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I’m afraid the Democrats and Republicans are both wearing blinders. Independents will be the ones who see the entire picture for what it really is. I was surprised to hear David Stockman’s comments. He was President Reagan’s budget director and the most conservative in that administration, close to being a John Bircher. He said the Bush tax plan in 2001 and 2003 is what led to the economic downfall and added $4 trillion to our national debt. He said to give this tax break to the wealthiest would add $3 trillion to the deficit in five years. All borrowed money. He went on to say the tax break to the rich doesn’t help the economy or the country wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in. It didn’t help over the last ten years and it won’t in the future. What the American people don’t understand is that the break in taxes is not to businesses but to individuals. Example: if a CEO makes $6 million a year and is given a $2 million bonus, it goes to his personal account to be spent by him. It comes out of a business; it doesn’t go to hire more employees. Warren Buffet earns over $1 million a day and with the tax break and loop holes, he pays little tax and says he doesn’t need the Bush tax break. What I find hypocritical is that legislatures have been spinning “cut the deficit” and that they wouldn’t allow any tax breaks or unemployment benefits that were not paid for, yet they turn around and go for the whole package. This includes $700 billion to the wealthiest; all of it borrowed money that won’t add any employees to the  unemployed rolls. What we need is jobs. The $700 billion would have been best used for roads, bridges etc. Anything that would take workers to build. Maybe sometimes you have to take two steps backward before you can go forward. All I know is that when Bill Clinton left office we had a $5 billion surplus, our nation’s debt was $5 trillion, today it’s $11 trillion and climbing. We had five-percent unemployment back then, today it’s 9.8. Something didn’t work. We need to quit digging.


Don Meredith, age 72, died Dec. 6, in Santa Fe, N.M. from a brain hemorrhage. He also had emphysema. The Vernon, Texas native played college ball at SMU and I was fortunate enough to have watched him play. He was the first Dallas Cowboy quarterback from 1960 to 1968. He threw for over 17,000 yards and 111 touchdowns. He played in the Ice Bowl in the 1967 championship game against Green Bay in -13 degree temperatures. He lost the game 21-17 with a Bart Starr quarterback sneak. At age 31, on top of his game, he told coach Tom Landry to shove it and was gone. He reappeared in 1970, at the start of Monday Night Football on ABC. He first appeared with Keith Jackson, then Frank Gifford, who replaced Jackson, and Howard Cosel. He made Willie Nelson’s song “Turn Out the Lights” famous. He left announcing and went on to television and movies. He played Sgt. Foley of “Police Story,” and several television movies, including Banjo Hackett and Roamin’ Free in 1976. His film credits include “Express to Terror”, in 1979, Wyatt Earp: “Return to Tombstone”, in 1994. He recorded songs such as “Travelin’ Man” and “Them That Ain’t Got It Can’t Lose.” Then there was the Monday night the Oilers were losing 34-0 to Oakland, the cameras caught an angry fan flashing the obscene finger. Meredith seriously said, without batting an eye, “He thinks they’re number one in the nation.” What a guy he was. I’m glad he was in my generation. Monday Night Football, with Don, Howard and Frank was so popular it knocked the “I Love Lucy” show off Monday nights.


Auburn and Oregon meet in the BCS championship game to be played Jan. 10 at Glendale, Ariz. The Sugar Bowl, Jan. 4, pits Arkansas against Ohio. In the Orange Bowl, on Jan. 3, Virginia Tech faces Stanford. In the Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29, Oklahoma State will face Arizona. On New Year’s Day the following bowls will be held. Fiesta Bowl, Oklahoma vs Connecticut; Rose Bowl, TCU vs Wisconsin; Ticket City Bowl, played in the old Cotton Bowl, Texas Tech vs Northwestern. The big game in these parts will be the Cotton Bowl with Texas A&M and LSU, to be played Jan. 7. The Texas Bowl, Baylor vs Illinois, on Dec. 19; The Holiday Bowl, Dec. 30, Nebraska vs Washington. There’s more but that’s enough.


The Record Newspapers “All Orange County Football Team of 1998” was selected. Beaux Deville, of Orangefield, was selected as “Player of the Year.” Orangefield’s Randy Theriot, selected “Coach of the Year. His team’s 8-4 season put them in the playoffs for the fist time in a decade. Orangefield was picked to finish last in the district. Deville gained 2,101 rushing on 273 carries for 7.69-yard average and 25 touchdowns. Gaylord Allen, West Orange-Stark’s was “Defensive MVP. He anchored the state’s number one defense as linebacker. The rest of the players picked from the five county teams are Derrick Thibodeaux, WO-S, Dathan Juneau, B.C., Ray Farias, OF, Jeremy Stolfa, B.C., Billy Ford, LC-M, Richard Morris, WO-S, Jared Williams, B.C., Todd Marbrough, WO-S, Robert Cormier, OF, Charles Crochet, WO-S, Kevin Norwood, B.C., Kenneth Bryan, Vidor, Kelton Taylor, WO-S, Jeremy Buckley, B.C., Vito Agerton, OF, Johnny Montagne, B.C., Paul Burman, LC-M, Charlie Higgingbotham, B.C., Bo Shafer, OF, Gerald Robinson, WO-S, Raun Bryant, (kicker) B.C., Herbert Winston, LC-M, Jason Menard, B.C., Tyler Thibodeaux, WO-S, Jermaine Feathers, WO-S, Paul Thomas, W.O.-S, B.J. Bishop, OF and Darren Denbow, Vidor.*****Coach R.C. Slocum’s “Never Quit” Aggies beat a great Kansas team 36-33.*****Moon Mulligan is recorded in the historical music book as an East Texas pioneer songwriter/singer, best known for his honky-tonk piano. The old piano sits quietly in a room in Vidor, the pedals are broken, and some keys are missing. It is stamped in back 1897. Moon played with Gov. Jimmie Davis and accompanied him when Davis was elected governor of Louisiana. ***Some of Moon’s hits included, “I’ll Sail My Ship Alone,” “Mona Lisa,” “Goodnight Irene,” “You Don’t Have to be a Baby to Cry,” “Southern Hospitality” and “Cherokee Boogie.” (Editor’s Note: I wonder if that old piano is still in Vidor. It should be in the Gulf Coast Museum in Port Arthur.)*****Some folks having birthdays. Lucy Hanks, Vernon Davis, David Claybar, Fay Speer, Bobby Talbert, Donnie Stanton, Leah Hubbard, Judy Young and Cindy Briggs. *****Newly elected state senator David Bernsen is preparing to take his seat in January. *****The Montagne’s recently moved into the new Economy Insulation office building at Roundbunch and Stewart in Bridge City. *****Little Jimmy Skadowski is home from Texas Children’s Hospital, learning to live with diabetes. (Editor’s note: Jimmy is Pattie Hanks’ big boy now. They live in Las Vegas. Jim fights diabetes everyday but  care has really improved over the years and Jim does quite well and is a good kid also.)*****Darrell Lee Trahan turned 18 on Dec. 3. *****Karissa Rene’ “Reesy” Kordish, turns three on Dec. 11 and Grace Dumesnil celebrates Dec. 7.


Debbie Bishop, James Keith, Michelle Watson, Channing Larkin, C.R. Dick Davis, Samantha Peveto, Barry McKenzie, Bobby Couthran, Hazel Hooper, Elissa Kern, Jay Fuss, Mark Braus, Sharon Johnson, Bonnie Hopperton, Sean Ureta, David Claybar, Monica Placette, Cindy Briggs, Karri Piccone, Kristine Cortez, Jim Sands, Cody Caples, Terry Fall, Leslie Lyons, Cody Caples, Tara Fountain, Nathan Vogt, Rob Clark, Shelby Hebert, Zackery Anderson, Arielle Foster, Joel Fruge, Scott Derouen, Bonnie Albright, Daniel Bates, Hazel Smith, Melinda Swares, Kristy Kidwell, Dennis Lee, Hailey Tally, Jenny Duncan, Ronald Escamilla, Kandy Sartin, Tim Fix, Danny Blacksher, Danny Prosperie, Dorothy Jenkins, Doug Harrington and Hannah Carpenter.


They’re going to put the little pot in the big one on Thursday, Dec. 16, for retiring Judge Joe Parkhurst, Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1. The big feed and reception will take place on the second floor of the courthouse from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. The feed will consist of award winning gumbo, or you can lick your chops on boudain balls and many creative snacks. After 12 years, Judge Parkhurst is retiring from his county post. The Judgs says, “Serving as a Justice of the Peace has been an exciting and demanding trip. He is thankful to the citizens for allowing him the opportunity to serve as their judge. It has been a very gratifying experience.” Judge David Peck will assume the judgeship on Jan. 1, 2011. *****This week the Lunch Bunch will dine with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s. On Dec. 15, the Bunch will not meet, instead the Bunch will dine Thursday, Dec. 16 at Judge Parkhurst retirement party. On Dec. 22, Robert’s will host the annual Christmas gathering. Everyone is welcome. *****Tom DeLay, who was convicted of money laundering, a felony, was due to be sentenced on December 20. He has asked for the judge, not a jury, to sentence him Jan. 10 instead. He could get probation to life. I don’t believe he will serve any jail time but if he does, it won’t be for long. The bigger crime was what they did with the money to the rural people of Texas with mid-term redistricting.***** Fish and shellfish, now more often served at meals, could help older people protect their eyesight longer. According to a new research published last week, eating more seafood, rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as oysters, crabs, sardines, tuna, lake trout and salmon is very helpful. The report didn’t say anything about crawfish but if it fits in the seafood mix, I don’t have to worry about my eyesight going out. The report however sounds like it’s only speaking of salt-water seafood. *****After 21 years, ESPN has dropped baseball announcers Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. They will be replaced by Dan Shulman on play-by-play and analyst, Bobby Valentine and returning Orel Hershiser. *****Changes may be filed in Nigeria against Dick Cheney and others. Cheney, who was Halliburton’s CEO from 1995 to 2000 is expected to be indicted after a bribery investigation. Bribes totaling $180 million were paid to win a $6 billion liquefied natural gas contract. Last week 23 officials from companies, including Halliburton, were arrested. They were all freed on bail. *****Our Cajun buddy Jesse Domingue, instead of going through Abbeville when he leaves his Gulf oilrig job, has been traveling through Jeanerette. That has worked out really nice. He now stops by the original LeJeune Bakery; that has been baking the same French bread since 1884. No doubt it’s the best French bread ever, and it also has a longer shelf life. Another of their longtime specialties is gingerbread cake, baked just like grandma’s old fashion gingerbread. The ginger cake brought back memories of visiting grandma’s house. Unfortunately for us, and great for him, Jesse will be retiring come January and the trips and treats will end. Jesse will go back to making great music on a regular basis. *****A few special people celebrating their special day this week. The oldest, longtime friend, Sid Callivet Jr. will reach age 81. I remember when his dad, Judge Sid was much younger than Sid Jr. is today. We thought the judge was so old didn’t we Sid? ***Lucy Hanks, the first lady of Starks, La., celebrates another one and she’s still a fox. ***Our longtime buddy Doug Harrington will be celebrating another one. I recall his birthdays in years past, even surprised him once. The big parties are gone, now it’s just a quite day marking a year older. ***Attorney Tommy Gunn, West Orange Valedictorian, the pride of Baylor Law School, successful attorney and chairman of the board of Sabine Savings Bank, is another year older this week. Did I mention he’s Mary Lou’s little boy? ***Danny Blacksher is also getting older. Not the young stud he was just a few years back. ***David Claybar has a birthday coming up. I never know which one of the David’s. One should be a senior and the other a junior. I believe it’s senior’s birthday. I miss him coming out to play and hope in the new year we can enjoy more of him. He can really be a fun, knowledgeable guy. *****Peggy and Richard Albairs will have their annual Christmas gathering at the Bridge City K.C. Hall on Sunday Dec. 19, 2 p.m. till. Bring a covered dish. They will furnish turkey, ham and tea. A Chinese Christmas exchange will take place, Santa will be there and also the K.C. bingo machine and a lot more. Call 409-886-2225 for more information.*****Greg Davis, after 13 successful years as the Longhorn’s offensive co-ordinator wasmade the fall guy for the Texas Longhorns demise. Coach Brown shifted the blame.


On Dec. 8, Sinead O’Connor will be 44; Kim Bassinger, 57; Gregg Allman, 63 and Teri Hatcher, 46. ***Dec. 9, Kara DioGuardi, 40; Jakob Dylan, 41; Felicity Huffman, 48; Donny Osmond, 53 and Beau Bridges, 66. ***Dec. 10, Bobby Flay, 46; Susan Dey, 57; Kenneth Branagh, 50 and Raven-Symone, 25. ***Dec. 11, Jermaine Jackson, 56; Teri Garr, 61; John Kerry, 67; Donna mills, 68 and Rita Moreno, 79. ***Dec. 12, Rey Mysterio, Jr., 36; Jennifer Connelly, 40; Tracy Austin, 48; Dionne Warwick, 69 and Connie Frances will be 72. ***Dec. 13, Taylor Swift, 21; Amy Lee, 29; Ted Nugent, 62; Jamie Foxx, 43 and Dick Van Dyke, 85. ***Dec. 14, Patty Duke, 64; Michael Owen, 31 and had he lived, Charlie Rich would be 78.


Leo Desormeaux and “Teney” Leblanc were sitting around at da trailer park, drinking beer one evening after getting off work at da crawfish processing plant at Breaux Bridge. Leo said he was looking forwards to going deer hunting next weekend.
Da two mens downed a couple of 12 packs wen “Teneg” said, “Leo, while you are deer hunting you, if I walk over to you trailer and me and your Clotile made woope and in nine months she had a baby her would dat make us kin, hanh?”
Leo him, crooked his head sideways, scratched his head, took anutter drink, tinking real hard about da question. Den finally he said, “Well me, I don’t rightly no bout da kin, but it would make us even.”


At age 61, Elizabeth Edwards passed away Tuesday at her home surrounded by her family and ex-husband John Edwards. What a strong, beautiful lady she was.*****We were sorry to learn that State Rep. Mike Hamilton had to have triple by-pass heart surgery Monday. Mike recently returned to the restaurant business in Beaumont and in January the Legislature is scheduled to face a tough redistricting battle. Those two things are enough to give anyone heart problems. We wish him the best.*****Read us cover to cover and be sure to check us out daily on our web site It looks like the weather will continue to be like a roller coaster. Take care and God bless.