A new political reality hits Washington next week, with the first split
Congress since 2002 raising questions about whether the bipartisan
cooperation of the recently concluded lame-duck session can continue. But that same conventional wisdom got turned on its head after November
2, when the electoral “shellacking” delivered to President Barack Obama
and the Democrats was followed by one of the most productive
post-election congressional conclusions in history. “There was a responsibility of government that I think the Republicans
got in the November elections and they began to understand that
responsibility a little bit more in this lame-duck session than they had
in the previous, quite frankly, 18 months or so,” Gibbs said Sunday on
CNN’s “State of the Union.” White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett told the NBC program “Meet
the Press” that the new reality in Washington requires such compromise
in order to do what’s best for the American people, rather than one
political party or another.

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