After being left for dead in the wake of the 2008 election, Republicans staged a stunning comeback over the past year. Winning
back the House and gaining a significant number of seats in the Senate
in November gives them another stab at governing. The energized GOP,
added to Americans’ discontent with the way the country is headed,
played a large factor in the midterm election wins. It didn’t hurt that they were able to win over an influential voting
bloc — the independents who make or break elections — in rolling up
impressive wins in November. Mix in a bad economy and record high unemployment, a rough period during
which they weren’t the ones at the helm, and you have a recipe for
success. “I think Time magazine got it wrong when they named their person of the
year (Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg). I think the person of the year
should have been the Tea Party voter,” he said. “The Tea Party was able
to elect Republicans to office and put a check on the scope and size of
power inside Washington.”

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