is an old proverb that states “If you have much, give of your wealth;

if you have little, give of your heart.” That adequately sums up the

feeling on the Lamar State College-Orange campus this holiday season,

as students, staff and faculty have made it their priority to help

provide for those less fortunate. Through multiple fundraisers, the

LSC-O campus will be donating more than $3,000 and 183 toys to the

local Salvation Army.

Beginning in mid-November, faculty and staff members organized several

fundraising missions on campus, with the goal being that they directly

donate whatever amount was raised to the Salvation Army. The charity

was chosen for the donations based on their pleas to the public for

more items for Christmas, as their donations continued to grow slimmer

and scarcer. The LSC-O family decided that keeping the donations within

the Orange area was of great importance so that they could help their

own community.

“Having the donations go toward helping people within our community

means that we most likely touched the lives of families that we

personally know,” said Amanda Rowell, director of public information.

“The Orange community is small and everyone tries to help each other

out around here, and we just wanted to help out our neighbors this



fundraising efforts began with a Link Sale on campus, which raised

$381.25. Next was a campus bake sale and dessert auction that was held

just in time for the Thanksgiving holidays. LSC-O staff and faculty

members made and donated homemade baked goods for the sale, which

raised $339.50. A silent auction was held the following week, in which

staff and faculty members donated new or slightly-used goods to be bid

on. With the chore of Christmas shopping looming overhead, the silent

auction raised $469.50.

Pictures with “Santa” were next, giving students and staff the

opportunity to have their photo taken with Santa during the day. Dr.

Michael Shahan, president of LSC-O, played the role Santa for that

particular fundraiser, bringing in $280.00. The following evening, on

Dec. 3, pictures with “Santa” were made available for families at the

Orange Jaycees Christmas Parade. Free hot chocolate and cookies were

served and families, kids and even pets were brought in to see Santa,

raising $65.00 for the Salvation Army.

Then a silent auction for holiday gift baskets was held Dec. 7 on

campus. Staff and faculty members each bought new items to include in

their individual department’s basket. There were 11 baskets total, each

with a different theme, and at the end of the auction, $762.00 was

raised. The final fundraiser was strictly for staff and faculty members

at LSC-O and included a tempting incentive for everyone: donate twenty

dollars and earn the right to dress casually for the remainder of the

year. So far, more than $720.00 has been earned for that effort, alone.

Many of

those who could not donate the time to help organize or participate in

the fundraisers made generous donations instead. Counting donations,

the total money raised from all six separate fundraisers was $3,331.77.

But money was not the only thing that the campus wanted to ensure the

Salvation Army had help with. The students looked to their

organizations and classrooms for ways to contribute to the cause. The

sociology students at LSC-O had an “off-the-charts” turnout for their

book and coat drive, and the LVN Levels 1 and 3 students, brought in

more than 2,000 canned goods just for their department. Multiple trips

by the Salvation Army representatives had to be made to collect them


The “Toy Time” benefit was held Dec. 7 and 183 toys were donated by students, faculty a