CNN Readers deal with the fact that President Obama brokered with
Republicans, they took shots at him from both ends of the political
spectrum. Some Democrats are angry that the president gave into
Republican demands. “I honor the president for wanting to try to
solve these problems, and I’m not saying that you never compromise,”
Rep. Anthony Weiner said.
“This is Washington. That’s how laws get passed. But he and his
team just don’t seem to be any good at it, and that’s a real problem
for a lot of Democrats.” Some readers blasted Obama on his
negotiating skills.
thought he was putting principles before politics. Obama made the
point during his appearance on Wednesday: “For the next two
years, we’re going to have a big debate about taxes,” he said.
“Republicans are are going to have to explain how making those
tax cuts for the high end squares with their stated desire of
reducing deficits and debt.” But a reader who identified himself
as “swanie” said he was happy to be getting a break on his
taxes and poked a little fun at the higher-end earners.

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