Statement Issued From BCISD

In elementary school, it seems that everyone wants to be the leader! “It’s MY turn!” each child calls, jostling to the front of the line.

As we grow older, however, we grow more cautious about leadership roles. We know that it takes time. We know that it may mean sacrifice. We recognize that leadership has responsibilities.

In a world that takes pride in “looking out for number one,” it is increasingly difficult to find leaders who will look out for those who can’t advocate for themselves. In a world that asks “what’s in it for me?” we need those who will ask what is in the common good.

Fortunately for us, leaders have stepped forward—leaders who are willing to donate their time, willing to set aside other priorities, willing to accept responsibilities. Fortunately for us, we have leaders who advocate for kids and regularly consider what is in the best interest of our community.

Bridge City ISD School board members provide the leadership that is so vital to the health of our school district. School board members dedicate themselves to achieving what is good for our community. School board members often establish goals for the school district that serve as the rallying cry for the entire region.

We want to pause this month (January) to express our appreciation for the leaders who have stepped forward to respond to the demands of leadership and accept the responsibilities of leadership.

Just as the Follow the Leader game cannot move forward without someone leading the way, so we could not advance without your willingness to serve.
Thank you for stepping up.

Tom Orozco, President
Mark Anderson, Vice-President
Jerry McInnis, Secretary
Thad Hill, Asst. Secretary
Rebecca Hall Rutledge, Member
Lon Hubbard, Member
Kirk Ellender, Member