Orange County- The Record Newspapers (the County Record and the Penny Record newspapers) and are proud to announce our 2010 All-Orange County Football Team. The winning players were selected based on individual and team performance during the 2010 football season.

The All-Orange County Football Team is the real deal. Key references for the All-Orange County Football Team were the coaches all-district football teams, input from The Record sports columnists, sideline photographers and coaches. This is the cream of the crop in Orange County football. We would gladly put this team on the field against any combination of high school football players in the state.

It is fitting that an All-Orange County Team Captain has been named for the first time. The award was begun by the Dist. 21-3A coaches this season. The Record also joins the coaches in honoring West Orange-Stark quarterback Reggie Garrett Jr. Garrett died tragically of natural causes on the sideline after throwing two touchdown passes in the first half against the Jasper Bulldogs on Sept. 17.

Through his death, quarterback Reggie Garrett inspired not only his team to play, giving 112%, but most Southeast Texas football players. Garrett had begun a banner year, leading the Mustangs in a huge 42-21 victory over the Nederland Bulldogs and a last minute 35-34 loss to Friendswood, who is still in the playoffs. He passed for 480 yards with a completion rate of 56.41% and threw seven touchdowns, in just 2 1/2 games.

Garrett’s favorite receiver WOS senior, Mark Roberts, is the All-Orange County Most Valuable Player. Having to step up and be the team leader after Garrett’s death, Roberts had more duties to fulfill on the field. Not only was Roberts the top Mustang receiver with 43 catches for 935 yards and 11 touchdowns, he broke several records during his career. He scored the longest touchdown in Mustang history, 99-yards, that can never be broken, against Coldspring last year. He leads the all time receiving touchdowns with 19, the all time receiving yards and the single season receiving yards with 935. Roberts also played defense on occasion, intercepting the ball twice against Brookshire Royal, with three on the season. He punted 19 times for the Mustangs, averaging 35 yards with the longest 55 yards.

The Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears under second year Head Coach Randy Crouch put together the best season in 13 years. It was a team effort but no one will dispute that senior quarterback Hunter Gonzales played a big roll in the team’s success. Gonzales completed 167 passes for 2,405 yards and 21 touchdowns. He also rambled for 597 yards and 11 touchdowns. He is the All-Orange County Offensive MVP.

WOS Mustang linebacker Donovan Rubin is the All-Orange County Defensive MVP. How he got there is amazing in itself. Many great football players start playing ball almost before they start school, but Rubin didn’t hit the field in organized ball until his seventh grade year. He finishes the season with 73 tackles, 15 of those for a loss. He also had nine pass pressures and four sacks for the year. In his varsity career, he finished with 146 total tackles.

Orangefield senior quarterback Quinton Evans was over looked in the MVP category on other teams but he certainly qualified. He is our 2010 All-Orange County MVP Utility Player of the Year. Evans had a spectacular season as first time quarterback rushing for 1152 yards and 11 touchdowns even after being sidelined with an injury for two games during district action. Evans averaged 7.07 yards a carry and 163 yards and 10.1 points per game. He also played defense snagging two interceptions in the 28-26 win over the Bridge City Cardinals in Bayou Bowl XI where he also rushed for 141 yards and a TD. During the season Evans also performed duties as punter, punt returner and kicker. If it needed getting done, Evans did it.

All Orange County Newcomer of the Year goes to WOS sophomore quarterback Jimmy Salter. Knowing he could never fill Garrett’s shoes, Salter just got on the field and played the game as quarterback that he’d been playing since he started. Salter finished the season, leading his team to seven victories, with a pass completion rate of 56.49 percent. His longest pass was to Roberts in the last game of the season for 62 yards and a touchdown. He threw for 1,202 yards and ten touchdowns and rushed for 160 yards and two touchdowns.

This certainly isn’t WOS Mustang head football coach Dan Hook’s first All-Orange County Coach of the Year award. But this season was different. Hooks led his team from tragedy to triumph in what must have been the most heartbreaking seasons of his 32 year WOS career. The Mustangs rallied around the leadership of Hooks and staff after the loss of Garrett going undefeated in Dist. 21-3A and two games deep in the state playoffs before falling to Brookshire Royal in the area round- a game the Mustangs would like to replay. The Mustangs are currently 9-0 waiting for next football season to arrive.

2010 All-Orange County
Football Team

All-Orange County Team Captain– Reggie Garrett Jr., WOS.

Most Valuable Player- Mark Roberts, WOS.

• Offensive MVP- Hunter Gonzales, LCM.

• Defensive MVP- Donovan Rubin, WOS.

• Newcomer of the Year- Jimmy Salter, WOS.

• Coach of the Year- Dan Hooks, WOS.

• Utility Player of the Year- Quinton Evans, OF.

• All-Orange County First Team Offense

Quarterback- Matt Menard, BC.

Runningbacks: Brentyn Clark, Vidor; Britton Lindsey, WOS; Darious Mitchell, WOS.

Receivers: Cameron Dishon, BC; Zack Sonnier, LCM; Jordan Harmon, LCM.

Tight End: Preston Armstrong, LCM.

Center Joe Reed, Vidor.

Offensive Linemen: Justin Petry, WOS; Luke Domas, WOS; Bryson Banks, BC; Corey Cargill, OF.

Kicker: Devin Bertrand, BC.

• All-Orange County First Team Defense

Linemen- Lawrence Gilmore, WOS; Evander Guillory, WOS; Shane Stankus, BC; Logan Moss, OF; Cameron Allen, LCM.

Linebackers: Daniel Woodson, WOS; Josh Shores, OF; Brenson Lindsey, WOS; Joe Lynch, WOS.

Secondary: Aldric Jones, LCM; Ernest Williams, LCM; Justin Thomas, WOS; Colin Janice, WOS.

• All-Orange County Second Team Offense:

Quarterback- Jacob Nunez, OF.

Runningbacks: Evan Guidry, OF; Hunter Clark, BC; Darious Robinson, WOS.

Receivers: Derek Ledet, WOS; Parker James, OF; Jason Broussard, BC; Tanner Cervenka, BC.

Center: Colby Landry, OF.

Linemen: Dylan Mulhollan, BC; Donovan Weldon, OF; Hayden Reed, LCM; Robert Gooding, WOS; Thomas Luce, BC.

Kicker: Bryce Crew, WOS.

• All-Orange County Second Team Defense

Linemen: Jake Best, OF; Dillon Trahan, BC; Robert Redd, WOS; Strerling Deslatte, OF; Matt Johnson,Vidor.

Linebackers: Zach Cole, BC; Josh Ozio, BC; Blake Tinlke, Vidor; Adrian Schubarth, BC.

Secondary: Zac Blanchard, LCM; Tyler Roberts, BC; Rylan Cook, OF; Ty Johnson, OF; Mitchell Hubbard, BC; DeCarlos Renfro, WOS.

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