There was only one thing certain, Saturday: the butler did not do it. There wasn’t a butler in sight during preparations of the wedding of Mary Jo Jefferson and Billy Ray Bob Thudpucker.
Bo Davis, the town’s trouble maker hatched a plan with Lilly Mae Brown. The new waitress in town conspired with Davis to rob the home of Colonel Jefferson.

Someone made off with the money, but Bo took a turn for the worse after being shot with a .44 caliber Smith and Wesson pistol in Jefferson’s study.

“A Slayin’ in da South” was the Mystery Dinner Theater fundraiser for the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce. They turned the Bridge City Community Center into Peggy’s on the Bayou, the setting for the evening’s drama.

Most of the audience participated by putting on their finest “redneck” duds for the evening. Area businesses decorated tables that were voted on by participants to pick a winner. One of the favorites for the evening included a redneck ice chest (a toilet), but the winner, Fabricating Solutions LLC won with a “wedding reception” complete with a cake made of ding dongs and a money tree. The edge of the table was complete with the family laundry.

The chamber event was such a success; they plan to do it again next year. “Probably around Mardi Gras,” said chamber director Angela Beck.

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