A bitter arctic freeze is gripping much of the Midwest and Northeast,

which is responsible for frigid temperatures and some of the coldest air

to hit the Northeast in two years.

From Des Moines to International Falls to New England, temperatures

went from single digits all the way down to more than 30º below zero.

The cold was linked to at least two deaths in the Northeast,

including a Connecticut woman whose frozen body was found in a driveway.

Police said Denise O’Hara apparently fell in North Haven and froze

to death Saturday night, when temperatures were close to zero. Her body

was found Sunday morning after a neighbor called police.

About 90 miles northwest of Philadelphia, a man died after spending

the night in his car in frigid temperatures in Lansford; his wife found

him Saturday morning. Temperatures had dropped into the single digits

overnight, Lansford police Detective Jack Soberick said, but it’s

unclear why Alan Kurtz, 49, had slept in his car.