For Little Cypress-Mauriceville senior Zederick Cezar, life is about more than just trying to get out of high school and move on to the next phase in life. It’s about simply being a good person and making an impact on others. It’s also about representing his school and community with pride.

With a smile that lights up his whole face and a gracious attitude toward all fellow students, faculty and staff, Cezar has proven that sometimes, just being the good guy does indeed pay off.  
This year, the LCM Football manager was crowned as the 2010 Homecoming King, as elected by his peers. An overwhelming show of support arose from the student section and fog horns blasted every time his name was called. It was a defining moment for Cezar and one he will never forget.

“I felt it was a great privilege just to be a part of the homecoming court,” Cezar said. “I was shocked when I won because I thought it was going to be someone else.”
Cezar was born in Orange and has gone to school at LC-M for most of his life. He currently lives with his mother and two sisters, and names his family as one of the leading factors in making him the person he is today.

“My parents raised me to be respectful of everyone,” he said. “There’s never really a sad day in our house. It feels great to be nice to people.”   
He said his biggest inspiration is God, first and foremost, and he attends St. Theresa in Orange. Cezar also said the people around him at school inspire him on a daily basis.
Cezar helps out as the manager for both the varsity football and basketball teams and enjoys his role as part of the team, especially getting the opportunity to help out where needed. Cezar said he loves getting to be around his friends in this aspect and help support the LCM community.

“He is a very hard worker,” LCM Football head coach Randy Crouch said. “He’s an outstanding young man who is very caring and giving.”
Now that football season is over for the Bears, Cezar has moved on to his new role with the boys basketball team and head coach Darin Harley couldn’t be happier with this one-of-a-kind student.

“Zed is an invaluable member of our basketball program,” Harley said. “He is always on time, hard working, and responsible. Best of all, he does it with a smile on his face. He sure makes a coaches’ job easier.”
While Cezar’s days at LCM are limited until he graduates in May with the rest of his 2011 classmates, he’s making the most of his time at the school. He can often be seen staying after class to help his English teacher put up textbooks or simply hanging out with friends.
After high school, Cezar said he wants join the military and train to be an Aviations Mechanic because he loves technology. Like most other seniors itching to go off on their own, Cezar said the military is something he’s looking forward to and will give him a chance to get out and see the world.
Cezar said he tends to be quiet around new people but opens up and tends to talk a lot once he gets to know someone. However, it doesn’t take long to realize that he is someone worth talking to.

“You find out a little more about yourself by listening to others and learning about them,” Cezar said.
It is no doubt that the tall, gentle-natured senior has made such an impact on his peers and teachers and will continue to do so for a long time.

“I think the student body showed what they think of Zed by electing him Homecoming king,” Harley said. “He is a good genuine person and a responsible student. My hat is off to him and his parents. Zederick is a great example to our whole school that ‘Good guys can finish first.’”