It’s come on a cold wave; I’ve got too many plants to move and am still stuffed like the turkey. Speaking of turkeys, they have all returned to Washington. They have a lot on their plate between now and the end of the year: repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” gays in the military and extending unemployment benefits, which are due to run out Tuesday. The President has frozen wages for government workers for two years. President Obama and Republican leadership had a meeting at the White House Tuesday, supposedly the start of working in bi-partisanship. Extending the Bush tax plan is on the table, one of the world’s richest people, Warren Buffett, says it is foolish to add $700 billion to the deficit to extend tax cuts to the wealthy who don’t need it. He explained the tax break wouldn’t go to businesses to create more jobs; the cuts will go directly to the individual and won’t create jobs or help the economy. Social Security and Medicare reform are being talked about also. The President’s advisor David Axelrod is leaving the White House to start working on Obama’s re-election campaign. President Obama will be blamed by Liberals for moving too far to the middle. The Republicans will blame him for not going further and the dance will go on. The music will be loud, but in the end government will work and we’ll go on with our lives. It would be nice to see improvements start soon but it’s politics and that brings barricades to one or the other party’s advantage so things continue to drag on.*****I’d better get going. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

It was a bumper crop of great football games over the Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t recall when I’ve watched so many close games. It’s always interesting when there are upsets, and we had some big ones. Even if your team lost, you couldn’t complain about the game being boring. Since after game one, when A&M even had a different quarterback, I said this was “Next Year” for the Aggies and that they would be better than Texas. They ended up being in a three-way tie with two teams they beat, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Texas A&M will sit by and watch those two fight for the Big 12 title Saturday. Something is wrong with that picture. A&M lost only to Oklahoma State, by one field goal, yet they were held at 19th in the BCS standings, Oklahoma was ranked higher, despite losing to A&M. The Boise State loss helped TCU, who is now in a solid third place and should grab a bid to the Rose Bowl. Our friend Carlos Vasek believes they deserve to be playing for the National Championship. A&M probably will meet LSU, who was defeated by Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. *****The Houston Texans shut out the Tennessee Titians 20-0. The Texans take on Michael Vick and the Eagles Thursday night. *****Bridge City’s Matt Bryant won his third game for Atlanta when he kicked a 47-yard field goal, with nine seconds remaining, to beat Greenbay 20-17. Matt is the Falcons top scorer. *****Orange countian Earl Thomas recovered a fumble and we will get to see West Orange-Stark star and Oklahoma true freshman, Trey Franks, in the Oklahoma game Saturday. *****Drew Brees and the Saints were just too much for the Cowboys. Next the Boys take on Peyton Manning and the Colts. I didn’t mind seeing Manning picked off four times in a 26-14 loss to San Diego but he will have redemption on his mind when he faces Dallas. Several people have mentioned that the Cowboys have changed their play selection since Wade was let go. Well, it’s the same guy calling the plays. At least now he gives Dallas a chance to win. There is something that doesn’t meet the eye. ***** Speaking of eyes, mine hurt from so much television, but as a football fan I’d do it all over again.

Twelve Years Ago-1998 Tommy Bean is back from a Mexican prison where he spent seven months and a week. He was incarcerated for having a handful of shells, which were mostly 22 shells. He didn’t have a gun. Bean said, “Bullets in his truck were an oversight. The crime should have been like a jaywalking fine. I was sentenced more like I had robbed 10 banks.” It cost Bean more that $200,000, an international felon record and a two-year supervised release. When the bullets were discovered at the border, he paid $2,500 fine for his two companions. They told Bean his fine was $10,000, and then upped it to $20,000. When they determined Bean might have a lot of money all bets were off, he was placed in prison. The last offer rendered for his release was $70,000. Bean won his release on Oct. 21, in a treaty engineered by Con. Nick Lampson and Con. Jim Turner. (Editor’s note: Tommy still lives in Orange County and from time to time goes fishing with Johnny Montagne.)*****A bad day for native Orange coaches, A&M coach R.C. Slocum and Buffalo coach Wade Phillips. Texas defeated A&M 26-24 with only five seconds left on the clock. Longhorn Ricky Williams had 44 carries for 259 yards and broke Tony Dorsett’s rushing record. Chris Cole, of West Orange-Stark, starred for the Aggies. ***** Bridge City’s Shane Dronett had another great game for Atlanta. They made it to the playoffs by defeating Wade Phillips’ Buffalo Bills. ***** J.D. Sumner, of “The Stamps Quartet,” the group who backed up Elvis, and had preformed in Orange years ago, died on Nov. 16. *****Robert’s Grocery and Meat Market has top quality ground chuck for $1.49 lb., beef shoulder clods, $1.49 lb.*****”Tick” Granger, former county commissioner, discovered large cougar tracks in his Orangefield garden. Big Mike, the game warden investigated. Some people call them panthers, pumas or mountain lions, “Not anything you want in your mustard greens patch,” said “Tick.” (Editor’s note: “Tick” is now gone and Big Mike has retired.)*****Capt. Chuck Uzzle, Darren Logsdon and Chris Gunn showed off a big catch of Sabine Lake fish caught over Thanksgiving weekend. *****Lance Doucet turned 30 years old on Dec. 1. (Editor’s note: That makes him 42 years old this Wednesday. Happy birthday Lance. *****Ervin Brody, featured in our Pearl Harbor story this week, is one of several Orange County men who served there. Cedric Stout was another. *****Farmer’s Mercantile celebrates 70 years in business. Register for door prizes and also the grand prize basket of Beanie Babies. (Editor’s note: Do you remember those Beanies?)

Mayor T.W. Permenter and his grandson, Blake, freshman at Orangefield, bagged two large 8-point bucks on a recent deer hunt. They got a buck a piece. *****Judge Derry and Jane Dunn had their entire tribe in for Thanksgiving holidays. Some left the blizzards of Oregon, while others came from Utah and other parts. *****PENNINGTON’S HOST TOY COFFEE: The Service League Toy Coffee fundraiser will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, in the home of Judge Jerry and Susan Pennington, 612 W. Orange Ave. in the historical district. Admission to the Pennington’s beautifully decorated home is a new, unwrapped toy or a cash donation. *****Commissioner Owen Burton was off on a deer hunt, sitting in a stand, when we spoke to him via cell phone. He said he was trying to get Miss Nelda to run the deer by his stand but so far she hadn’t done him any good. She probably got her limit and he’s still waiting on his. *****Speaking of Mauriceville folks, for the first time in many years the community is a having Christmas tree lighting. A 17-foot tree is being planted and decorated to bring back an old annual tradition. The lighting will start at 6 p.m., between Tuffy’s and Woodridge Land Company. Bring a can good that will be donated to Orange Christian Services. Enjoy hot chocolate and cookies and a fun get together. Y’all come. *****CHRISTMAS PARADES: This Friday evening, in Orange, the Jaycee annual Christmas Parade will be held at 6:30 p.m.*** The Bridge City annual Christmas Light Parade will be Saturday night at 7 p.m. Everyone loves a parade. Make them both, the kids will love it. ***** Neighbor Cox came home Sunday from Bartlesville, Oklahoma where Ms. Ginny is recuperating after suffering a heart attack. She is home at daughter Karen’s house and doing well. She will be coming home in 20 days if everything goes well and will be home for Christmas. Cox hated to leave her but he’s glad to be home. He says Bartlesville has a great hospital and she had a good doctor there. *****Also on the medical front, our friend Daniel Jacobs is home from Houston. His Leukemia is in remission and he will be home for five weeks. We ate some of his Muscadine grape jelly, with homemade biscuits. He knows his jelly making. He raises his own Muscadines and figs. The good news is that he will be home for Christmas. *****A few special folks celebrating their special day in the next few days are Buster Lapeyrolelie, a good man who’s raised a large family of great kids. ***Gene Edgerly, a former drummer boy and long, longtime husband of Judge Flo. ***Rene’ Hanks, a good Cajun and mayor of Starks. Proof that he’s compassionate, he adopted and raised daughter Pattie. That was a trip. *****Our longtime friend H.K. Clark, a pioneer in the building of Bridge City. *** Buddy Sheppard, former Bridge City councilman and political campaign manager. What became of Buddy anyway, did he move away? ***Educator Richard Briggs, a handsome guy, marks another year and a few more wrinkles. ***Jim Keith, our buddy who moved away after Hurricane Ike but still keep up with us on our web site. ***Randy Philpott is also ageing. ***Our friend girl Melissa Fisher turned 37 on Sat. Nov. 27. Her folks, the Howard Johnson’s, treated her to a night out at Red Lobster. Her choice. ***On Dec. 3, Jo Ann Huard, Ms. Phyl’s sister and only sibling, celebrates another one. The numbers keep getting larger.***Belated happy birthday to The Record Newspaper’s Facebook fans Freda Riley and Evelyn Brandon. *****I’ve been thinking over this long lifetime. I’ve done almost every type of writing but I’ve never written a country song. I just might, so I’ve written down a few titles for ideas. #1, “How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?” #2. “I’m So Miserable Without You It’s Like Having You Home.” #3. “She got The Ring and Gave Me the Finger.” #4. “If I Can’t be Number One, Then Number Two on You.” #5. “Don’t Know Weather to Kill Myself or Go Bowling.” You got any other suggestions. *****Leaked cables expose U.S. secrets. Wikileaks posted the first installment of classified archive on it’s website Sunday. This was a cache of a quarter-million confidential United States diplomatic cables from the past three years. These cables present candid views of foreign leaders and frank assessments of nuclear and terrorist threats. *****Meanwhile, notorious Mexican drug gang leader Arturo Gallegas Castrelion, 32, was captured and has confessed to ordering the killing of 2,000 citizens in Ciudad Juarez since August 2009. *****This week we are publishing a feature story on Orange County men who were stationed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Also a Down Life’s Highway column about how the people in South Louisiana lived during those war years and the times that followed. Next Tuesday is Pearl Harbor Day. *****Orange police chief Sam Kittrell turns over his badge and office to new chief Lane Martin. We welcome the new chief and extend thanks to chief Sam for his many years of service. He won’t be soon forgotten.

On Dec. 1, Bette Midler will be 65; Lee Trevino, 71; Woody Allen, 75 and John Densmore, 66.***Dec. 2, Britney Spears, 29; Nelly Furtado, 31; Lucy Liu, 42 and Cathy Lee Crosby will be 62.***Dec. 3, Anna Chlumsky, 30; Brandan Fraser, 42; Julianne Moore, 50, Ozzy Osbourne, 62 and Andy Williams, 83.***Dec. 4, Tyra Banks, 37; Jay-Z, 40; Jeff Bridges, 61 and Marisa Tomei, 46.***Dec. 5, Frankie Muniz, 25; Gary Allan, 43; Jim Messina, 63 and Little Richard, 78.***Dec. 6, Andrew Cuomo, 53; Peter Buck, 54; Steven Wright, 55 and David Ossman, 74.***Dec. 7, Larry Bird, 54; Johnny Bench, 63, Tino Martinez, 43 and Ellen Burstyn, 78.

Pecoo Arceneaux was way down in the Atchafalaya River Basin, wen he got turned around and lost his way. After hours of searching for his way out of da Basin, his little boat, it ran out of gas. He drifted and paddled. At dark he found himself on one of da far-away barrier islands. Exhausted, he fell asleep, wit da alligators, snakes and varmints all around him.
Wen he woke up alive, figuring he might be lost a long time, he gathered driftwood and such and built a little hut, tying everyting together wit vines to protect him self from the elements. A few days pass, nobody come to rescue him. He lit a fire in a hole near da cabin and went scavenging for someting to eat on. He arrived back to find his little hut in flames, smoke rolling to da sky. Pecoo was stunned wit disbelief, grief and anger. He cried out, “God, how could you do dis to me, hanh?”
Later in da day he heard a motorboat coming. Sheriff “Cat” Doucet say, “Pecoo, we came to rescue you.”
Pecoo axe, “How you know I was here me?”
Sheriff Doucet say, “Mais, we saw you smoke signal, us.”

John Garrison, Frank Welch, Kelsey Dardeau, Mitchell Backer, Wesley Duncan, Amanda George, Jake Glazner, Vergie Thomas,Lisa Walker, Beverly Blalack, Edd Brown, Eddie Robertson, Marie Moran, Sandra Huthison, Susan MacCammond, Todd Wilson, Trisha Anderson, Amber Franklin, Vincent Hoyt, Carolyn Andrus, Chris DeCuir, Slyvia Bland, Bill Force, Catherine Allen, Dick Jackson, Gwen Tallant, Stephanie Kreger, Belinda Force, Mary Bridges, Rory Piccone, Shea Bolton, Steve Hightower, Woody Carter, Cheryl Jones, Barbara Cartwright, Lois Cornwell, Mayme Bock, Richard Briggs, Emily Mangham, Jim Keith, Tracey Gilliam, Buddy Sheppard, Lois Boehme and Randy Philpott.

Wikileaks leaking will continue to dominate the national news. Two-hundred thousand government secrets were leaked. Someone was asleep at the wheel when a Private First Class can get his hands on so much information. *****I can’t believe that we are in the last month of this year already. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s next week. Come join a great bunch of folks, breaking bread together. Everyone is welcome.*****Our advertisers report that they had good business on Black Friday, some were elated. Support our family of advertisers and keep our money local. The good folks who advertise in these pages bring you this paper at no charge. Local businesses, along with our locally owned newspapers, are all in the same boat together. When you trade with one of our advertisers you help our economy. When you advertise with us, you get more for your buck. Everybody reads The Record. Be sure and check us out daily on our web site *****My time is up, thanks for yours. Read us cover to cover, take care and God bless.