On the second day of the New Year it was announced that a simple test will find one cancer cell among billions of cells. In five or so years they may be able to isolate the cell and end cancer. Wonderful news. With the advance in heart disease, some day a person may have to get in an accident to die. *****The state of Texas is facing big problems with a $25 billion shortfall. Notice they don’t call it a deficit because Texas is a pay cash state so they cook the books. Gov. Rick Perry has trimmed his inauguration to a barbecue to save money. He’s still in his $10,000 a month mansion. Perry will stick to his guns, no new taxes, pulling the wool over citizen’s eyes. The shortfall will cut necessary services but the worst is more Perry fees on everything. Over his last twelve years he has tripled or more all fees, from hunting and fishing to court cost. Example: When he took office court cost on a speeding ticket was $18 dollars, today it’s $99 dollars, and then the fine is added. Texans are paying more taxes than ever before but it’s called fees. Republicans are in absolute total control. It’s in their court; let’s see what they do to make things better for the citizens. The big battle will come among themselves when redistricting comes around. One South Texas, two Houston and one Dallas congressmen will be added. I believe Con. Kevin Brady will probably lose Orange County. Rural Texas will be screwed again by redistricting. *****On the national scene, I would hope both parties concentrate on jobs and the economy, but that won’t happen. Already the GOP congress plans to vote to repeal health care. That’s not going anywhere. It’s a combative message to the White House and for the next six months they will play that game to appease the Tea Partiers. Both sides will be playing to the next election. It won’t impact our lives. Insurance companies and big oil will raise prices. High gas prices will put economic recovery at risk. I’ll bet a fight develops between Republicans and the Tea Party.***** Well, that’s my observation as we start the New Year. I just hope I’m wrong, but the odds are I’m not. Gotta move on. Come along it won’t do you no harm.


Making big news nationwide in 2011 will be the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. I believe, over the years, April 12th is the recognized date of the start of the war between the North and South. Look for many stories, both in print and the electronic media. A renewed interest will come to many more Civil War re-enactments. I haven’t seen anything on the anniversary but I predict we will see plenty and Civil War paraphernalia will take on new interest and new books will be published. I remember how big the 100th anniversary in 1961 was. *****The state of Texas will see a big boom in oil and gas production in South Texas with the Eagle Ford Shale Formation, thought to be one of the nation’s biggest oil and gas fields. The Formation runs from Laredo, between San Antonio and Corpus Christi and also between Austin and Houston to East Texas. Many oil and gas companies will boost spending. As many as 265 new wells will be drilled in 2011. Not only domestic companies but companies from around the world will invest billions of dollars in this new pot of Texas black gold. Stay tuned. *****Sarah Palin is much too business wise to run for president. Think about it, when she quit as governor of Alaska, she and Todd were a half million dollars in debt. After two books, a reality show and demands up to $75,000 for speaking engagements they are now worth millions. She continues to build on her Tea Party base letting the extreme right believe she will be a candidate. It sells books and packs a crowd. If she would run and lose, the Palin value would be down like John McCain, John Kerry, Al Gore and all the other losers. The same would go for her, the big money would be gone across the board, she would be another has been. She likes the good life too much. She will continue however to be the force to reckon with. No Republican can get elected in the general election without going through the Palin house. She has in her bag of tricks a large following, just not enough to get her to the Big House.


This year we are recognizing some special ladies; all of them are widowed. We hold each one in high esteem. First is our friend of many years, Anabel Anderson. She and Arthur raised a large family that she’s very proud of. She has been one of the pillars at St. Mary’s Catholic Church for over 70 years. ***Mosell Adams, the first woman county commissioner who for many years was married to Cowboy Adams. They contributed much to our betterment. Her daughter, Theresa Beauchamp, is currently serving on the Orange City Council. ***Joyce Poche’ Bernard, age 90, is an oral historian who’s written about her childhood at Poche’ Bridge and also published a book. She’s still very sharp but not very mobile. There is an old saying about oral history, “When an older person dies, a library burns down.”***Joy Young Parish, age 90, was for many years married to Monroe Parish. As a young lady she was the wife of attorney John O. Young. Joy doesn’t get around much but is still very alert and did a lot of good when she could. ***Juanita Toronjo, age 86, has been active with the Orange Historical Society for many years. Along with her husband Walter who she married Oct. 1, 1943. Walter passed away June 30, 2010. Juanita is still active as treasurer and corresponding secretary of the Orange County Historical Society. She also publishes the magazine Las Sabinas, recording the history of Orange County. ***Inez Hearn, what a gal, as long as she could she delivered meals to elderly, homebound people. She was 80 years old at the time. Today, “Nez” still has that great personality but doesn’t get around much. She’s the kind of person you never forget. ***Marilou Pachar Gunn, “MiMi” to her grand and great-grandchildren. Marilou turns 83 this Wednesday, Jan. 5. She was married to Donald, a former constable of Pct. 2. Since his death Marilou has stayed active in several service organizations. She always wears a smile, is extremely friendly and a good friend to all of her friends. Happy birthday to a fine lady. ***Mary Ann Cruse, longtime Bridge City School District employee. A music teacher who has played many church services, weddings and other functions. She was an inspiration to all her neighbors after Ike destroyed the neighborhood.  She was the first to say, “Lets stay and rebuild.” A year later it’s back to being the great neighborhood it was before Ike came. ***Nova Dee Holts Strickland, longtime Little Cypress-Mauriceville employee, was raised in the county jail. Nova was married to the late Jerry Strickland and raised two beautiful girls. She published an historical book, “Bugscuffle” chronicling her life and family, being the daughter of Chester Holts, longest serving county sheriff, her mom Iva and brother Morgan and sister Wanda. ***That brings me down to the “Sweetheart of the Year.” Picking Pearl Burgess, age 90, was easy this year. She has been so active and is an inspiration to young and old alike. She’s a bundle of energy, well stacked in a small package. An extremely talented lady who is our poet laureate. She serves in several organizations, including the Salvation Army. Besides being the family chef for her family, she is everywhere, including her lifetime church McDonald Baptist. She and Billy Burgess married right out of high school. The latest issue of the Las Sabinas features her pretty picture on the cover and a detailed story of her childhood in Brunner Addition and also the history of her ancestors, the Myers of Orange County. We proudly proclaim Ms. Pearl our “Sweetheart of the Year.” We thank all the above beautiful widows for their contributions to our times.


Catherine Young, Deborah Schlicher, Malinda Vail, Patsy Dowder, Clint Reves, Louise Dubose, Sherry Morgan, Marvin Ziller, Skipper Free, Max Geldard, Micah McFarlane, Betty Jagen, Carl Floyd, Jo Green, Libby Campbell, Michael Collins, Ted Arnold, Teresa Collins, Mike Comeaux, Joey Halliburton, Nadine Whitsett, Philipp Hunt, Sandra Cole, Sean Brinson, Harold Williams, Chad Meadows, Ken Steppe, Pat Gunstream, Ralph Buker, Susan Kelly, Evelyn Duncan, Frank Skeeler, Sandy Uzzle, Scott Gerrald, Emily Breaux, Ann Olliff, Ashley Rion, Davie Thompson, Fermin Brown, Grant Gilson, John Craus, Madeline Dawn Evans and Teresa Franklin.


Saturday many old friends greeted Ruby Pickard, a wonderful lady, who for many years ran “Make A Wish” and fulfilled many people’s wishes in their final days. She attended the Jan. 1 swearing in ceremonies at the Court House in Orange. Judge Carl Thibodeaux, Judge David Peck, County Treasurer Christy Khoury, Commissioner Precinct 4 Jody Chump and Judge Janice Menard were officially sworn in. Thibodeaux was administered the oath for a record fifth time by Dist. Judge Pat Clark. On that day Thibodeaux became the longest serving county judge. Judge Sid Caillavet served two eight year terms, 16 years total, at two different times. *****Judge Thibodeaux also has the distinction of being the first Orange County judge to install a Republican commissioner. *****Ms. Ruby tells us husband John doesn’t get around much anymore. Two good folks we have known over 60 years. *****We want to extend best wishes for a speedy recovery to Rosalie Clark who is in a Beaumont hospital. Judge Clark left her long enough to swear in Thibodeaux and Peck. Rosalie recently had her gall bladder removed but is suffering with staff infection in a leg. She’s one of our favorite people, one of Frank and Sarah Todaro’s twin girls. We’ve known her and her sister Mary Ann since they worked at their dad’s store in the early days. *****Also best wishes for a speedy recovery to Dorothy Harmon, who was in the hospital in Orange but transferred to Houston. She developed an infection with her pacemaker and a valve. We pray for both of these good people to get back in good health soon.*****Bobby Cormier broke his ankle getting off of a tractor. His foot went one way, his weight the other. Best wishes for quick healing. *****Houston and Dallas both won last games. Both coaches will be retained. Cowboy owner Jerry Jones will make a big show but in the end, it will still be his fair-haired boy Jason Garrett. The Texans will most keep Gary Kubiak, with Wade Phillips as his defensive coordinator. That will make a great coaching staff, with an expert on offense and defense. This move will be better than the Phillips-Garrett combination was at Dallas.*****We will get to see two Orange County boys in the playoffs. Bridge City’s Matt Bryant and the Atlanta Falcons will host Pittsburgh after a one week bye.*****West Orange-Stark star Earl Thomas and the Seahawks will host the Saints. That will cause mixed feelings here because many people are New Orleans fans.*****Carlos Vasek and family attended the Rose Bowl to witness the big TCU 21-19 win over Wisconsin.*****The next big bowl game with local interest is the Cotton Bowl between Texas A&M and LSU on Jan. 6. All the Cajun boys I’ve talked to are wanting to bet on LSU but not give up any points. I’m not giving up on the Aggies. I’ve been with them all season.*****Finally, well maybe not, but I believe Brett Farve is done this time. He should go right into the Hall of Fame if he hasn’t blown his chance.*****News breaks that FaceBook is worth $50 billion. The kid who invented it just barely started shaving. Only in America.*****Also important to a lot of South Louisiana Cajuns is that after eight years, Gov. Edward Edwards will be released from prison. He will serve six months in a half way house, then will be a free man. Many feel the colorful governor was caught in a political trap that gave him a longer sentence than some murders and other more serious white-collar criminals. Like a good Cajun, he took his medicine and did the time without being a wimp. *****Special folks celebrating birthdays are Skipper Free, who turns 77 on Thursday, Jan. 6. Everyone is invited to come celebrate with her at Danny’s Thursday afternoon, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Skipper will do her Las Vegas act. No gifts please. Skipper was born in Shangri La on the day of Epiphany. She also was the first woman union barber and the first pregnant barber. She’s lived a colorful life and enjoys it to it’s fullest. See you there.*****Our buddy Collin Slade Gros, alias “Billy Jack,” “Blue-Eyed Bill” will celebrate his 16th on Jan. 10. I know what he’ll be doing because that’s National Championship day between Auburn and Oregon so a party will be planned around the game. Collin will do to ride the range with, like the next two guys, Commissioner Owen Burton, who celebrates on Jan. 3 and Lanston Fall who has his big day Jan. 8.*** Also celebrating on Jan. 11 is Bill “The Plumber” Mello. Our new FaceBook friends celebrating are Chynna Withrow, Jan. 5, Lori Perry, Jan. 6 and John Callahan. Also happy birthday to Lyndia and Jacylin Patronella.*****Happy anniversary to Ray and Linda Leleux who celebrate their 46th on Jan. 11. God bless Ms Linda.


On Jan. 5, January Jones will be 32; Diane Keaton, 64; Robert Duvail, 79 and Susan Elizabeth “Suzy” Armis will be 48.***Jan. 7, Katie Couric, 53; David Caruso, 54; Erin Gray, 60 and Nicolas Cage, 46.***Jan. 8, David Bowie, 63; R Kelly, 43.***Jan. 9, Muggsy Bogues, 45; Dave Matthews, 43 and had he lived Richard Nixon would be 97.***Jan. 10, Frank Sinatra, Jr. will be 66; Rod Stewart, 65 and George Foreman, 61.***Jan. 10, Joe Frazier, 66; Mary J Blige, 39 and Rey Ordonez, 39.


It had come on the Christmas season and Norris Boudreaux him, had been having a conscience problem about not going to church. It had been many years since he had gone to Confession him. He brought himself to St. Theresa Catholic Church and Norris him went into da Confessional box. He noticed dat inside was a fully equipped bar, with Coors draft on tap. On da utta wall was a big selection of da finest Cuban cigars.
Farter Lebove came in him.
Norris say, “Farter, forgive me, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been to Confession me but I must first admit dat da Confessional box, it’s much more inviting dese days.”
Da priest him replied, “Norris, get youself out of there, you on my side.”


Well, I’m getting to the end but before I go I was asked what difference Commissioner Jody Crump, a Republican, would make on the Court? Not much is my thought, just another conservative joining a conservative court. I suspect he isn’t more conservative than the one he replaced, Beamon Minton. This Court is one of the most conservative in the state, Republican or Democrat. All are educated, professional businessmen who make decisions and investments wisely. Orange County is one of the most fiscally sound counties in the state, with money in the bank. In fact, most counties have asked department heads to cut their budgets 10 percent to 20 percent to meet shortfalls. Commissioner Crump can be a good addition to the Court if he’s come into office to help row the boat. He will soon learn that the Commissioners don’t always agree but they most often come up with what’s best for the citizens, even when it seems they are spending money it’s usually a good investment. One person can’t get anything done or stop anything; it takes a majority. When you think about it, party affiliation has little to do with county government, just like municipalities don’t. A judge, sheriff, constable or whoever is not bound by party platforms, they don’t make state and federal policy. Believe it or not there are Democrats just as conservative as Republicans. Sometime more so. You would be hard pressed to find any more conservative persons than John Dubose, CPA, Owen Burton, longtime businessman, David Dubose, businessman/ pharmacist and of course Carl Thibodeaux, Orange County’s longest serving administrative county judge. You can’t improve much on the job these gentlemen are doing. *****Everyone is welcome to join the Wednesday Lunch Bunch in dining at Robert’s this week and Novrozsky’s next week. Have you tried Uncle Jim’s Nolan Ryan Burger and homemade potato chips? Hard to beat with a cool root beer.***** Thanks for your time. Please support our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.