Well, it’s come on a full moon this Jan. 19. If the clouds will stay away, we can get a few bright nights. Sometimes it just takes a full moon to make everything seem brighter. We could use any kind of brightness. Another week has rolled around since we last visited. I had the opportunity to watch two good attorneys work. I like to observe anyone who is good at their craft regardless of what it is, but I really like to see the checker games played between good attorneys. This past week, I witnessed John Cash “Jack” Smith and his lawyer son, Chris, apply their talent in a lawsuit. Jack is the old master who knows when he has his opponent by the juggler vain. Chris is every bit as good with the details. Jack is the front man who’s always way ahead of the opposition and when he gets them on the ropes, he really swings into action. I was really impressed with how bright Chris is, a darn good attorney. The case involved insurance Ike claim where the insurance company had refused to pay the homeowner for wind damages. When the Smith boys finished with them, they paid dearly. It was a beautiful piece of work protecting the homeowner in a justified claim. If you think you have been damaged and haven’t been compensated, give Jack and Chris a call. They will tell you right off, at no charge, if you have a good claim and deserve to be compensated for your loss.*****Speaking of good guys, you can’t have a better friend than Johnny Montagne. Johnny takes care of his friends and he loves doing it. He is truly one of those guys who feels giving is better than receiving. Johnny helps a lot of people from all walks of life. A lot of folks don’t know that about him and that’s the way he wants it.*****Well, I’ve had the above things on my mind so I figured why not write them down. Now I’ve got to move on. Please load up and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Last week an eight-foot statue of Charlie Wilson was unveiled at the Charles Wilson VA Outpatient Clinic in Lufkin. The bronze statue sits on a three-foot base. Charlie was extremely proud of the V.A. clinic. He was completely devoted to veterans. His friend Buddy Temple, chairman of the Temple Foundation, helped raise $50,000 for the construction of the statue. The bronze statue was created by 83-year-old David Adickes. He is known for massive art works, including the 67-foot tall Sam Houston statue on Hwy. 45 at Huntsville. He also has done two clay busts of Wilson just before Charlie died at age 76. At the unveiling, Adickes, who turned 84 this week said, “I loved the guy.” He has 43 presidential heads that he has sculptured, each one weighing 7,000 pounds. He bought the school in Huntsville he graduated from in 1943 and plans to have a museum and foundation for his art. What I remember most about Charlie, besides the personal things, is that he lived by his own rules, served us well in congress and was a champion for the poor and disenfranchised and his love for veterans. We will never see his likes again. If you are ever near Lufkin, visit his impressive statue at his V.A. Clinic.

12 Years Ago-1999

The Bridge City community joined together last week, Jan. 11, for a special vigil to remember Melissa Mesch and Katie Schassow. The two 11-year-old friends were killed in an auto accident on Jan. 9, in front of First Baptist Church on Roundbunch Road. Several hundred people attended the vigil. Before the assembly was released for fellowship and counseling, Pastors John Lockler and Pastor Lindsey Smith spoke and led them in the Lord’s Prayer. Bridge City superintendent Sam Lucia cited a similar tragedy that befell the community in 1966 with the death of Charles Holton Johnson, a Bridge City fifth grader, who was hit by a car on Texas Ave. on Christmas Eve. Fifth grade teachers at Bridge City Intermediate School, Cindy Claybar and Josette Choate, wrote the poem, “Reflections on Melissa and Katie.” (Editor’s note: The poem can be viewed on our website, therecordlive.com.) Both services were held on Jan. 12, 1999. Melissa died at the scene, Katie died the next day at St. Elizabeth Hospital. (Editor’s note: That tragedy a dozen years later is still fresh in the minds of the community, classmates and relatives. We pray it will never happen again.)*****Ruby Gilchrist retires from Dupont SRW Federal Credit Union on Jan. 15. *****Ex-boxers from age 80 to 50 turn out for reunion at Boilermakers Union Hall. Two hundred former Golden Gloves fighters attended. J.W. “Kid” Henry organized the event. A few of the ex-boxers were Paul Jorgenson, AAU state champion, 1951-52, who later turned professional. Dick Manchara, Paul Patin, who was ranked 9th in the world in the 1971 pro-ranks, Louisiana state champ four years and Texas state champ in 1956. He retired in 1973 after 23 lightweight pro fights.  Also attending were Keble Free, who fought from 1969-75 and had 66 fights winning 55, George Easterling, a Golden Gloves boxer in 1945 to 49, turned pro in 1950 and was Texas champion in 1948. It was a fun day. One of the area’s most successful amateur boxer, Dow Gene Anderson, was trying to find someone who remembered the outdoor ring at Joe Bailey’s on Cow Bayou where he started boxing at age seven. *****Bobby Menard, 62, passed away. He leaves behind his wife Janice; daughters, Donna and Lanie; sons, Dean, Glen and Neal; and mother, Ella Mae. Janice is a longtime employee of J.P Court, Pct. 3, under Judge Flo Edgerly. (Editor’s note: Today Judge Janice is the J.P. of Pct. 3 and was just sworn in for another term.)*****Bill Smith, 53, longtime appliance salesman, died of a massive heart attack.***** Joyce Young lost her sister, Gladys Duhon, on Jan. 5.*****A retirement party will be held at the City of Orange, Jan. 22, for James Foyle and Judy Davis.*****County Deputy Sheriff Jason Smalley takes a bride, Rebecca Cox, on Dec. 19.*****Bridge City star Shane Dronett, with the Atlanta Falcons, advances to playoffs with the teams 20-18 win over Minn. Vikings.
SIDE NOTE: Thirty-two years ago Crip Trahan, Gus Foyle and Raymond Hubbard, three good men, died in the same week.*****Judy Wyatt was named “Citizen of the Year at the 20th annual Chamber of Commerce banquet in Bridge City. (Editor’s note: Can it really be 32 years ago?)*****The Dallas Cowboys prepared for Super Bowl XIII against Pittsburgh. Roger Staubach faces Terry Bradshaw. Cowboy coaching staff consisted of Tom Landry, Jim Myers, Gene Stallings, Ernie Stauter, Mike Ditka, Dan Reeves, Earl Allen, Jerry Tubbs and Bob Ward. (Editor’s note: This may have been the best coaching staff ever.)


Candace Clark, Jimmy Whittle, John Michael Foote, Lisa Costilla, Michael Amsden, Brenna Manasco, Melissa Berry, Beth Fisher, Gloria Bertrand, Joy Gilliam, Steve Griffith, Beverly Delahoussaye, Charles Arceneaux, Sarah Bonds, Millagro Foster, David Doucet, Cris Anderson, Meloney Delano, Julian Meadows, Don Collins, Gary Baker, Janice Westfall, Lyndon Robinson, Myra Sherwood, Nancy Sieck, Suzanne Pittard, Betty Stephenson, Sandra Peveto, Caitlyn Lindner, Cindy Cain, Eryn Leroux, Harold Collins, Jennifer Grizzaffi, Logan Mitchell, Lyndell Hodgkinson, Stephanie Smith, Sue Harris, Karen Anthony, Larry Gray, Randy Franklin, Toni Robertson, Eric Shuford, Amy Kidder, Garland Gresham, Jessica Hobbs, Judy Rogers, Malissie Bailey, Melanie Thevis, Tayler Thompson, Taylor Fraccastoro, Mark Walles and Chelsea Anderson.


Go figure. The RNC, under Michael Steele, carried most states in the last election for the GOP. For his reward they ousted him. The 168 member Republican National Committee chose Wisconsin GOP leader, Reince Priebus, pronounced Ryne Pree’-Bus, as their new chairman. His first problem is wiping out a $22 million debt. Second is how to keep a civil war from happing between regular Republicans and the extreme right Tea Party disciples. The Romney forces and the Palin troops are bound to collide. Talk of Donald Trump and Sarah running is just stroking, pulling the last drop of milk from the tit, strictly for personal gain. Neither can get elected but they can suck up the bucks by being on the boob tube daily on 24-hour news channels. *****Former Louisiana governor Edward Edwards was released from prison after eight years. He will complete his sentence by home detention at a halfway house and will be monitored. He’s 83 years old, what does he need monitoring from. He still maintains his innocence. His son was also convicted. Edwards said eight years ago, he would some day walk out. He did.*****When Con. Kevin Brady was in town last week he requested security. National and state office holders all over the country are spooked since the happenings in Arizona. Now state officials in Austin all want bodyguards. They all know the harsh tone and mean spirited dialog has done a lot of damage in shaping the political atmosphere but none have the balls to condemn it.*****In Kiln, Mississippi, Brandi Farve, 34, bonds out of jail after being caught in a methamphetamine bust. She was arraigned before her co-defendants because of the attention she drew. She’s Brett Farve’s sister and this is not her first brush with the law.*****By now I’m sure everyone knows that former Orange Police Chief Sam Kittrell has taken a job as district attorney Steven Reis’ investigator in Matagorda county. We wish him the best. Sam will keep his home in Orange.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Pam Stelly’s twin sister, Pat Kibbe, 66, of Groves. She passed away Jan. 12.*****We send our condolences to the family of Michael Miller, age 16, who lost his life in an auto accident last week. Services were held Monday. His passenger Chance Hogan, 15, son of Sgt. Chad Hogan, is much improved and has left the hospital in Lafayette. Chad lost his brother last year in an auto accident.*****Texas lawmakers will propose making it a felony to produce, sell or possess any of the six forms of synthetic marijuana.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s last week. This week the Bunch will gather at Robert’s and back to Novrozsky’s next week. Everyone is always welcome to come break bread and enjoy the fellowship.*****Judge David Peck returned from a week of classes in Austin. Five days of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. That’s his second school in a month. He says he’s ready to get to work. Judge Peck has over 2,000 hours of law enforcement schooling. He’s well prepared and is one of the most qualified to assume a justice of the peace office. Good luck Judge.*****Thanks to Capt. Chuck Uzzle, who furnished the ducks, and to Allen Dunn for turning them into a delicious wild-game gumbo. That boy can cook. If anyone gets any extra fish, we sure could use a fish fry.*****Every year we get the sweetest oranges from Don Breaux. His tree must not have produced this year or his family is getting so big they consume them all. *****We understand Bobby Cormier is hopping but getting around pretty good since breaking his ankle. It was a close call in that tractor accident. *****I’m sitting here on Saturday afternoon trying to pen a few words and listening to Iva Kay spinning Cajun and Swamp Pop music on the radio. She has just played an old Jesse Domingue standard. Jesse is going back to the music field after retiring from his oil job in the Gulf. What that means is that, after all these years, he won’t be transporting that good French bread from the Mother Land anymore but we look forward to his brand of music and wish him a happy retirement.*****Special birthdays this week go out to Sandra Peveto who adds another year to her age.***Tyler Thompson, who has had many baseball days in his young life, will be leaving his teen age years behind.***Historian and our friend Roy McDaniel reaches his 86th on Jan. 25.***Special FaceBook friend Capt. Janois Straus, a nice lady, good friend who turns 45 on Jan. 20.***Believe it or not, David Cagle turned 50 on Monday, Jan. 17. Just the other day it seems he was a teenager. Best wishes to all.******According to Lt. Gov. David Dewharst, 8,000 Texas government workers who are not needed will be let go or not replaced. What I wonder is why have they been in government jobs if they weren’t necessary? Did we wait until a $27 billion shortfall to find out they are not needed. On the other hand, a new report says that every day 8,000 people reach the age of 65, that’s 80,000 people every 10 days coming on to Social Security. *****The one thing that should never be compromised in Texas is education because times have changed and education will be paramount to get any kind of reasonable employment. High school and a little college just won’t cut it anymore.*****We heard from our friend Jim Keith the other day. Ike ran him off from Bridge City to Beaumont. He still comes to B.C. to mow-da-lawn. Jim, I don’t have a comment on the president’s memorial speech except that it was the right wording at the right time.. I hear he was taken by surprise at the applause. He didn’t write the speech with ovation pauses. The audience controlled the agenda, even the Indian Medicine Man.*****By the way, President Obama will make his State of the Union address next Tuesday, Jan. 25 at 6 p.m. I think the union is not great but better than last year and far better than the year before. I just wish the entire government would work together to create jobs and quit playing games with our future.*****Our buddy, mayor Essie Bellfield, came by. She has been in Northern California. She got to ride in a Bentley automobile. The salesman took her out for a demonstration. The first note would wipe her annual budget.*****We like to give a shout out to Mildred Hudson who is in the nursing home. Have a nice day.*****Ray LeLeux had a stress test Tuesday. That’s the first time in years that he’s stressed at anything. Kee Kee says he was having a gas pain and needed to be checked out.


On Jan. 19, Dolly Parton will be 64; Paula Deen will be 63 and had she lived Janis Joplin would be 67.***Jan. 20, Mellisa Rivers will be 41.***Jan. 21, Geena Davis will be 53 and George Orwell will be 107.***Jan. 22, Linda Blair will be 51.***Jan. 23, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen will be 36.***Jan. 24, Neil Diamond will be 69, Tatyana Ali will be 31 and Mischa Barton will be 24.


Pooldo Comeaux’s boy, Clarence, come in from da swamp at Pecan Island and got himself a job at da Sunrise Motel, in Kaplan, as da night clerk. Da first night he was there a lady call da switch board and say, “Look here, I got a leak in da batchtub me.”
Clarence answer, “Mais Cher, dats ok, go ahead, you paid da rent.”
Later dat night a man call and he say to Clarence, “Say fellow, me I got two rats fighting in da middle of da room.”
Clarence answer, “Wat you expect for $37, a bull fight.”
He didn’t las long on da job.


The 24th annual Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame Show will be one big party Saturday night, Jan. 22. Entertainment starts at 7 p.m. at the Port Arthur Civic Center. Janis Joplin will be honored on her birthday. The show, featuring Wayne Toups, promises to provide music, lots of dancing and includes five other great groups. Dana Melancon will be master of ceremonies. Tickets are available at The County Record, 320 Henrietta, Orange and The Penny Record, 333 Roundbunch, Bridge City. Sale will end Friday noon. I’ve got my tickets; hope to see you there. Saturday afternoon, 2 p.m., Wayne will be inducted into the Music Hall of Fame at the Museum of the Gulf Coast.*****Last week every team I was rooting for lost in the NFL playoffs. This week I’m not sure about the championship. Coach Lovie Smith, from Big Sandy, Texas, and his Bears are tough at home but Green Bay is favored. Pittsburgh should win but who knew the Jets would beat Brady and his Patriots. Not a southern team in the bunch. It’s on to the Super Bowl but less than exciting for me.*****I’ve got to get out of here but remember to check us out on our website, therecordlive.com and also become one of our FaceBook friends. Read us cover to cover and please support our family of advertisers. Drop us a line, we are always glad to hear from you. Take care and God bless.