Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls on Dec. 30:

Damaged property, 2308 4th St.

Damaged Property, 1521 37th St.

Miscellaneous incidents, 201 8th St.

Public intoxication, IH-10 E @ Hwy. 1442

Robbery, Chain Store, Strongarm 1555 16th St.

Traffic Accident, private property damage, 7355 N Hwy 62

Traffic Accident, vehicle damage 3247 @ GUY Ln.

Traffic Accident, vehicle damage 511 10th St.

Vehicle theft, 700 block 4th St.

Warrant service, 205 Border

Warrant service, Bluebonnet @ Edgar Brown

Warrant service, 201 8th St.

Warrant service, 7355 N Hwy. 62

Warrant service, 14th @ Burton