark Museum is 32 years old this week.*****Orange First United Methodist Church is 132 years old. Back in 1859 traveling Methodist preachers called this area the “Alligator Circuit.” That was the beginning of Methodist in Orange. In 1873, 44 people joined together to form the first mission and official Methodist Church. They built a tiny wood-framed building on College St., facing Evergreen Cemetery. After a fire destroyed the church, they moved to the Court House for three years. In 1894, they rented a church at Border and Henderson. The Rev. W.W. Watts was pastor of the 224-member church. In 1910, the church moved to Sixth and Elm. The existing building was completed June 10, 1923. It wasn’t until the $8,000 debt was paid that the church was dedicated on March 25, 1937. Bishop A Frank Smith officiated.*****Former Orange City Manager Jack Huffman and wife Betty, both natives of Orange, celebrate their 60th anniversary on Nov. 11. After being city manager in several large cities, including 20 years in Irving, Texas, he retired to the hill country but had always wanted to return home so they purchased a home here but will keep their ranch. We wish this great couple best wishes and a long, healthy life.*****Barbara Bush said on Larry King when asked about Sarah Palin, “She likes Alaska, I hope she’ll stay there.” Meanwhile, President George H. says, “He’s confused by the Tea Party.” He’s not the only one.*****Gov. Rick Perry said on FOX, with Chris Wallace, that he’s ready to dismantle Medicaid in Texas. About Social Security he agrees with the Tea Party, “It’s working people, supporting those that don’t work.” Gov. Perry, they paid when they worked. The 2012 election will determine if we will continue to have Social Security, as we know it, or if it will be privatized. They want that as bad as Obama wanted health reform.*****Our friend, girl banker Nancy Vincent recommends a trip to see the lights at Natchitoches, La. At lest $50 thousand dollars worth of lights and decorations are on display. It’s also a nice drive.*****Orange County treasurer Vergie Moreland, who did not run for re-election, is retiring. This nice lady served us well for 30 odd years. A retirement reception will be held in her honor Friday, Dec. 3 at 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Administration Building next to the Court House. We wish her a long, healthy retirement. On Jan. 1, Christy Khoury will officially take over.


On Nov. 24th Katherine Heigl will be 32.***Nov. 25, Barbara and Jenna Bush will be 29; Donovan McNabb, 34; Christina Applegate, 39; Amy Grant, 50 and Jill Hennessy, 42.***Nov. 26, Natasha Bedingfield, 29; Tina turner, 71 and Rich Little, 72.***Nov. 27, Robin Givens, 48; Caroline Kennedy, 53; Brooke Langton, 40 and Jalee White, 34.***Nov. 28, Jon Stewart, 48; Ed Harris, 60; Randy Newman, 67; Berry Gordy Jr., 81 and had she lived, Anna Nicole Smith would have been 43.***Nov. 29, Howie Mandel, 55; Garry Shandling, 61; Kim Delaney, 49; Jeff Fahey, 54 and Chuck Mangione, 70.***Nov. 30, Clay Aiken, 32; Ben Stiller, 45; Bo Jackson, 46; Dick Clark, 81 and Billy Idol, 55.


Steven James, Cindy McLaughlin, Dae Leigh Sandlin, Thomas Hutchison, Jeff Hollis, Candace Todora, Jessica Stark, Justin McCarthy, James Crocker, Kim Hubbard, Joel Gilbert, Rebecca McLemore, Serena Simonton, Vivienne Mathews, Amber Permar, Christie Smith, Eric Andrus, Kelly Stanley, Michale Chapman, Lana McCracken, Mason Grizzaffi, Shelly Hollier, Taryn Hubbard, Katie Deal, Wanda Ferguson, Wanda Monogue, Colby Daville, Juantia Schilcher, Dana Bryant, Emily Fischer, Jessica Harkness, John Kimbrough, Mark Bourgeois, Melissa Fisher, James “Red” Powell, Nick Miller, Bobby Adams, Sharon Gregory, Tena Kenney, Abby Floyd, Betty Simonton, Cindy Huckabay, Don North, Mildred Frank, Georgietta Daves, Jerry Childress, Bette Smith, Haley Barlow, Lynda Walther, Preston Shuford, David Fusilier, Tiffany Osborn, Cappy Ricks, Cassandra Carpenter, Drew Craft, Jade Seibert, Barbara Peveto, Melissa Jenkins, Sharon Evans, Troy Manuel, Abby Reynolds, Shirley Beaudion, Angela Harkness, Angela Webb, Carrisa Guidry, Erik Tutt, Jim Bob Aven, Erin Evans, Jamie Applebach, Sandra Smith, Kenneth Manuel, Leah Vogt, Tish Garrett, Brad Braus, Howard Minor, Ricky Harper, Ryan Anderson and Vance Chauvin.


After getting off wok Oris Boudreaux and his fellow worker, Joe “Stud” Comeaux met up at Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill for a beer. Da two guys were discussing popular family trends on sex, marriage and family values.
Oris said, “ I didn’t sleep wit my wife Stella before we got married, did you?”
Joe replies “Mais, I’m not sure me, who was her pappa? Wat you say her maiden name was?”


Boy, we have a lot to be thankful for. First we are thankful for you, our loyal readers and to our family of advertisers. We live in a great place with some of the world’s most friendly folks. We’re also thankful that we have been able to bring you this publication every week for over 50 years now.****You hear about Florida and California citrus but let me tell you something, there is no better anywhere than the oranges and grapefruit raised right here at home. I’m not sure if it’s the soil or the climate but the fruit is sweeter and juicier. We are publishing a story on John Heard, one of the local producers, this week. If you are going to ship fruit to someone for Christmas send them some of our own homegrown citrus.*****My time is up but thanks for yours. Have a nice Thanksgiving, stay safe, take care and God bless.