On Tuesday, Jan. 18, the Mauriceville Middle School unveiled their new Nature Classroom with a ribbon cutting.

Mr. Todd Loupe, principal of MMS, welcomed all those who attended “this joyous occasion for MMS.”

Loupe thanked Nelda Burton for being the voice of the children and he thanked the Stark Foundation for funding this classroom.

The middle school band performed and dedicated “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” to Nelda Burton.

Dr. Pauline Hargrove, superintendent for Little Cypress CISD, spoke about the dream that the students had to build this classroom. “We always have to have the dreamers that envision it, but someone has to step forward to make it happen. Mrs. Burton heard that call.”

“We hope what you take from this, is that you can do anything if you are willing to work for it,” Hargrove said.

Many have commented about the wonderful craftsmanship that went in to building this classroom and the wonderful job the LCM Maintenance Department did on constructing it.
“We thank all of [those committed to this project] so very much for your part in this and know that it will be used for the betterment of the students here, the families and mankind,” Hargrove said.

Walter Reynold, with the Stark Foundation, cut the ribbon to the nature classroom with Nelda Burton, MMS Principal Todd Loupe and LCMCISD Superintendent Dr. Pauline Hargrove at his side.