The year 2010 has not been an easy year for America. The country was on the brink of a deep depression, the auto industry, GM & Chrysler, faced going under, which would have had a domino effect with citizens throughout the country waiting in bread lines. Large banks and mortgage companies had over extended in the last decade and were in deep trouble. When the year started, the country had lost eight million jobs, unemployment reached nearly 10 percent. Today, as we face 2011, the country is not healed yet but the recovery is moving forward. The government saved the auto industry and mortgage companies. Many workers are still unemployed but unemployment benefits have been extended. Jobs are returning and being added daily. However, making up the eight million lost jobs while trying to create work for those who are constantly coming into the job-hunting age has been the most difficult. I’ll always remember 2010 as the year we came close to facing our second Great Depression. The coming year, 2011, will continue a slow recovery. I predict that unemployment will drop to eight percent by the years end. Not good enough but digging out of a big, dark hole. I believe the country will better understand in a year the benefits of the new health care plan. It has been difficult to understand because it becomes law in phases. It probably didn’t go far enough to stop rising cost. A government health plan option is probably the only way but insurance companies have too much clot. It will never happen. More people will appreciate the insurance plan and it’s benefits in years ahead. It’s never been fully explained in a way laymen can understand it. All in all, 2011 will be a better year for the country. In the past year government divide has been nasty and polarizing. It will continue but I’m confident that despite the roadblocks, America will prevail and march on to better days. I have to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


12 Years Ago-Dec. 1998
For the first time in Texas history Republicans own every major office with the exception of the House and Senate. Locally, the first Republican is elected. Cimron Campbell became Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2. *** Sue Bearden is only the second woman to serve on Commissioners Court. ***The first black and also first woman, Essie Bellfield, is mayor of Orange. ***Coach Joe Hester, of Orangefield, again produced a state pole-vaulting champion. ***This year Orange Port director Roger Richard left to become director in Baton Rouge. Gene Bouillion was hired to replace him. (Editor’s note:  Gene is still director. It seems that Cajuns are the best choice to be port managers.)***Ron Sigler is manager of the Orange County Drainage District. ***Orange County is served in Austin by state representative Ron Lewis and newly elected state senator David Bernsen. ***The college Gray and Blue game won by the Gray, 31-24. ***Bridge City’s Matt Bryant contributed seven winning points with a field goal and four extra points. The Baylor senior is the son of Mary and Casey Bryant of Bridge City. (Editor’s note: Matt, a walk on in the NFL, has won many pro-games since. He was working at Orange when his chance came. The rest is history. He is now the leading scorer for the Atlanta Falcons. At that time, Jan. 1, 1999, Bridge City had two other youngsters in the NFL, Shane Dronett, now deceased, and Jason Matthews, now retired.) *****This past week Jim Morgan, age 70, died. Also longtime grocery pioneer Howard Hattifield. ***Jimmy Buntyn passed away at age 43. ***Judge Marlin Shelton left office this week after 28 years as J.P. Pct. 2. ***Warren Claybar joins Claybar Funeral Home. Warren becomes the third generation of his family to join the funeral home operations started by his grandfather Lannie, followed by his father Brown. *****Roy showed his goodness by publishing a positive story on John Harrington. Now, ain’t that something?

 37 Years Ago-1973
Earl Church went out and got himself run over by a danged old train. He’s up and about. ***Liz Wickersham, Charlie’s little girl, is dating Joe Namath.

 47 Years Ago-1964
Flashy Eddie Sutton was bleeding but threw caution to the wind and hammered out a unanimous decision over Saneral Foreman, of Lafayette, to win tournaments outstanding boxer award. Other Orange County boxers are Gary McCamey, Ken Ballard, Oscar Dominguez, and Larry Carpenter. *****Lutcher Stark High football players C.E. Riggs and Frank Beauchamp are named to All State 3-A football team.

Swearing in ceremonies for all elected officials will be Saturday, Jan. 1, at 10 a.m. at the Court House unless it’s closed, then it will be held at the County Administration Building. Newly elected judge David Peck will be given the oath of office by district judge Pat Clark. The new and first Republican county commissioner, Jody Crump will also be sworn in.*****Also on Jan. 1, TCU, 12-0, will meet Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl to be aired on ESPN at 3:30 p.m. The entire Carlos Vasek clan is attending the game. Being a preferred alumnus, Carlos will have tickets on the 50-yard line. He is a former Horned Frog halfback. *****Hugh Hefner, 84 years old, is engaged to 23-year-old Playmate Crystal Harris. Old Hugh has his work cut out. Thank God for Cialis. *****Cowboy Coach Jason Garrett is not nearly as knowledgeable as Wade Phillips. Wade forgot more than Jason knows. Wade was raised making X’s and O’s, trained by Bum Phillips, one of the great football minds. I understand why the Cowboys needed to make a change to shake things up but Garrett, in the long run, won’t cut it. There will be coaching changes at both Dallas and Houston. Maybe they could trade coaches. Gary Kubiak knows football but just can’t get it together in Houston. Jerry Jones came up with an interesting fact; no NFL coach has ever won a Super Bowl with two different teams. Don’t look for him to hire a previous Super Bowl winner. *****The New Orleans Saints beat Atlanta in the Georgia Dome. Unfortunately, Mary Bryant and sons didn’t get to see Matt attempt a field goal. They will attend the last Falcon’s game against the North Carolina Panthers. They spent a nice holiday with Matt and his family. *****The 24th annual Gulf Coast Music Fame Show, formerly the Janis Joplin Birthday Bash, will be held Saturday, Jan. 22 at the Port Arthur Civic Center. Cajun squeezebox king Wayne Toups will headline the show. Wayne and his band Zyde Cajun will be officially inducted into the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame. Also performing at the show will be the Janis Joplin tribute band Kosmic Pearl, Beat Daddy’s and Longneck Road. Tickets are available at The Penny Record office, 335 Roundbunch Rd. in Bridge City, The County Record office at 320 Henrietta, off of MacArthur Dr. at the Harmon’s Used Cars building. *****Last week the old gang held a 35-year reunion breakfast. Richard, at Peggy’s on the Bayou, cooked a mean country breakfast. In attendance were Dow Gene Anderson, Roy Dunn, Doug Harrington, Curtis Lee, Lyle Overman, H.D. Pate and Wilson Roberts. Missing was Wayne Morse. The group first met for Christmas raw oysters in 1975. *****Robert’s treated the Wednesday Lunch Bunch at the annual pre-Christmas gathering. New Orange police chief Lane Martin stopped by. Also visiting was pretty Miss Coree, Christy Koury’s young daughter. Former Orange city manager, Jack Huffman, also had lunch with the Bunch. Skipper Free came all dressed up in her holiday best. This week the Bunch will lunch with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s and then back at Robert’s next week for the first gathering of the new year. Everyone is always welcome. *****A few special folks celebrating their special day this week.  Monday, Dec. 27, our buddy Sharon Bearden marked 72 years. He’s just now shifting into high gear and ready for a long road head. ***Some FaceBook friends celebrating are Laura Floyd, Dec. 27, Kari Stringer and Kate Kazmar Butcher, Dec. 30, Sandra Hovind, Dec. 31. Also celebrating are Kenny “KeeKee” Dupuis, Robert Hoke, Norma Fusilier and Nancy Lapeyrolerie. *****Happy anniversary to Roy and Ms. Phyl, married at high noon on Dec. 31, 1954 in Kountz. ***Also married on the same day, at 7 p.m., 56 years ago were Thomas and Bobbie Miller. Brother Kennedy, at Cove Baptist, married them in a triple ceremony. ***Fifty years later, on the same day, Jerry and Barbara Childress were wed at home on New Year’s Eve with Roy and Phyl in attendance. Best wishes to all. *****Debora and Joe came home for Christmas from Denver, Colo. All her rowdy friends showed up at Corky and Betty Harmon’s house, broke out the instruments and turned the place into a honky tonk. Debbie creates a party wherever she goes. Music with her friends is always a blast. *****Reggie Garrett Jr. would have celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday.*****Bridge City mayor Kirk Roccaforte suffered a mild heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. Not a good way to celebrate his birthday. He had a short stay and we hear he’s doing great. Best wishes. *****Also our friend Daniel Jacobs is back undergoing treatments in Houston. His recovery is going well. *****Our longtime buddy Judy Hidalgo is now being treated in Mid-County. No more long drives and stays in Houston. Our prayers are with her.*****I wonder what Capt. Chuck Uzzle is going to do with that big Red Fish? We heard from a guy a few weeks ago who says he reads Uzzle and Capt. Dickie Colburn’s fishing reports on our web site. Until he discovered it, he says he didn’t realize that such a fishing heaven existed anywhere in this country. We get a lot of hits on our fishing columns.


On Dec. 29, Jude Law will be 37; Ted Danson, 62; Jon Voight, 71; and Mary Tyler Moore, 73. ***Dec. 30, LeBron James, 25; Tiger Woods, 34; Sean Hannity, 48; Matt Lauer, 52, Meredith Vieira, 56 and Sandy Koufax, 74. ***Dec. 31, Val Kilmer, 50; Donna Summer, 61; Anthony Hopkins, 72; Tim Matherson, 62 and Joe Mcintyre, 37. ***Jan. 1, Veme “Mini-Me’ Troyer, 41; Kathleen Casey, 64; Don Novello, 67 and Frank Langella, 72. ***Jan. 2, Kate Bosworth, 27; Cuba Gooding, Jr., 42; Christy Turlington, 41 and Tie Carrere, 43. ***Jan. 3, Eli Manning, 29; Mel Gibson, 54; Victoria Principal, 60 and Stephen Stills, 65. ***Jan. 4, Michael Stipe, 50; Matt Frewer, 52; Dyan Cannon, 73 and Grace Bumbry, 73. ***Jan. 5, January Jones, 32; Marilyn Manson, 41; Pamela Sue Martin, 57; Diane Keaton, 64 and Robert Duvall, 79.
Ella Mae Comeaux flew out of Lake Charles to visit her son Donnie Lee and his family in California for Christmas. Monday, while waiting at da LA airport to return home she struck up a conversation with an arrogant California woman, married to a wealthy man. Wen da two womens start talking bout childruns the California woman started by saying, “When my first child was born my hubby built me a beautiful mansion.”
Da Cajun lady, Ella Mae, answer, “Well, bless your heart.”
The California lady continued, “For my second child, my hubby bought me a Mercedes-Benz.”
Again Ella Mae say, “Well, bless you heart.”
“When my third child was born my hubby bought me this exquisite diamond bracelet,” said the California lady.
Yet again Ella Mae said, “Well, bless your heart.”
Den da California woman axe,  “What did your husband buy you for your first child?”
Ella Mae answer, “My man Sostan sent me to charm school him.”
Da California lady cried out, “Charm school, my God what on earth for?”
Ella Mae responded, “Well, for example, instead of saying who gives a big rats ass, I learned to say “Well, bless your heart.”


Pam White, Slade McClanahan, Pam LeDoux, Sam McLellan, Jacklyn Bradberr, Larry Padget, Sherrie Reid, Kenny Dupuis, Lauren Leger, Kyler Walron, Paula Aven, Madison Ranee Hanusch, Marie Perkins, Rebecca Hannegan, Richard Hunter, Jessica Anderson, Norma Fusilier, Joanne Hill, Cynthia Hernandez, Glenda Wilburn, Robert Hoke, Ronnie Hearn, Amber Cortez, Angela Abshire, Cody Johnson, Courtney Anderson, David Villanoueva, Jason Sieck, June Gunstream, Kathy Mercer, O’Neal Waldrop, Betty Johnson, Ann Burns, Alvin Wright, Barbara Dardeau, Betty Johnston, Devin Force, Lillian Wray, Mary Williams and Nancy Lapeyrolerie.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Saturday we embark on 2011. It’s been 150 years since the Civil War started. In some ways we are still fighting that war between the North and the South but not nearly as fierce as when I was a boy in the last century.***** Over the past year we lost two outstanding men who contributed much to our country and county. Con. Charlie Wilson, a true friend of Orange County, a colorful character who was the subject of a movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” died on Feb. 10, 2010. Also gone and so well known that most folks simply called him by his nickname “Buckshot” Lester Winfree left us on July 2. He was a true public servant who came from a pioneer Orange County family. He also was a true honest and loyal friend and a great husband and dad.*****A special thanks to all of you loyal readers. Many of you have been following Creaux and I for many years while some have come on board in the last few years. What has changed is how our website has grown over the last year. Now the bird and I have readers around the world. It’s been a tough year for us and I’m amazed that we have been able to hold on when many newspapers went under. Thanks to our family of advertisers and our talented staff we have been able to bring you two outstanding publications week in and week out. You have responded by making us the most popular and best read newspapers in the county. We offer two newspapers for one low advertising price. Buy one, get your ad in the other free. We are delivered free on every block, on every street, read by at least 45,000 people every publication. You can’t buy better Orange County advertising. Support our advertisers; they are the ones who sponsor this paper. Our retail advertisers report that their Christmas business was up 20 percent. When we visit again it will be a new year. I hope to make a few predictions and pass out special awards next week. Have a safe and happy New Year. Keep up with us daily on our web at . As for me, I’m tired of left over turkey. I’m heading out to the Shrimp Boat, on Hwy. 62 at Hwy. 105, and let Willie fix me up with a mess of fresh shrimp. I’ll boil some for cocktail and make a shrimp Etuffee over a bed of rice and eat like a Cajun. Take care and God bless us all.