After eight years as Precinct 4 Orange County Commissioner, Beamon Minton finds himself facing the last few days as a county official. Friends and family of Commissioner Minton gathered together after the Commissioners’ Court meeting to celebrate his eight years of dedicated service to Orange County.

“I hope I’ve contributed something to the betterment of the county,” Minton said. “I hope I leave it in better shape than when we came in. We’ve had some disagreements and backbiting, but we’ve all worked together and I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve made a lot of life-long friends. I’m going to miss being here but I’m coming back.”

Minton explained that there aren’t immediate plans but that he’s going to enjoy a little time off.
“It’s been a pleasure to work with him. We become like brothers up here,” said County Judge Thibodeaux.

Thibodeaux presented a plaque to Minton on behalf of Orange County and cake and refreshments were served.

County Business

The Commissioners approved of the transfer of five computers from the Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Judge Derry Dunn’s office to the DPS office on Hwy 87. Dunn explained that the computer are five years old and new ones are needed due to the technology required for the JP’s office. He also explained that the computers at the DPS office are extremely outdated. The new computers were purchased using the Technology fund.

The Commissioners also approved of the reappointment of Joe Parkhurst and David Teague, as well as the appointment of Wayne LaCombe, to serve a two year term as Commissioners of the Orange County Emergency District #3.

The District Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s office are required by law to perform an audit and send the reports to the state and federal government. Both audits came back without any discrepancies.

Bills paid for this week total $289,733.22.

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