Orangefield Elementary students recently participated in the 2010-2011 UIL Competition with outstanding results. Orangefield Elementary placed second overall among the nine area schools that participated in the competition.  Results from individual categories are listed below:

1. Sour Lake Elementary – 325.83

2. Orangefield Elementary – 309.83

3. Hamshire Fannett Intermediate – 302.5

4.Laura Reeves – Silsbee – 244

5. Bridge City Intermediate – 217

6. China – 107

7. Read – Turren – Silsbee – 66

8. Sims Elementary – 57

9. West Orange Stark – 12

Orangefield Elementary UIL Results 2010

Art Smart 4th Grade
Team – 2nd Place
5th – Jennifer Tsan
Ally Overman
Emmi Lummus
Logan Forse

Art Smart 5th Grade
Team – 4th Place
5th – Susy Madrid
 Emily Frost
Jacob Miller
Sable Reynolds

Creative Writing
2nd Grade
2nd – Emily Haynes
5th – Andra Tomlin

Dictionary Skills 5th Grade
Team – 2nd Place
2nd – Tina Phan
4th – Rachel McNeil
Kinley McFarlin

Listening 5th Grade
Team – 1st Place
4th – Ivy Forman
4th – Kinslie Braxton
Taylor Vallery

Maps, Charts, & Graphs 5th Grade
Team – 3rd Place
6th – Kristen Broussard
Ashtin Broussard
Brett Fregia

Maps, Charts, & Graphs 4th Grade
Team – 1st Place
1st – Shae Nuggent
2nd – Zach Taylor
3rd – Macie Adrio

Music Memory 4th Grade
Team – 2nd Place
3rd – Adriana Francis
Whitney Flanagan
Randi Wallace
Shelby Smith
Music Memory 3rd Grade
Team – 2nd Place
2nd – Jordan Brown
2nd – Kelli Wallace
Amber Peterson
Melayni Wilson

Math 2nd Grade
Team – 4th Grade
Kamryn Revere
Erica Hollis
Levi Rogers

Math 3rd Grade
Team – 4th Place
Cooper Lowe
Max Santos
Carlee Vayon

Number Sense 4th Grade
Team – 4th Place
Blake Bradley
Tatum Garlington
Tyler Hubert

Number Sense 5th Grade
Team – 4th Place
4th – Alex Catt
Austin Flanagan
Hunter Badeaux

Oral Reading 4th Grade
3rd – Christopher Graham
6th – Alexis Sturrock

Oral Reading 5th Grade
1st – Meara Patterson

Ready Writing 3rd Grade
4th – Makena Atchley

Ready Writing 4th Grade
2nd – Alexis Brown

Ready Writing 5th Grade
4th – Drew Worthy

Social Studies 5th Grade
Team – 2nd Place
5th – Justin Flanagan
5th – Zach Dischler
Carlee Grimes

Spelling 2nd Grade
Team – 5th Place
6th – Jezlyn Matlock
Cameron Brown
Adrianne Garrett

Spelling 3rd Grade
Team – 3rd Place
5th – Chloe Smith
Brooklyn Williamson
Madelyn Gerlach

Spelling 4th Grade
Team – 4th Place
5th – Madison Taylor
Jennifer Swift
Sydney Burrows

Spelling 5th Grade
Team – 4th Place
3rd – Katelynn Haynes
Emma Breaux
Luke Pennington

Storytelling 2nd Grade
1st – Gavin Scott
3rd – Carmen Martinez

Storytelling 3rd Grade
5th – Whitley Hoyland