The real reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Christ. It’s also an important time for children. Memories made during their childhood will live with them the rest of their days. Make it as meaningful as you can for them. It’s not just how many nice gifts they get, those things will long be gone and forgotten, but the memories of family, the get together, playing with cousins, the big meal at Grandma’s house etc. will last a lifetime. Teach them the value of their presents and how fortunate they are because many other youngsters are not having such a great Christmas. Appreciation is a great thing to learn. Our thanks to Chris Rosa, managing editor of the Abbeville Meridional for his help. On Tuesday he went out and took pictures of the old historical church and bank in Abbeville, emailed them to us so we could use them in Roy’s Down Life’s Hwy. Column. Special greetings to all of you our loyal readers from our entire staff and family of advertisers who support this publication and bring it to you throughout the year. *****Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

The White House and Republican Party combined to pass a massive tax bill, a victory for the middle class, unemployed and super rich. Independents view it as a win for Obama. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell vote is a historic change to military policy. Obama is expected to sign the bill into law this week. Dream Act failed in the United States senate. The bill would have provided citizenship for thousands of foreign-born students. President Obama didn’t get the 60 votes required to prevent a Republican filibuster. *****One thing I disagree with Democrats on is the estate tax. I believe it’s an unfair tax because regardless of the size of the estate, taxes were paid many times along the way and to hit an estate with 35 percent or 45 percent tax that goes to the government instead of the heirs has never made sense to me. Example: a family farm has $10 million tied up in the land and $3 million in farm equipment. The land has been passed down through the years. On the death of the owner, his heirs will have to borrow millions to pay estate tax on what should be theirs. In many cases it will bankrupt the farm. Many businesses face the same bad fate. What entitles the government to claim ownership of 35 percent of that family enterprise has always been my question. It should be tax free with no limit, a million or a billion. On the other hand I believe it’s wrong to let the super rich off the hook with tax breaks and loopholes. I believe business should be given the breaks but not super rich individuals. They add nothing to the good of the country, with the money just enhancing their own personal lives.

“No checks and balances”
Allen Ritter and Aaron Pena switching to the Republican Party has given them a two-thirds super majority in the coming session. They can dictate the House agenda and pass what they please, including constitutional amendments. Democrats might as well stay home. They can’t stop or pass anything. Remember in 2003 members left the state to prevent a quorum? Now 100 Republican members is a quorum. Republicans control all statewide offices and the House and Senate. They call all the shots. The citizens get short changed with so many having no voice. Republicans however will have to bear the responsibility of dealing with a $25 billion deficit, divisive issues, including redistricting. They can rubbers tamp every thing now. Nothing can stop them. They have to be perfect because they own it, livestock and barrel. They can deal the cards from top, middle or bottom but they will own the ultimate results. Right after the session watch for Gov. Perry to make his move on to the national scene.

This week’s quote comes from the very conservative columnist and FOX News “Talking Head” Charles Krauthammer. Headline: Obama takes his place as master of the comeback. “If Barack Obama wins re-election in 2012, as is now more likely than not, historians will mark his comeback the day of the great tax cut deal of 2010. The President is a very smart man. How smart? His comeback is already a year ahead of Clinton’s.”

12 Years Ago-1998
Vonda MacAldredge Green and Ed Green, of Orange, are grandparents of Ashley Audra Jones, of Houston, who plays Megan in the CBS soap, “The Young and the Restless.” Ashley has played in several movies and commercials. (Editor’s note: I wonder if the Greens still live here and what became of Ashley’s acting career?)*****The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce will install Marialeice Saucier as president at their 40th annual banquet in January. Kirk Ellender is Chamber president. *****Janice, Connie and Aletta are employees for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3, Flo Edgerly. *****Parker Thompson is Constable Pct. 2. *****JJ’s Fried Chicken is located at 2380 Texas Ave. in Bridge City. *****Employed at Hibernia Bank in Bridge City are Mike Moreau, Mary Burdine, Mary Frazier, Jada Runkle, Brenda Edwards, Lisa Hale and Amy Johnson. (Editor’s note: Moreau retired and moved to the beach. I believe now he is in business in Mid-County. I have no idea what happened to the rest or where they landed.)*****Bax, ‘Old Uncle Gordon,’ ‘Barefoot Baxter’ or whatever, turns 75 on Christmas Day. (Editor’s note: Bax died a few years ago. Had he lived he would be 87 on December 25.)*****Hired gun, Ken Starr, and the right wing lynch mob impeached President Bill Clinton on two counts. (Editor’s note: No one was complaining about it being sacrilegious to be pressing on to get the impeachment done at Christmas time before the Congress changes.) Clinton is only the second president impeached in our history. The polls of American people now say two to one, that the impeachment was a lynching. Sixty seven percent approve of President Clinton’s presidency and leadership. *****Bob Livingston, speaker to be, resigns as word leaks that Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine was getting ready to expose him. The New Orleans Romero was involved in at least two affairs, one produces two kids, and the other was an interracial entanglement with a Mississippi woman.

We had a great visit the other day with Mary Bryant, a great lady. This time of years is especially hard on the family. Casey passed away on Christmas Eve last year. Son Matt is doing very well kicking for the Atlanta Falcons; in fact, he’s the NFL’s second leading scorer. Sunday, against Seattle, he kicked two field goals and four extra points to win 34-18, clinching a playoff spot. His mom and brothers, Kim and Billy, will spend Christmas with Matt and family and will catch the last two games of the regular season. Matt, a Bridge City boy, makes Orange County proud. It would be nice if they made it to the Super Bowl.*****Our condolences to the family of Linnon Charles Williams Jr., 29, who passed away Dec. 16. Services were held Dec. 18. Please see obit. *****Our longtime buddy Dot Esbach came through another year with her annual Christmas fudge. ***** Also, Rev. Leo took care of the staff with a big box of sweets. *****Thanks also to our friend John Heard for the delicious Orange County grown citrus. *****An interesting figure just came across my desk stating 39 percent of people polled say marriage is obsolete and 35 percent of “Baby Boomers” are now divorced. There’s something wrong with that picture. In the long run, kids are the ones who will pay the price. *****We discovered a great service in Bridge City that was a big help getting out holiday packages. It’s called Geaux Mail, owned by Jackie Smith and her hubby. They have numerous services. Pay them a visit. *****Forty years ago Steve Worster, Bridge City great, University of Texas All American was fourth in the 1970 Heisman ballots. At one time in the season, he seemed a shoe-in to get it. He was with good company however. Jim Plunkett won the trophy, Joe Theisman came in second and Archie Manning, the father of Payton and Eli, was chosen third. Steve made headlines and was known throughout the country. He brought a lot of recognition to our area. *****Special folks having birthdays. Our friend Jimmy Dillon Jr. turned 52 on Dec. 20. ***Our Facebook pal, Phyllis Broussard marks hers on Dec. 22. *** Harriet Dubose, commissioner David’s better half, celebrates and our buddy, Chris Gunn has another one Dec. 23. ***Wilda Martin, a former writer, celebrates on Dec. 24. ***Flo Edgerly and Helen DeRoche, both celebrate on Christmas Day. *** Others getting a year older are Ronnie Hutchison, mayor Kirk Roccaforte and Linn Cordner. ***Charles Pratt will put another notch on his years of life on Tuesday, Dec. 28. His health could be better and we pray that it will improve in the new year. ***Anne Segura would celebrate on Dec. 26 if she were still with us. I miss her a lot. *** Our longtime friend Bax would be 87 on Christmas Day. *****Happy 55th anniversary to Rene’ and Lucy Hanks on Dec. 24. *****We were sorry to learn that our friend Regina Harrington unexpectedly lost her dad C.J. Sonnier, age 81, on Dec. 13. His health has been very good and he was very active. He began to feel bad, went to the doctor, was admitted to hospital with pneumonia and died a few days later. To Regina and Doug and the entire family we send our deepest condolences. Services were held last Thursday, Dec. 16, at St. Louis Catholic Church in Winnie. He is survived by his wife Mildred, two sons, four daughters, 21 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and one sister. *****This is the time of year when Joe Kazmar publishes his annual Christmas list. He has been running the list since the mid-1960s. He updates it regularly. Many on earlier list are now deceased. Many on this years list were not born when he started the annual tradition. Check it our, you might be on it. *****Dupuis’ Full Service Station is one of the few left in the state. For 69 years it has been in continuous operation, run by the same family. Kee-Kee and his crew give a great service that you don’t find anywhere else. They check your oil, water, air your tires, clean your windows and much more. This week Nicole features this unique station in a story in The Penny Record. *****Neighbor Cox is all smiles, Ginny, his bride of 62 years is home and doing better after a stay in an Oklahoma hospital. Daughter Karen and son-in-law Keith Duplichan brought her home and are spending Christmas in Bridge City. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will hold a Christmas get together at Robert’s this week. They will end the year next Wednesday with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s.

On Dec. 2, Jordan Sparks will be 21; Ali Lohan, 17; Robin Gibb, 61, and had he lived Maurice Gill would be 61 also; and Diane Sawyer will be 65. ***Dec. 23, Corey Haim, 39; Susan Lucci, 64; Carla Bruni, 43 and Eddie Vedder, 46. ***Dec. 24, Rayan Seacrest, 36; Stephenie Meyer, 37; Ricky Martin, 39 and Mary Higgins Clark, 81. ***Dec. 25, Rickey Henderson, 52; Annie Lennox, 56; Sissy Spacek, 61 and Jimmy Buffett, 64. ***Dec. 26, John Walsh, 65; Ozzie Smith, 56; Phil Spector, 70 and Carroll Spinney, 77. ***Dec. 27, Gerald Depardieu, 62; Heather O’Rourke, 35; Bill Goldberg, 43 and Cokie Roberts, 67. ***Dec. 28, Sienna Miller, 29; John Legend, 32; Gayle King, 56; Edgar Winter, 64 and Denzel Washington, 56.

Otis Gilbeaux was a single guy him, living at home wit his papa and working in da family business. Wen he found out he was going to inherit da family fortune wen Clovis, his sickly papa died, Otis decided he need to fins himself a wife to share his fortune wit.
One evening, at an investment meeting, he spotted da most beautiful women he had ever seen him. Her beauty took Otis’ breath away and boy, was she smart.
He went and sat down next to her and told her, “Me, I may look like jus an ordinary guy but in a short time, maybe a year or two, my papa him, will die and me, I will inherit $200 million plus the big house and da farm.”
Dat beautiful women her, was impressed and axe Otis for his business card. Two weeks later, she because his step-mama.

We have nothing but praise for the Salvation Army, church groups and civic organizations for the tremendous work they put into seeing that the less fortunate are able to enjoy Christmas. *****Our United States Congress and the White House should also be complimented for the diligent work and passage of so many important bills before leaving for the holidays. The Start Treaty is the latest. Texas, under the new 2000 census will add four new congressmen, two from the Valley and South Texas.*****Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our military personnel that are serving our country around the world and won’t be with their love ones for the holidays. Here at our office our thoughts are especially with Sharon and Mark Dunn’s son, Jason, who is in his third tour in Iraq. Our entire paper can be viewed around the world on our website We hear from many youngsters around the globe and enjoy hearing from you. Take care of yourselves and a Merry Christmas to all. God bless.