Arctic express comes roaring in and will stay the rest of the work-week. Nighttime temperatures plummet into the 20’s and a deep, windy chill will be felt throughout the day. Despite this unusual cold, that could bring some snow, it is still considered mild in comparison to the inch of ice in the mid-section, including west and northeast Texas. A low of 26 degrees is expected all the way to the Rio Grande, where citrus crops are in jeopardy. Trees will survive at 26 degrees and above. The 1983-84-89 freeze in the Valley destroyed most fruit trees at 24 degrees.*****Here at home, I feel for our dedicated delivery people who brave all weather conditions to bring this publication every week, absolutely free, to you the reading public. Those carriers get very little recognition, yet through extreme heat, rain and cold windy conditions, they make their rounds. On days like this, they are heroes to me. They try their best, despite the conditions. If you don’t get your Record Newspaper at your door remember over 4000 are left in stores and drop boxes. We thank you for your local readership and we work hard to bring it to you.***** Remember to protect pets, plants and pipes during this hard freeze.*****Congratulations to Dr. Jamey Harrison, named “Citizen of the Year” by Bridge City Chamber of Commerce. A lot of deserving citizens were nominated but none more deserving than Superintendent Harrison. The Chamber banquet will be held Feb. 17. It promises to be a good one. Details later. For more information call Angela Beck, 735-5671.*****We are indeed honored that the Bridge City Chamber named the Penny Record ‘Business of the Year.’ For over 50 years, we have been the local community newspaper and it’s great to be recognized by such a fine group of folks who care about our community.*****I checked in on Neighbor Cox and Ms. Ginny. They will just hunker down the next few days. Ginny is doing much better and her ticker is purring along at a good pace. As for Creaux and I, we’re going to pass our selves by Danny’s and pick up gumbo material. If this ain’t gumbo weather, I don’t know what is. Might pick up chili meat for a big pot of chili later in the cold week. I’d best try to get going, I have a long way to go. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


News around the globe is about the pending fall of Egypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak. The powerful Muslim brotherhood and the secular opposition banded together Sunday around a prominent government critic to negotiate seeking the fall of Mubarak. It seems to me that his butt is really in a crack and that his three decades of rule is on the rocks and coming to an end. The critic Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel Laureate and diplomat will represent a loosely unified opposition. He could serve as a consensus figure for a movement to articulate the program for a potential transition. The week old uprising is bent on driving Mubarak and his party from power. It seems what has begun in Egypt cannot be reversed. The Genie just won’t go back in the bottle. The way it appears as I write this on Monday is that President Mubarak best be packing his bags. On Tuesday, while two million citizens marched to Cairo’s square, President Mubarak announced he wouldn’t run again in Sept. Crowds went wild, two thirds of the citizens are under age 30. Things will continue to be unstable. Mubarak might have stalled things but revolutions are hard to control. It becomes a boiling pot that could spread to Jordan and the region in time. For now it’s wait and see.*****Thursday, Feb. 3, ushers in another Lunar New Year. The year 2011 will be represented by the Rabbit. The past 12 months were under the Tiger. The year of the Rabbit comes around every 12 years, 1951-1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011. It is said that life slows in Rabbit years. If so, we could use calm after the Tiger’s tumultuous months. The Chinese New Year falls between Jan. 21 and Feb. 19, depending on when the new moon appears. Now you know.*****At 8 a.m. on Feb. 1, 2003, eight years ago, a big bang was heard in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana, as a large flame was spotted in the sky. A 1:05 p.m. President George W. Bush declared, “Columbia is lost, there are no survivers.” Hemphill and East Texas was covered with debris. This week Hemphill opened the Patricia Huffman Smith Museum to remember the shuttle tragedy. Seven astronauts lost their lives. Kalpana Chawia, Laurel Clark, Ilan Roman, Rick Husband, William “Willy” McCool, Michael Anderson and David Brown. Also included in the museum are Charles Krenek and “Buzz” Mier, who died in a helicopter crash during the search. It’s a nice drive to Hemphill. I understand it’s a nice museum to visit and remember those who died.*****Last week the Texas Senate passed it’s first emergency bill. The Voter ID bill, requiring picture ID. I guess it was determined to be the most urgent problem. Everyone over 70 won’t be required to have photo ID. We will still be able to vote Uncle Ben, who would be 96 if he hadn’t died 20 years ago. The Texas House will vote on the bill later this month. The state is faced with major shortfall problems, teacher pay cuts for one, also the state highway fund is in crisis. We will be out of money for new construction in 2012. Now that’s just two of many emergencies. Emergency bills must be brought up in the first 30 days. Can’t wait to see what the brainpower in Austin comes up with next. Southeast Texas, Golden Triangle Days in Austin will be Feb. 27 to March 1. Good luck.*****What I’m concerned about is that there won’t be any cheer leaders strutting their stuff at next Sunday’s Super Bowl. Green Bay and Pittsburgh don’t have cheer leaders. They should both lose. I’ll go against the odds however and pick the Steelers by 10.

12 Years Ago-1999

The 580-foot ship Cannes, seized by the Coast Guard with five tons of cocaine on board, is docked at CBH Services in Orange. The street value of the cocaine is $375 million and was the biggest bust in Texas. *****Beverly Vincent was named BP&W’s “Woman of the Year. She and Gabe also celebrated 31 years together Feb. 3. *****Terry Lyons is celebrating 20 years in radio. He was hired in Jan. 1979 by radio station KOGT. What sets him apart from regular disk jockeys is that Terry sells advertising and produces radio spots yet Arthur E. “Terry” Lyons is blind and has been almost from birth. (Editor’s note: Terry died a few years ago. I believe it was from a heart attack.)*****County commissioner James Stringer broke his foot. I hear he broke it exercising. It’s called soldier’s break. That’s when boys are too heavy on their feet. *****Congrats to Joe and Mary Majors on their new grandson, Joe Charles IV, born Jan. 13. *****Vickie Parfait will host Jan’s Cajun Cuisine show Saturday afternoon while Jan takes a well-deserved rest. Vickie will be live from 12 to 12. A 12-hour show. *****Several Bridge City football players sign letters of intent. Jared Williams, all stater, signed with Northwestern. All stater Jeremy Stolfa will sign an a few days. Other signers are kicker Raun Bryant, Dalthan Juneau, Eric Bramblett, Bryan Wiggins, Daniel Kibodeaux, Jeremy Buckley and Dustin Denham. Quarterback Brad Miller, Charles Higginbotham and Shane Peveto still have paper work and test to complete before they can sign. *****Denver beats Atlanta 34-19 in Super Bowl. No one laid a hand on Denver quarterback Elway all day, not even pro-bowler Shane Dronett, who was double and tripled teamed throughout the game. *****Clay Dougas took his dad Louis to the game along with brother Reagan.


Falcon safety Eugene Robinson was arrested for soliciting oral sex from a female undercover agent just two hours after receiving the Bart Starr award, an NFL “Best Morals” honor. *****We understand Butch Campbell served great gumbo in Austin for Orange County Day.

32 Years Ago-1997

Mr. and Mrs. O’Neal Gauthier celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. They are the parents of Millie Lemoine, Janice Menard and Charles Gauthier. (Editor’s note: They would have been married 82 years today.)*****Slimnastics class, held at Hatton Gym, drew 500 women. Judy Wyatt is instructor, assisted by Judy Shockley, Sandra Broussard and Elaine Baker. *****Attorneys James Morris and Jerry Pennington have established their law firm at 110 North 7th St., formerly the Jerry Zunker office.*****Spotted attending Orange County Day in Austin were mayor Major Inman, Jim Stelly, Don Burgess, Bob Montagne, W.T. Oliver, Bob Walker, Bobbie Burgess, state representative Wayne Peveto, senator Carl Parker and Sleepy Smith, who didn’t sleep a wink. (Editor’s note: Several of them are no longer with us. Do you know which ones?)*****Bridge City boxing club, coached by former Golden Gloves champion Roy Bendy, is formed. Top fighters are E.T. Laughlin, Pat Pipps, Chris Leger, David Bennett, Shannon Long, Keith Reed, Chad Hebert, Shayne Steve Cornwell, Jimmy Brooks, Jamie Brooks, Bruce Mays, Joey Long, Ed Granger, John Gaspard, Joe Pipps, Walt Roy, Keith Downey and Robert Tankersly. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of those youngsters?)*****Butch Thurman has back surgery and will be on his back for three months.*****Bobby Carrol Schlicher and Eresley Ray Melton lost their lives in an accident.*****Vera and Gerald Dolly will be married 24 years on Feb. 6. (Editor’s note: Vera passed away recently.)*****Joe Payne is now new car salesman with Harmon Chevrolet.


Daric Rogers, Fred Dohmann, Kelly McBride, Vance Thomas, Don Kachtik, Michael Hilliard, Stephanie Broussard, Rosalie Jones, Stephanie Carpenter, Alssa Allensworth, Lisa Ludwig, Don Mosier, Sally Vance, Lydia Wilson, Brad Freeman, Eric Eshbach, John LeBlanc, Lindsey Hollingsworth, Mary Bull, Mel Moreau, Rheese Rhodes, Syliva Holloway, Jack Jones, Madi Johansson, Madison Johansson, David Cooper, Grant Jones, Haley Arnold, Harold M. Collins, Lindsey Day, David Gryder, Peggy Jones, Cindy Lessard, Darlene Brown, Charles Smith, Jamie Beaulieu, Jeanna Campbell, Luke Lyons, Jeremy Sleeman, Kaitlyn Ezell, Lois Powell, Dolores McQueen, Addison Geldard, Kezavien Roberts, Todd Landry and Barbara Fix.


Our longtime friend, Randy Becker, has been manager of Market Basket in Mauriceville for 21 years will now be manager of the “Mother Store” Bruce’s in Groves. Randy will continue to make Bridge City home.*****We ran into friend Pat Pate who is doing much better since the last back surgery. She goes to therapy three times a week and although she has some discomfort she has a great outlook.*****We visited with former county commissioner Don Cole. He’s really doing okay after suffering several setbacks. He’s a tough bird. He carries a stick but doesn’t use it, just carries it in case he needs it.*****Special folks we know who are celebrating birthdays. On Feb. 3, Sally Vance marks another birthday. This beautiful lady is the widow of Rev. Dale Vance, who died in May, 2009. Over the years, the pastor was at Bridge City First Baptist, Memorial Baptist in Port Arthur, First Baptist in Orangefield and was at First Baptist in Port Neches when he died. Ms. Sally lives in Bridge City. I’m sure she would love to hear from her friends this Thursday. Best wishes to this nice lady. By the way, she happens to be Karen Jo, our county clerk’s, mother-in-law.***Our buddy, Don Kachtik, celebrates this week***Also pole-vaulting champion, Eric Eshbach, is a year older, Feb. 4. Dot Eshbach is his proud grandmother.***Next week, on Feb. 9, Karen Fuslier and her friend, Jivin’ Gene Bougious celebrate their birthdays. I mention it early so I won’t forget it. I wouldn’t want Karen to break my plate, she cooks good vittles. We’ve known Gene since before he was a teenager.***Buddy Stelter celebrated his 73rd birthday by attending the University of Texas vs Kansas basketball game in Lawrence, Kansas. Round trip ticket was provided. Buddy has a long basketball background. His birthday was Jan. 26.***FaceBook friends who are celebrating, Chet Cuccia, Feb. 1 and Robyn Ridings, Feb. 4.***Belated happy birthday to our friend and girl Friday at Houseman Co., Shirley Walker, who celebrated Jan. 31. We knew her when she was a puppy.*****Happy anniversary to Johnnie and Millie Spears, who celebrated 62 years together. I’ve known these special people over 50 years. We wish them good health and more happy years.***Jim and Lou Givens marked 50 years on Jan. 28. Jim was on LSU’s 1958 national championship team. Lou, for many years, was a well known, successful real estate agent.***Happy 52nd wedding anniversary to Eddie and Charles Pratt. May both of you see healthier days ahead and may you share many more years together.*****Our thoughts and prayers go out to our longtime friend Johnny Preston “Running Bear” Courville. Johnny has been in ICU at Beaumont Baptist since before Christmas. He is in ICU 218 and is in critical but stable condition. Only his immediate family can see him. He had heart surgery back in December and his wife, Sharon and son, Scott remain by his bedside. Johnny had been touring throughout Europe. He has one of the greatest voices to come out of this area. In his early career he toured with the Beatles. He and this writer caught the last Elvis show in the Houston Astrodome together. We wish this good guy and great artist God speed. Our thanks to Thomas Stanfield for his update on our friend Johnny.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Novrozsky’s last week. A nice group attended, even Judge Janice showed up. Judge Carl has been absent lately. This week the Bunch dines at Robert’s. Always a great meal. Next week it’s back having lunch with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s. One person you can always depend on being in attendance is Judge Claude Wimberley, who is a charter member of the group, going back 18 years. Everyone is always welcome.*****The Longhorn Casino will feature the big game on big TV, Feb. 6. Prizes and $400 in cash will be given away. A free football pool, $100 each quarter and wheel spin for $750 will be part of the entertainment.


On Feb. 2, Christie Brinkley will be 57; Skakira, 34; and had she lived Farrah Fawcett would be 62.***Feb. 3, Morgan Fairchild will be 61; Maura Tierney, 46; Warwick Davis, 41 and Isla Fisher, 35.***Feb. 4, Alice Cooper, 63; Clint Black, 49; Laura Linney, 47, Oscar DeLa Hoya, 38 and Gavin DeGraw, 34.***Feb. 5, Hank Aaron, 77; Tim Meadows, 50; Jennifer Jason Leigh, 49; Bobby Brown, 42; and Michael Sheen, 42.***Feb. 6, Zsa Zsa Gabor, 94; Haskell Wexler, 85; Rip Torn, 80; and Natalie Cole, 61.***Feb. 7, Eddie Izzard, 49; Garth Brooks, 49; Chris Rock, 44; Steve Nash, 37; and Ashton Kutcher, 33. ***Feb. 8, Nick Nolte, 70; John Grisham, 56 and Seth Green, 37.


Otis Leger and Tommy Broussard were in Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill when Peanut Abshire came in. Dem two, as usual, started raggin Peanut him, about not having no hair on his head.
Otis say, “Peanut, don’t you wish you had hair like dis, wat me and Tommy got hanh?”
“Well,” Peanut answer, “You tink you look sexy you but all dat hair get sweaty and dirty. I’m going to tole you two hairy birds something rat now.” “All us mens got da same testosterone and if you want to waste it on growin hair den you go right ahead.”


Well, I’ve come to the end of another week, one of thousands over many years. Writing a column is not as simple as it might seem. There is always something to write about but finding it, putting it down on paper and making it interesting takes time and sometimes is very difficult. Most times I just don’t get around enough to pick up on stuff, other times I get lucky. Special thanks always to our family of advertisers who make this paper possible. Please let them know you appreciate it. Most are local hometown folks just like we are. We welcome you to let us know of anyone or anything that would make a good, interesting story. Check us out, daily, on our website (www.therecordlive.com). It’s constantly updated. Read us cover to cover. Meanwhile I will watch in interest what will happen in Egypt and that entire region. It could really affect oil prices. How will the U.S. react if it blows up. Enjoy the Super Bowl, stay warm, take care and God bless.