Baby it’s cold outside but it could be much worse. According to the television, frigid weather dips way down South. *****Mark’s girls, Jenna and her family in Boston, where an additional 18 inches of snow fell Tuesday and Dr. Amber in Cleveland, Ohio are experiencing blizzards and extreme cold weather. Just a downright bad winter. For me, if the weather dips to 30 degrees and the wind blows, it’s just plum cold. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights are expected to get in the upper 20’s here. Probably we will lose foliage. If it freezes for over four hours water pipes will burst. I’m looking forward to next week when the moon will be full, Jan. 19 and everything gets back to normal. I still believe we will have a mild winter. *****I’ve been under the weather and haven’t gotten much done. Here I sit on deadline and a long way to go. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Over the last few years, the rhetoric of hate has escalated in this country. Several years ago I warned, in this column, that preaching hate was bad for the nation and didn’t truly reflect who we are as a country. Over the last year, it’s gotten worse, way worse. The “Talking Heads” preach not only hate everyday but in an uncuffed way. They advocate violence. These are words and only words until they reach the ears of the unhinged and weak minded. If the extreme right doesn’t stop it, the shootings in Arizona will be just a beginning of worse things to come. I understand threats and how vicious and mean some people can be. I’ve witnessed the hatred. Everyday bad examples are set for our children that warp their thinking about our government. If they hear it, they will grow up believing that the President is a communist or un-American or worse. Responsible office holders must step up and deny these falsehoods and quit endorsing hate towards all people who don’t agree with their views. The rampage in Arizona shocked the nation but between political rhetoric, television violence and today’s disrespect for the law, it shouldn’t be a surprise. The shooting through the head of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the killing of Federal judge John Roll and six more, including a nine-year-old girl, Christina Greene, born on Sept. 11, 2001. Thirteen others were wounded. Jared Loughner, 22, is charged with the crime. Doctors are optimistic that Rep. Giffords will survive but what will her mental capacity be like if she does? The congress lady is the wife of astronaut Mark Kelly. Giffords has drawn the ire of the Right, including Sarah Palin, over her support of health care reform. In March, a glass door of her office was shot out. Her Republican opponent, Jessie Kelly, 29, a Tea Party member, used the political slogan, “Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office, shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly.” When people say those things they have to recognize that there are consequences to that kind of action. It’s one thing to advocate ones views, I do it quit often, but to be radical about others views and blend it with hate is what has gotten us to this point. The Glen Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and the other extremist really need to tone it down. The volatile political rhetoric has consumed the country. It that really where we want to be as a country? Roger Ailes, boss of FOX News has ordered all of his on air personalities to quit it, tone it down. I doubt they will. Why can’t we disagree without hate? Rodney King was right when he asked, “Why can’t we love each other?” Nasty politics must be toned down.


Eloide Dunn, wife of Wilson “King” Dunn, passed away Jan. 10, 2011, from a resistant staph infection leading to renal failure. Eloide was 89 years old. She was one of the descendants of the Linscomb and Willey families, Orange County pioneers. For many years her husband was Post Master in Mauriceville and she was also a 30-year Postal employee. The couple raised a great family and saw to it that they received a good education. “King” is a good friend to this writer and a regular attendant of the Lunch Bunch gatherings. His main goal in life was taking care of Ms. Eloide, his wife of 72 years. King has a lot of friends and a large family who care for him. Our hearts go out to him and his family and especially to our close friend, son Judge Derry Dunn. The Orange County Commissioner’s Court has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of this fine lady and those who died in Arizona. Visitation will be held Wednesday evening, Jan. 12, 6 p.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange and services will be held Thursday, Jan. 13, 2 p.m. at First United Methodist Church where Eloide Dunn was a charter member. May she rest in peace.*****It’s with sorrow that we learned of the passing of Judi Hidalgo, 67. She died at home after a long battle with cancer. Funeral services are Wednesday, Jan. 12 at 2 p.m. Judi was a great lady. She and Gene were married 34 years. Over the last year he had fought the battle with her, spending many days in a Houston hospital. A year ago, her friend and next-door-neighbor, Helena Litton passed away. Today two good guys, Gene and Moe, are left widowed. We pray for them and their families. We also pray a special prayer for Gene to stay strong. He has lost a great pal. Please see obit.


10 Years Ago, 2001

Beverly Perry, a 10 years Bridge City Chamber member will assume the duties as president on Jan. 23. She will replace outgoing president Harold Trantham. The president reported that the Lester “Buckshot” Winfree roast brought in record moneys. Charlotte Chiasson is executive vice-president of the chamber. *****Clester and TuTu Andrews celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on Jan. 7. *****Doug Harrington has the first kid of 2001. He increased his goatherd when three kids were born over the holidays. One was born at 12:18, the first “kid” in Orange County. *****Elvis would have been 66 years old on Jan. 8. (Editor’s note: He would be 76 today.)*****Last week it was cold, 22 degrees with a 4-degree chill factor and thick ice. *****J.W. “Kid” Henry is preaching in the Philippines. (I believe he’s still there but not preaching.)*****Former Louisiana governor Edward Edwards will be sentenced to Federal prison. His lawyer said, “ten years is like a death sentence.” Editor’s note: It was announced last week that Gov. Edwards will be freed after serving six months in a half-way house. He’s now 88 years old but still kicking.)*****All Orange County Football Team’s most valuable player was Jermaine Hope of West Orange-Stark. Most Valuable two-way player was Luke Wolfford of Bridge City. *** Offensive MVP was Troy Maddox of Vidor. *** Defensive MVP was Turquoy Riggs, WO-S. *** Special Teams MVP was Jeff Thibodeaux and Newcomer of the Year was Matt Peebles of Bridge City. *** Defensive MVP was Michael Ledet. *** Coach of the Year was Dan Hooks, West Orange-Stark. *** Others on MVP team were quarterback Nathan Reeves, Orangefield and Jonathan Feathers, WO-S. *** Backs were Dwayne Breaux, Bridge City and Justin Sibley, LC-M. *** Wide receivers were Peter Modica, Orangefield and Landon Hebert, LC-M. *** Offensive line, Donald Paul, WO-S; Ryan Busby, Bridge City; Justin Hall, Vidor; Jason Platt, WO-S; Thomas Glover, Orangefield; Chris Melton, Bridge City; Jonathan Duhon, Vidor; Aaron Mitchell, Bridge City and Adam Van Metre, Orangefield. *** MVP punter was Joey Byerly, West Orange-Stark. *** MVP defensive linemen, Paul Thomas, WO-S; Chris Daniels, LC-M; Josh Landry, Bridge City; Ryan Hickey, Orangefield and Jeff Gibbs, Orangefield. *** Linebackers were Grey Williams, Orangefield; Jeff Luker, Vidor; Jacob Thibodeaux, BC and Kevin Beasley, BC. *** Defensive backs were Douglas Sims, Vidor; Michael Ledet, WO-S and Jeff Thibodeaux, WO-S.*** MVP kicker Ben King, Bridge City. *****Wade Phillips was fired by Buffalo Bills owner for refusing to terminate special teams coach Ronnie Jones.

35 Years Ago-1976

Medic-Quick, Orange’s first privately owned ambulance service starts up 24 hours at 410-Fifth St.*****Pct. 3 constable John Ford is being opposed by former city policeman Don Hartsfield. ***Jerry Pesson and Bobby Smitherman are new owners of Linder’s Texaco at Roundbunch and Hwy. 87. *****Bridge City Chamber banquet will be held Jan. 27. Mayor Preston Wood will present “Citizen of the Year” award. Cajun humorist W.T. Oliver will be the speaker. *****Mary Jane Wallace turned 20 years old on Jan. 6.


Beth Lindner, Donald Edgerton, Bill Braus, Charles Pou, Dana Sandlin, David Pendergast, Jimmie Allen, Lynnette Lothman, Susan LeBlanc, Kent Hannegan, JoLynn Sholmire, Lyndia Permenter, Jack Stout, Mandy Jaarah, Patricia Coppage, Chris Williams, Brittany Trantham, Joan Lyons, Mel Campbell, Rob Fisher,Tommy Thompson, Bill Pryor, Don Thompson, LaDonna Bell, Brennan Broussard, Carson Peet, Joy Hughes, Margaret Cavanaugh, Tyler Reves, Dee Culpepper, Don Bailey, Jon Mott, Gary Dearing, Clayton Gearhart, Joel Meyers, Glenn Oliver, Jerry Ashby, John Green III, Matthew Lee, Milly Arnold, Gail Meadows, Tanner Wilson, Bob Couser, Brenda Oliver, Laverne Walles, Bonny Sarver, Dylan Huckeba, Mary Louise McKee, Misti Jagoe, Tara Thompson, Virginia Sanford and James Crabtree.


Good news. Charlotte Anderson had back surgery in Houston last week and is on the mend. ***Also, Dorothy Harmon had a procedure in Houston and could be home this week. ***Our friend Rosalie Clark is much improved and may be released from the hospital by the time you read this *****The fifth annual Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame show, formerly Janis Joplin Bash, will be held Saturday, Jan. 22, 7 p.m. at the Port Arthur Civic Center. A big show is planned with Wayne Toups and several other groups. Tickets are available at the Penny Record in Bridge City, 335 Roundbunch, and the County Record in Orange, 320 Henrietta. *****Special folks and friends celebrating birthdays this week, Lyndia Permenter, mayor T.W.’s pretty wife, celebrates on Jan. 13. ***Mel Campbell, one of the pretty Kemp sisters and longtime bride of Joey, is a year older on Jan. 13. Her life story would make a great book starting with her father, banker Carroll Kemp, disappearing, the death of her mom at a young age, leaving her three young daughters and all that has followed since. It’s a true-life story. ***Joy’s husband, Robert Simonton, turns 49 on Jan. 14 and Ruth Berry is 91 on that same day. ***Our buddy, Glenn Oliver turns another notch on the wheel of life on Jan. 16. He’s one of the good guys who has an interesting life story. ***Erin Hanks celebrates on Jan. 17. Just being Pattie’s daughter is a story in itself. ***Attorney John Cash “Jack” Smith celebrates 72 years on Jan. 17. Don’t let that fool you, he’s a bundle of energy and always ready for a court fight and is darn good at it. ***Our Facebook friends having birthdays are Alicia Young, 52, Michael Eiden, Andrew Kelly Borel, Robert Green Vail, 56 and April Grant 32. Happy birthday to all. *****Our friend of many years Doug Harrington and his bride Regina will be married 30 years on Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 17. It seems just a short time ago that he married that young beauty and took her to raise.***Happy 25th anniversary to Margie and Harry Stephens who got married at midnight on Jan. 10 so they celebrate Jan. 11. Happy anniversary and best wishes to these great friends.*****The Texas Legislature convened Tuesday. The House re-elected speaker Joe Straus despite protest by the Tea Party. The state is facing a $25 plus billion shortfall. How did Texas fall so far behind and who was tending the chicken coupe when the Fox killed the goose? Now there are no more golden eggs so we’ll steal eggs from the chickens. *****Tom DeLay got three years in prison. He was found guilty of a scheme to convert $190,000 in corporate money into cash to help elect seven state representatives. His goal was getting votes for his redistricting scheme. I doubt he will serve time. He will appeal his conviction all the way to the Supreme Court if he must. I look for a probation deal to be reached before that. *****Skipper Free had a great birthday party at Danny’s. Brack furnished the coffee, Skipper the music. She visited with friends she hadn’t seen in many years. Even 88-year-old Joy Parish, Jack Huffman’s aunt, attended. Anywhere Skipper is, it’s a party. *****Almost everything will be shut down Monday for Martin Luther King Day. See article in this issue. *****A big hurricane flood protection meeting will be held (today) Wednesday, at the Bridge City Community Center. Citzens are urged to attend. A study will be discussed. My two cents worth is for them to study the Sabine River Authority levee systems. It worked good during Ike and didn’t cost a billion dollars. ***Con. Kevin Brady was in Orange Monday. He says the Republican congress will vote to repeal the health care reform but it’s been postponed a week. It’s a waste of time to even take up that issue. What we need is to quit playing games and consecrate on jobs, jobs. *****Two major polls show that 61 percent of Americans believe the way to reduce the deficit is to tax the wealthiest Americans rather than cut defense spending or mess with Social Security or Medicare. It ain’t going to happen. The Bush tax plan deal will hold but it would wipe out our deficit in three years. *****Have you tried Church’s Fried Chicken in Bridge City yet? It’s good. Be sure and stop by and register for all those great prizes also. See ad in this paper. *****This week’s NFL playoffs, AFC DIVISIONAL: Ravens vs. Steelers, 3:30, Saturday on CBS. Jets vs. Patriots, 3:30 Sunday on CBS. NFC DIVISIONAL: Packers vs. Falcons, 7 p.m. Saturday on FOX. Seahawks vs. Bears, noon Sunday on FOX. We have another week to watch two Orange County stars. Matt Bryant with the Falcons on Saturday and Earl Thomas with the Seahawks on Sunday. That’s the two teams I’ll be pulling for.*****NATIONAL CHAMPIONS: Auburn beat the Oregon Ducks 22-19. It’s the first national championship for Auburn in 53 years. It was one of the few football predictions I got right. We won’t soon forget quarterback Cam Newton and freshman and offensive MVP Michael Dyer. I believe the Ducks will be right back in the hunt next year. Maybe TCU could have beaten either one. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s this week and back at Robert’s next week. Everybody is always welcome. *****Changing the words won’t change history and the times. Deleting the N-word from Huckleberry Finn is the censoring of a masterpiece. The new version of Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn will replace the 210 N-words. Jim will now be called a runaway slave. Twain’s word “InJun” will also be struck. The past is what it is. Huck Finn is about a funny, runaway, white boy and the humanity of a runaway black man. It’s a timeless tale. Is it really necessary today to censor Twain, a celebrated author who recorded the times?


On Jan. 12, Joe Fraizier will be 66; Rush Limbaugh, 59; Howard Stern, 56 and Kristie Alley will be 55. ***Jan. 13, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 59; Orlando Bloom, 33; Patrick Dempsey, 44 and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 59. ***Jan. 14, Faye Dunaway, 69; LL Cool J will be 42; Mark Bosnich, 38 and Trace Adkins, 45. ***Jan. 15, Regina King, 39 and Eddie Cahill will be 32. ***Jan. 16, John Carpenter, 62 and Debbie Allen, 61. ***Jan. 17, Betty White will be 88; James Earl Jones, 79; Muhammad Ali, 68, Jim Carrey, 48 and Michelle Obama, 46. Had he lived Al Capone would have been 111.


Tee-Neg Breaux, my cousin Sostan’s boy, ain’t so bright him. It run in da family, being a couple marbles short.

Anyhow, Tee-Neg him, and dis gal were locked in a clinch in da front seat of her car.

She whisper in his ear, “Cher, Tee-Neg, you wanna go in da back seat?”

“Mais no,” Tee-Neg reply.

A few minutes later she ask him again, “Tee-Neg, you wanna get in da back seat now?”

“No,” he say. “Me, I wanna stay in da front seat wit’ you, babe.”

Another time Tee-Neg was hitchhiking from Lafayette to Texas to visit a cousin in Vidor. A man in a big Lincoln Continental pick him up. Tee-Neg, him, he notice a bunch of golf tees on de front seat.

He say, “Hey Mister, w’at dem t’ings dere for?”

Da Texas man him, he say, “Well, those hold my balls while I drive.”

“Kee-yaw!” Tee-Neg blurted out. “Dem Lincoln Contiminual, dem, dey have everyt’ing, hanh?”


It’s been a sad week. The killings and shootings in Arizona is something that is supposed to happen in a third-world country. President and Mrs. Obama will attend a memorial service in Arizona Wednesday evening.*****Here at home we lost some good people. See obits.*****We extend our gratitude to our family of advertisers who sponsor this newspaper, delivered to you at no charge. Please support them and also your hometown paper. *****We have received a lot of response for recognizing our senior widows last week. We also have heard from most of them and they were grateful to be remembered. *****Read us cover to cover and check us out daily on our website, for up to the minute news. Let us hear from you. Thanks for your loyalty over these many years. Take care and stay warm and God bless.