The McNeese State University Honor Roll and President’s Honor Roll for the 2010 fall semester has

been announced. Below are the Orange County Students only:

To be on the President’s Honor List, a student must earn at least a 3.5 grade point average or better while carrying at least 15 semester hours. A senior eligible for graduation but carrying less than 15 hours is also considered provided that student was on the President’s Honor List the previous semester.

Bridge City: Alyson Kae Smith.
Orange: Maria Christiana Dupre and Catelyn Jennifer Myers.
Vidor: Jesse A. Freeman and Valerie Christine Smith.

The honor roll lists undergraduate students earning at least a 3.0 or B average while carrying 12 or more semester hours.

Bridge City: Martha Ellen Pittman, Angela Christina Shepherd, and Casey Lea Smith.
Orange: Jesse Paul Dupre, Corey Scott Huckabay, Brittany D. Khoury, Carlie Marie Sherwood, Demetrielle Marie Washington, and Maci Ruth Wilcox.
Vidor: Brianna Leigh Howlett, Kyle Ryan Parfait, Emily A. Perry, and Eric Alexander Rodriguez.