President Barack Obama signed an $858 billion tax bill into law Friday,
saying, “this is progress, and that’s what (the American people) sent us
here to achieve.” “We are here with good news for the American people this holiday
season,” he said. “By a wide margin, both houses of Congress passed a
package of tax relief that will protect the middle class, that will grow
our economy and will create jobs for the American people.” “Candidly speaking, there are some elements in this legislation that I
don’t like. There are some elements that members of my party don’t like.
There are some elements that Republicans here today don’t like. That’s
the nature of compromise.” “Not only will middle class Americans avoid a tax increase, but tens of
millions of Americans will start the New Year off right by opening their
first paycheck to see that it’s actually larger than the one they get
right now.

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