The weather keeps yo-yoing. I still don’t believe it will be a bad winter. Folks up north are really having a bad winter. Dr. Amber Dunn said it took her five hours to travel five miles from her Cleveland hospital job to her apartment. Some folks were stranded ten hours, even overnight with snow everywhere and sub-zero temperatures. Now, that’s a bad winter.*****Brett Favre’s consecutive starts streak came to an end Monday, Dec. 13 at 297, going back to 1992. We may never see him play again due to a shoulder injury that ended his streak and may finally end his career.*****Other big sports news: Pitcher Cliff Lee passed up an extra $50 million from the Rangers and Yankees to sign with the Phillies. He joins pitchers Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels in what could be the major leagues top pitching rotation ever.*****I see we have a column from heart specialist Dr. Morbia. That guy is something else. He gives his cell phone number to his patients and says “Call me day or night if you need me for anything.” What doctor does that?*****Well, I’d best get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


It should surprise no one that State Rep. Allen Ritter, who has always been a Blue Dog Democrat, has joined the Republican Party. The reason he switched is to avoid having a Republican opponent next year. He will continue to vote like he always has. He switched because of the fear also of losing his district during re-districting. If he remained a Democrat, Jefferson County could lose a representative but Republicans will be in control and will take care of their own. Fairly or unfairly, Rep. Joe Desothel might hold on to his district because the law says there must be so many minority districts. He represents the black areas of Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange. As unfair as that seems, it splits Orange County down Hwy. 87, through Bridge City, Western Ave. in West Orange down the Sabine River to get to Orange’s minority population. I’m told that Jefferson County could be expanded into Hardin County if Mike Hamilton is willing to give it up to make Orange County whole with one representative. More minorities would have to be found for Desothel, possibly Silsbee and Kountze. Most feel it will be Hamilton’s call. Our elected officials should give voice and work to help that happen. Congressional districts will also be redone. There is no doubt there will be some gerrymandering, however Texas will add three or four new districts and that could change the lines drawn. Some politically knowledgeable folks I know believe that our congressional district will look different. Presently a thin line is run from the Woodlands to Orange County to create a Republican district, controlled by Montgomery County. The addition of populations in the Houston area will most likely break up Kevin Brady’s district and drop Orange, Liberty and Hardin counties. That’s where our elected officials need to offer their voices for Orange County being in an East-Southeast Texas congressional district. Orange County would probably have the largest voting block if not paired with Jefferson County. We are also tied to the Woodlands senatorial district. Jefferson County has three senators now from that area. What’s more important than if we are represented by a Republican or Democrat is that we are represented by one of our own, instead of being controlled by the large city areas. Most of East Texas has Dallas area United States representatives and Southeast Texas has Houston area representatives in Brady and Ted Poe. It will be partisan re-districting and so far that has been a disadvantage to rural Texans. We would all be better off if there were “No Labels” and governing would be bipartisan. That’s the only way the citizens get a fair shake and people like Ritter wouldn’t have to switch parties to keep his job.


Funeral services were held Dec. 10 for Trevin James Rigby, age 21. Our deepest sympathies to his mother Karen, father James and their families. Trevin was the grandson of the late A.J. Judice. My first thought turned to his grandmother Lois Judice who felt deep pain for her grandson and the loss her daughter felt. All good people faced with a tragedy. Please see obit.*****Our sincere condolences also to Roy and Mitzi Snell and their family on the death of son Cullen Snell, age 20, who passed away Dec. 11. Services will be held at Cowboy Church Thursday, Dec. 16 at 10 a.m. He will be dearly missed.

12 Years Ago-1998

When the following events occurred, a student in the first grade will be graduating in May.

Helen Dorothy Phillips, age 72, died last week, Dec. 7. She was a nationally known educator with many awards and had been honored by the Texas Legislature. In later years, she was a counselor at Bridge City High School. *****A vote to impeach President Bill Clinton will take place on Thursday, Dec. 17. Charges brought by a Republican block in Congress. *****The Bridge City High football program loses offensive coordinator Rick Cowson. He will become athletic director and head football coach with the Florence ISD. *****Dr. Joe and Mary Majors will be traveling to Rome to visit their son, Father Beau, a Catholic priest, who is serving Pope John Paul II. Beau was raised in Bridge City. *****A great lady, Angelina Garza, passed away on Dec. 13, at age 77. She and husband Gus moved to Bridge City when it was just a prairie, you could see from one end to Bridge City to the other. For years they were the only Hispanic family in town. (Editor’s note: Gus served on the Bridge City school board for over 25 years. Both of them are gone now but they contributed a lot in their lifetime.)*****In most markets gasoline prices at the pump is selling for less than 80 cents per gallon. In a few places, as near as Houston, gasoline at some locations is selling as low as 45 cents per gallon. (Editor’s note: It’s hard to believe that gasoline was so cheap. When it hit a $1 a gallon citizens were outraged. The prices went up to $4 during the Bush Administration.)*****Corky and Betty Harmon celebrate their 42nd anniversary.

52 Years Ago-1958

Wilson Waites, lead football coach at Stark, signs a four-year contract that makes him the first full-time athletic director in school history. Dr. Frank Hubert, superintendent announced the $9,000 a year agreement. *****Four West Orange football players are named to the All-District Team. Chuck Young, Jimmy Richardson, Jimmy Davis and Kenneth Prescott. *****Lamar coach J.B. Higgins is up for the Coach of the Year in Texas award. Lamar doesn’t, at this time, have it’s own stadium.


Michael Walles, Donnie Stanton, Amanda Webb, Linda Easley,  Imogene Bland, Jeff Harrington, Ken Pittman, Kenneth Pittman, Maac Hughes, Melanie Richter, Shirley Roccaforte, Alex Harner, Belinda Broom, Brent Burris, Craig Reynolds, Dale Armand, Kitty Martin, James Brabham, Michelle Gephart, Bobby Adaway, Carol Allen, Elizabeth Uzzle, Michael Terry, Natalie Nimitz, Beatrice Cortez, Jeremie Delano, Nathan Applebach, Betty Lou Womack, Brown Claybar, Chris Chambless, Mandy Hoffman, Martha Taylor, Tracey Lynn Broussard, Webster Trahan, Daniel Brocklehurst, Dyann Schiler, Gloria Brown, Jill Vaughn, Julia Alleman, Ellisia Smith, Christina Carpenter, Marcu McLellan, Mitch Hidalgo, Raymond Hughes, Ruth Fournier, Bill Cardner, Janet Holland, Shelby Vogt, Stacey Bates, Andrew Havens, Elizabeth Parish, Kenneth Pigg, Majed Jaarah, Marion Martin, Matt Reeves, Daniel Perry, Buddie Hahn, Rick Deutsch, Bill Bailey, Glenda Granger, Paula Hall, Phyllis Broussard and Rachel Guidry.


Father’s sin too much to bare: Bernard Madoff’s eldest son, Mark, age 46, hung himself with a black dog leash on the second anniversary of his father’s arrest, Dec. 11. His two-year-old son slept near where his father hung. Mark had emailed his wife in Florida, who was at Disney with their four-year-old daughter, that someone needed to check on the baby. His father-in-law found him. Mark and his brother Andrew both contended that their dad told them the day before he was arrested about his illegal activities that beat people out of $60 billion. His dad, in prison for life, was informed of the hanging. *****Cam Newton of Auburn won the Heisman by a large majority. What’s amazing is that just the year before, 2009, he won a national junior college championship for Blinn in Brenham. He faced controversy this season when his dad was accused of trying to peddle this talent. One hundred six voters of the Heisman scratched his name off of the list. However, he still won. I predict he will beat Oregon for the national championship. *****Coach Will Muschamp, defensive coordinator at Texas and “head coach in waiting,” left for the Florida job, replacing Urban Meyers. Applewhite might leave Texas to become his offensive coordinator. Greg Davis, former Texas offensive coach, is still looking for a job. *****A report says that singer Aretha Franklin has pancreatic cancer. She is now recovering from surgery. In late October she was ordered by doctors to cancel all public appearances for the next six months. Pancreatic cancer has a low survival rate. Hopefully that is not the case for this very talented lady. *****The United States senate, by voice vote last week, avoided a steep cut (25 percent) in Medicare pay for doctors. Payment cuts were scheduled for Jan. 1, 2011. Doctors had said the big cut in pay would have forced many to quit seeing Medicare patients. *****A few special folks we know celebrating birthdays this week. Judge Buddie Hahn was a young lawyer when I met him. I’ve always had the deepest respect for him. ***James Brabham, a good guy, Brown Claybar, the mayor of Orange I’ve known forever. No one can accuse him of not having the guts to do what’s right. ***Betty Lou Womack, a great lady who cared for a great friend. ***Annie Hargraves, a mainstay at Bridge City Market Basket who was raised in Port Arthur, where her dad was bridge tender for the Port Arthur Pleasure Island Bridge. ***To Eula Mae “Granny Peanut” LeLeux, happy 88th. ***Say what you want, but you can’t deny she’s a special kind of lady. Happy birthday to Shirley Roccaforte. ***Jimmy Skadowski turns 17 on Dec. 21. He’s Pattie’s youngest and best. ***Dr. Terry Burd, a proud Bridge City graduate celebrates another one, as does our longtime friend Maac Hughes. ***Kenny Pigg, a guy that has always done to ride the range with, marks another year. ***On Dec. 15, Doug Harrington, a great friend, celebrates. ***Joy Young, Inez’s little sister, who raised the prettiest girls marks another year.***Then there is Donnie Stanton, who carries pictures of Geo. W and Mitch McConnell in his wallet. Happy birthday Donnie.*****Happy 54th wedding anniversary to Betty and Corky Harmon. ***A big congrats goes out to Larry and Betty Duhon on their 60th anniversary. They are parents of Nancy Hatton and Betty Davis. The girls are married to Mike and Richard. Best wishes for a long, healthy life to the all.*****Orange County is losing a good commissioner and fine man with the leaving of Beamon Minton from Commissioners Court. Like the rest of the court Beamon was very conservative and dedicated. Orange County has one of the most conservative courts in the state both Republican and Democrat. We thank Commissioner Minton for his years of service.*****Correction: Last week in this column we left the impression that Peggy’s on the Bayou Christmas party was a public affair. We apologize. It’s a Christmas gathering for family and friends of Peggy and Richard Albair by invitation only.*****Congrats to Courtney Myers, manager of Exxpress Mart on Texas Ave., who was named the firms “Manager of the Year.” Her gifts included a flat screen television. Mary Stanton, I’m sure, will take credit for hiring and training her*****Michael Vick suave was just too strong for Dallas. The Eagles won 30-27. ***Matt Bryant’s Falcons keep moving on. They beat the Panthers 31-10. Matt kicked a 39-yards field goal and made four extra points. ***The Houston Texans lost a heartbreaker 31-28 game to the Ravens in overtime with a last minute pick thrown by Texan quarterback Matt Schaub. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will not gather this Wednesday. Instead, the group will attend Judge Joe Parkhurst’s retirement party Thursday on the second floor of the Court House at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The following week, Dec. 22, will be at Robert’s for a holiday gathering. Everyone welcome.


On Dec. 15, Don Johnson will be 61; Tim Conway, 77 and Dave Clark, 68. ***Dec. 16, Benjamin Bratt, 46; Lesley Stahl, 69; Billy Gibbons, 61 and William “Refrigerator” Perry, 48. ***Dec. 17, Chris Matthews, 65***Manny Pacquiao, 32; Milla Jovovich, 35; Duff Goldman, 36 and Mike Mills, 52. ***Dec. 18, Christina Aquilera, 30; Katie Holmes, 32; Brad Pitt, 47; Keith Richards, 67 and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, 46. ***Dec. 19, Jake Gyllenhaal, 30; Alyssa Milano, 38; Criss Angel, 43 and Cicely Tyson, 77. ***Dec. 20, David Cook, 28; Pete Criss, 65; Billy Bragg, 53 and Uri Geller, 64. ***Dec. 21, Keifer Sutherland, 44; Florence Griffith Joyner, 51; Ray Romano, 53, Phil Donahue, 75 and Jane Fonda, 73.


Tee Boy is passing by Comeaux’s barn one day when trough a gap in da door, he see Comeaux doing a slow and sensual striptease in front of an old green John Deere. Comeaux performs a slow pirouette and gently slides off one strap of his overalls, followed by dey otter strap. He den hunches his shoulders forward in a classic striptease move. He lets his overalls fall down to his hips revealing a torn and frayed plaid shirt. Grabbing boat sides of his shirt, he rips it apart to reveal his stained tee shirt underneath. With a final flourish he tears da tee shirt from his body and hurls his baseball cap onto a pile of hay.
Having seen enough, Tee Boy rushes in and says, “What de heck are you doing Comeaux?”
“Jeez, Tee Boy, you done scared da crap outta me,” exclaims Comeaux. Then obviously embarrassed, he says, “Me and de old lady been having some trouble lately in de bedroom and de therapist suggested I do something sexy to a tractor…..”


On Dec. 18, 1981, Skipper Free lost her home and everything in it to a fire. One of the people who helped her was Ron Decker, who she calls the “little brother I never had.” That Dec. 18th day was also Ron’s birthday. He passed away a few years ago but had he lived on the 18th he would celebrate his 84th birthday. He was a special guy. Skipper says she will never forget him and his deeds.*****The Bobby Cormier and Orange Oil Field Supply annual Christmas dinner was a great party. The “Gold Dust” twins, Ken and Danny, prepared the food at K-Dans and served it at the Orangefield Cormier Museum. The large crowd featured people from all walks of life. If I started mentioning any of the 300 in attendance I’d get in trouble with the others. I’ll mention only my buddy Nancy Vincent, because over the many years we haven’t missed a Cormier party.***** Well, I’ve got to start setting this plane down and land for another week. Remember our family of advertisers for special deals on Christmas shopping. If you’re in business and not advertising in the Record you’re missing the boat. The most reach, in two great papers, for one low price, with a loyal reading public. Join our advertising family; cut you cost and reach more customers. Call us today and let us help you with your advertising budget in 2011. Take care and God bless.