Forty-Nine Mauriceville Middle School band students brought home 93 medals from UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday, Feb. 5; some earning as many as three medals for various ensemble or solo performances.

Hunter Batchelor and Aiyanna Bland earned a rating of “Good”.

Students earning a rating of “Superior” on their solo and/or ensemble are: Logan Brown, Chris Garber, Zac Thibodeaux, Jonah Boaz, Sydney Pierce, Courtney Webb, Courtney Simmons, Tanner Sanders, Ben Vernier, Shelby Wilson, Stuart Viator, George Gentzsch, Tyler Brack, Austyn Wolfford, Keaton Hughes, Harley Schiesler, Miranda McLaughlin, Austin Slagle, Canyon Cassidy and Paul Joubert.

Others who earned “Superior” ratings include: Morgan Collier, Tori Reese, Carley Norris, Juanita Theal, Alex Fitzgerald, Monica Jackson, Morgan Tucker, Hannah Gentzsch, Lauren Ozan, Jessica Huebner, Mackenzie Murdock, Calise Broussard, Laykin Pass, Alisha Block, Sadie Greer, Jewell Weeks, Tiffany Collins, Bree Russell, Kaci Blackshear, Chelsea Dickert, Nicole Mathis, Reese Soliz, Alexie Hughes, John Cook, Joanal Chavez, Cameron Blanchard, and Daniel Toohey.